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Predator Generator 9000 vs 8750 (2020): Which Portable Generator Should You Buy?

Harbor Freight’s Predator generators are a dependable choice among contractors in the country. They can be relied on for jobsites and outdoor activities, as well as during power outages of course. Those who need more power should consider the biggest portable generators in the lineup, the Predator 9000 and the Predator 8750. Here’s how these two gas-powered generators compare.

Predator Generator 9000 vs 8750 Comparison Chart

ModelPredator 9000Predator 8750
Predator generators 63968 9000 Max Starting/7250 Running Watts, 13 HP (420cc) Generator CARB wit,... Predator Portable Generator 8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts And Generator Wheel Kit 
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Engine420 cc OHV 4-stroke420 cc OHV 4-stroke
Starting SystemRecoil, ElectricRecoil, Electric
Starting Watts9,000 W8,750 W
Running Watts7,250 W7,000 W
Output Voltage120/250 VAC, 12 VDC120/250 VAC, 12 VDC
Fuel GasolineGasoline
Fuel Tank Size8 gallons6.6 gallons
Run Time 13 hours at 50% load12 hours at 50% load
Consumption0.62 gallons per hour0.55 gallons per hour
Outlets1 x GFCI, 6 x AC, 1 x DC1 x GFCI, 6 x AC, 1 x DC
Fuel GaugeYesYes
Low OilYesYes
Noise76 dBA76 dBA
Dimensions26.9″ x 22″ x 22.8″26.9″ x 22″ x 22.8″
Weight194 lbs183 lbs

Engine and Power

The Predator 9000 offers more starting and running power than the Predator 8750.

Predator Generator 9000 vs 8750 Engine and Power
A larger fuel tank and slightly higher fuel consumption allows the Predator 9000 generator to provide more power.

The same 420cc (13 hp) air-cooled OHV engine can be found on the Predator 9000 and 8750 generators. However, the Predator 9000 sports a larger fuel tank and slightly increased fuel consumption to allow it to provide a higher starting wattage of 9,000 W and running wattage of 7,250 W compared to the Predator 8750’s 8,750 W and 7,000 W respectively.

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The Predator 9000 carries an 8-gallon gasoline tank while the Predator 8750 only has room for 6.6 gallons, so you can get a longer run time on the former, too. At 50% load, the Predator 9000 can deliver 120/240 V for up to 13 hours while the Predator 8750 lasts 12 hours. That does mean that you’ll need more fuel for the Predator 9000 since it consumes unleaded gasoline at a rate of 0.62 gallons per hour to the 0.55 gallons per hour of the Predator 8750.

Both Predator 9000 and 8750 have fuel gauges so you can check how much fuel is left in the tank. They also have low oil indicators and a low oil shutdown feature for safe usage.


The Predator 8750 is slightly lighter than the Predator 9000.

Predator Generator 9000 vs 8750 Portability
Though it’s a few pounds lighter, the Predator 8750 generator is still difficult to move.

Technically, both Predator 9000 and 8750 are considered portable generators since they can indeed be moved. However, at 194 lbs. and 183 lbs., respectively, they’re not exactly easy to move about. At home you’ll likely want to place your generator in a shed or a covered area where it can be kept shielded from the sun and rain, and where its emissions won’t bother you and neighbors alike.

Thankfully, both of these generators can be fitted into a generator wheel kit so you can pull them out of storage easily when needed. They’re mounted on 8-inch flat-free tires with an adjustable steel handle covered with a slip-resistant padding. The open frame design allows them to be raised above ground level and makes them ideal for outdoor use.

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The Predator 9000 and 8750 generators can be started with an electric starter or with a pull-start (recoil) mechanism as backup. The battery is not included in either product though, but it’ll make them much more convenient to start. Once running, both engines produce an average noise rating of 76 dBA, which is comparable to that of traditional vacuum cleaners.


The Predator 9000 and 8750 generators have the same outlets and features.

Predator Generator 9000 vs 8750 Features
Power up your jobsite with the Predator 9000 portable generator from Harbor Freight.

On the control panels of the Predator 9000 and 8750 generators are several outlets:

  • (4) 120V duplex outlets, 3 prong
  • (1) 120V twist lock outlet, 3 prong
  • (1) 120V/240V twist lock outlet, 4 prong
  • (1) 12V DC outlet

Both Harbor Freight generators also have overload protection via UL listed circuit breakers. They have spark arrestors to prevent the emission of combustible or ignitable materials, which is critical for forest fire prevention. They’re EPA-approved and CARB-compliant so they can be used anywhere in the US.


The Predator 8750 offers better value than the Predator 9000.

Most homes that would like a backup portable generator for power outages will likely find the Predator 8750 to be sufficient in keeping the lights on for an extended period of time. It costs less than its bigger brother and guzzles up less fuel too, while providing comparable wattage. You also get the same number of outlets as well as all of the safety features, and with the wheel kit, it will be easy to store and take out as the need arises.

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Contractors who require more power for the tools they need on the job will appreciate the extra juice that the Predator 9000 provides. Ensuring that there’s wattage to spare in busy worksites can result in better productivity and safety.

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