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Omega J8004 vs J8006 (2021): What’s the Difference Between the Masticating Juicers?

In the world of juicers, Omega is among the many brands that stand out from the crowd. That’s because most of its juicers are reliable and easy to use and clean. On that note, the Omega J8004 and J8006 are two popular models in its selection, sporting top-notch build quality, features, and performance.

Both are horizontal, masticating juicers, and the similarities between them don’t end there either. In fact, both are practically the same machine, save for a few key differences in color, weight, and price. We compare them to help you decide which one you should pick—that is, if you’ve already narrowed down your choices to these two.

Omega J8004 vs J8006 Comparison Chart

ModelOmega J8004Omega J8006
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
AugerGE UltemGE Ultem
Pressure Settings33
Speed80 RPM80 RPM
ColorsWhiteWhite, silver, red, pink, purple, green
Dimensions (W x L x H)6.5″ x 14.5″ x 15.5″6.5″ x 14.5″ x 15.5″
Weight13.2 lbs19.4 lbs
Warranty15 years15 years

Design and Build Quality

Arguably, the Omega J8006 looks better, and it even has more color options.

Omega J8004 vs J8006 Design and Build Quality
The Omega J8006 (in photo) is sleeker than the J8004.

When it comes to design, the biggest difference is the Omega J8004 only comes in white, while the J8006 is available in multiple colors, including silver, white, and red. In the same vein, the former weighs less, so it’s easier to put away and take out. However, the weight of the latter makes it feel more solid and sturdier.

Also, the J8004 looks a bit outdated in comparison, but it probably won’t look out of place in most kitchens. Meanwhile, the J8006 is more modern and polished, and it can be easily disassembled, making cleanup a breeze.

Elsewhere, they’re pretty much the same machine. Both have rubber feet to stay in place, and they use an Ultem auger that’s touted as being eight times stronger than most plastics.

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Performance and Features

You can expect a similar level of performance from both juicers.

Omega J8004 vs J8006 Performance and Features
The Omega J8004 (left) side by side the red and green J8006 (right).

Again, the Omega J8004 and J8006 are more or less the same juicer. That means they also produce the same results. That said, both feature dual-stage extraction that guarantee to get as much juice as possible out of fruits and vegetables. By the same token, the pulps are as dry as they get, which leads us to another feature: automatic pulp ejection. Not only does this make cleaning them easier, but it also conveniently separates pulp you can use for various recipes. For instance, leftover juicing pulp from vegetables can be used for making rich vegetable broth.

Now these machines have three pressure settings for different kinds of produce and 150W of power to get the job done. They’re low-speed juicers, and thanks to that, they won’t heat up the juice, preserving its nutrients and vitamins. Because of that, they also work quietly, but despite that, they can extract juice fast.

Just to be clear, they can handle more than just oranges and other soft fruits, and that includes hard vegetables like celery and carrot. You can also use them for ice cream, baby food, peanut butter, and more with their multiple attachments.

All in all, the J8004 and J8006 can make juice that’s non-foamy, fresh, and rich with a full flavor. On top of that, you can store it for up to 72 hours in the fridge without separating or going bad.

Price and Considerations

The Omega J8004 and J8006 aren’t new anymore, but they’re tried-and-tested juicers.

Omega J8004 vs J8006 Price and Considerations
Here’s the successor to the Omega J8006, the J8006HDS (in photo).

First off, the Omega J8004 is more affordable than the J8006, but not by much. Either way, both come with a 15-year warranty, so you can rest assured they’ll be with you and juicing for a long time.

One thing to keep in mind here is there are plenty of newer models around now, namely the J8006HDS. This builds on the two with a higher horsepower and a 200W motor under the hood. The takeaway here is it can extract more juice and more efficiently from produce.

Still, that’s not to say that the J8004 and J8006 are without their charm. These two have stood the test of time, and you can likely come across either one for cheap nowadays.


Since both have similar performance and features, the deciding factor is price.

Amazon product

At the end of the day, choosing between the two can be boiled down to aesthetics and pricing. As noted, the Omega J8004 is relatively cheaper, but more often than not, the J8006 is available at a lower cost. It really depends on retailers now since they’re already a couple of years old in the market. Subjectively, the J8006 is arguably the better looker, but if that doesn’t matter to you, the J8004 can go a long way. In short, the best juicer here is which one catches your eye and fits your budget.


📌 What’s the difference between the Omega J8004 and J8006?

The Omega J8004 is lighter and cheaper and only available in white, while the J8006 has more heft to it and a slightly higher price tag, but it does come in different colors.

📌 Which is better, the Omega J8004 or J8006?

Neither one is necessarily better than the other. Both are similar machines with the same features and specifications that let them extract juice effectively from fruits and vegetables.

📌 Is a masticating juicer really better?

Yes, because masticating juicers can break down the fruit and vegetable fiber efficiently, making the juice more healthy and nutritious.

📌 Where are Omega juicers made?

Omega juicers are manufactured in South Korea.

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