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Pretty Links Alternatives (2022): Choosing the Best Affiliate Marketing Plugin

As its name implies, Pretty Links makes your otherwise long affiliate links “pretty.” It’s one of the most popular tools for tracking and cloaking links, something you need to do not just for branding but also for protecting your affiliate links from being scraped and hijacked. However, more experienced affiliate marketers require more tools and features than just masking and tracking links, thus they start looking for Pretty Links alternatives. We narrowed down our list to the following affiliate marketing tools: Lasso, AAWP, ClickMeter, and ThirstyAffiliates. Find out below which of these Pretty Links alternatives best suits your affiliate management needs and budget. 

Pretty Links Alternatives Comparison Chart

 lasso logoaawp logoclickmeter logothirstyaffiliates logo
PriceCheck Price on LassoCheck Price on AAWPCheck Price on ClickMeterCheck Price on ThirstyAffiliates
Standout FeaturesStylish display boxes, Works for both Amazon and non-Amazon affiliate linksA wide array of customization for display boxes, Extensive Amazon affiliate tools Comprehensive tools for tracking conversionsAdvanced statistics reports, Works for both Amazon and non-Amazon affiliate links
WordPress PluginYesYesNoYes
Cloaked RedirectsYesNoYesYes
Link CategoriesYes NoNoYes
Custom Link DisplaysYesYesNoNo
Amazon IntegrationYesYesNoYes
Comparison Tables and ListsNoYesNoNo
Geographic RedirectsNoYesYesYes
Affiliate ProgramYesYesYesYes
Free Trial 14 days
No, just a 30-day money-back guarantee
NoNo, just a 14-day money-back guarantee


The best Pretty Links alternative overall

pretty links alternative lasso
Lasso comes with different display templates that can be quickly customized to suit your branding colors

Created by affiliate marketers, Lasso understands the needs of affiliate marketing sites, thus it’s the best Pretty Links alternative for us here at Compare Before Buying. First off, its display boxes look fresh and scroll-stopping. They come in different conversion-optimized templates that can be modified to suit your brand’s palette and what content you want to display. You can also group products so they will show up next to each other for easier comparison. 

On the backend, Lasso’s interface is intuitive and the dashboard makes it easy to manage links. Lasso shows right away when you have broken links, out-of-stock products, or keywords that can be monetized. You can choose your own permalink to cloak your link with or it will automatically generate one for you depending on the product name. If you’re an Amazon Associate, Lasso automatically detects if the primary URL you included is an Amazon link and will not cloak the link for you. This reduces the risk of violating Amazon’s rules and consequently getting your account shut down. 


Lasso‘s plan is straightforward: $19/month or $190/year for every site, which means choosing the annual renewal saves you $38 every year. This gives you access to its robust affiliate management tools and lets you integrate your Amazon and Google Analytics. Lasso is not exactly the cheapest Pretty Links alternative, but its features and aesthetics make it worth the investment.

You can try Lasso for free for 14 days here. 


The best Pretty Links alternative for Amazon affiliate marketers

pretty links alternative aawp
A look at some of the customizable bestseller list (left) and comparison table (right) that you can create on AAWP

Probably the most commonly-used affiliate management tool by Amazon affiliates, AAWP is the best Pretty Links alternative if you’re a member of Amazon Associates. It is so popular that you’ve probably come across AAWP links and display boxes while researching products. These display boxes and lists of Amazon products can be easily generated and customized on AAWP. You have a couple of designs and customizations to choose from and the buttons can be changed to your preferred CTA and color. 

The product name, image, and price are automatically included and updated in the display boxes when you input the product’s ASIN code in the shortcodes, so you won’t have to worry whether what’s displayed on your site is updated or not. AAWP also features geographic redirection wherein your reader will automatically be redirected to the appropriate Amazon store for his location. The drawback to AAWP is it’s exclusive for Amazon products, so affiliate marketers tend to look for another affiliate plugin for non-Amazon affiliate links.   

Pricing Plans

aawp pricing

AAWP has four annual plans you can choose from: Personal, Plus, Pro, and Ultimate. All the plans have the same features, but the higher-tier plans grant you more site licenses. AAWP doesn’t offer a free trial, but it offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days. If you opt for a lower-tier plan and decide you want to get more site licenses, AAWP makes it easy to do so through your account page.

You can check out AAWP’s plans and FAQ here.


The best Pretty Links alternative if you want to track conversions 

The only affiliate marketing tool on our list that’s not a WordPress plugin

More than cloaking your affiliate links, ClickMeter provides comprehensive analytics tools for tracking your affiliate links and monitoring conversions. Its affiliate marketing tools include link cloaking, sales conversion tracking, and split testing, to name some. Split testing affiliate links may not be something everyone does, but testing your links gives you an idea of which merchant or platform yields more sales for you.

ClickMeter also lets you cloak links for your paid ads on social media or search engines and track their click-through and conversion rates within ClickMeter’s dashboard. This alleviates the need to log on to your different affiliate marketing sites just to monitor your links. 

Pricing Plans

ClickMeter’s monthly plans

ClickMeter has three plans–Medium, Large, and X-Large–and the lowest-tier starts at $29/month. Its affiliate marketing tools are available across the board, but if you have more websites, you’ll need to upgrade to either the Large or X-Large plan. The different plans include a different maximum number of clicks/events and data points that you can track. If you exceed the cap for your current tier, ClickMeter will notify you so you can upgrade to the next one. In addition, the higher-tier plans let you add more domains, store data for a longer period, create more sub-accounts, and generate white-label reports.  

You can compare ClickMeter’s plans here.


ThirstyAffiliates offers similar features as Pretty Links

pretty links alternative thirstyaffiliates
From link cloaking to link scheduling, ThirstyAffiliates provides tools to help you manage your links and monitor their health

Of all the Pretty Links alternatives on our list, ThirstyAffiliates is the most similar in terms of features and fees. This comes as no surprise as Caseproof, the company that owns Pretty Links, recently acquired ThirstyAffiliates.

On top of the standard link cloaking and shortening functionality, ThirstyAffiliates also lets you schedule links, redirect to the correct store depending on the reader’s location, automatically choose keywords, and connect with tools such as Google Analytics and Amazon. You can also easily view link metrics on its dashboard and export data in a breeze. 

Pricing Plans

The higher-tier plans let you use ThirstyAffiliates on more sites

Just like Pretty Links and AAWP, ThirstyAffiliates only offers annual plans. All the plans feature the same tools, but you’ll get more site licenses with the higher-tier plans. They don’t offer a free trial period, just a money-back guarantee within 14 days of use, which is pretty much the same. 

To check out ThirstyAffiliates’ features and compare its plans, click here.


Lasso is the top Pretty Links alternative for Amazon and non-Amazon affiliate marketers while AAWP remains an affordable alternative if you only use Amazon affiliate links


Best Pretty Links alternative overall

lasso logo


Affordable Pretty Links alternative

aawp logo

If you’re an affiliate partner of non-Amazon products and services, Lasso is the best Pretty Links alternative for your business. In addition to link cloaking and tracking, its interface and display boxes are well-designed and look fresh. They’re easily customizable, too. Its dashboard makes it easy to see when you have broken links or out-of-stock products as well so you can easily update them and maximize your earnings. If you want to give Lasso a try, you can use the plugin for free for 14 days first.

While Lasso is great for linking both Amazon and non-Amazon products, its cost might be a deal-breaker for some. If you’re only linking to Amazon products, then AAWP is the more practical and cost-effective alternative for your business. It offers wide display customization options on top of its standard affiliate link tools, thus it’s easier for you to change the displays to match your website’s branding. To take advantage of AAWP’s 30-day money-back guarantee, click here.


📌 What are the best Pretty Links alternatives?

The best Pretty Links alternatives are Lasso, AAWP, ClickMeter (for tracking links and conversions), and ThirstyAffiliates.

📌 Is Pretty Links a WordPress plugin?

Yes, Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin, just like Lasso, AAWP, and ThirstyAffiliates.

📌 What is link cloaking?

Affiliate links are typically long and display your affiliate ID. Link cloaking is changing these long affiliate links into a shorter link or one that has your domain name so your links throughout your website look consistent with your brand. Cloaking also helps protect your affiliate links from being scraped and your commissions from getting hijacked as your affiliate ID is not visible in your links.

📌 What does Pretty Links do?

Pretty Links is a premium WordPress plugin that you can use to manage, monitor, cloak, and shorten your affiliate links within WordPress.

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