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OKP Life K2 vs Lefant M210 (2022): Comparing Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaners

If you’re looking for a mid-range robot vacuum cleaner, the OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 are excellent choices. OKP’s robovac boasts an intelligent navigation system plus remote control operation. Lefant’s M210, on the other hand, is known for its quiet cleaning performance and built-in mopping features. A quick look at their specs shows both machines enjoy the same suction power, cleaning features, and runtime. Given these similarities, which vacuum should you get?

OKP Life K2 vs Lefant M210 Comparison Chart

ModelOKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum CleanerLefant M210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
PriceCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price at Amazon
Surface RecommendationHard floor, carpetHard floor, low-pile carpet
Battery1800 mAh1800 mAh
RuntimeUp to 100 minutesUp to 100 minutes
Max Suction Power1800Pa2000Pa
Clean Modes4 clean modes4 clean modes
Capacity500 ml500 ml
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYesYes
App ControlsYesYes
Remote ControlYesNo
Voice AssistantAlexa, Google AssistantAlexa, Google Assitant
Dimensions11.02 x 11.02 x 2.99 in11 x 11 x 2.99 in
Weight6.78 lb.7.22 lb.


The OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 are alike in terms of shape, design, and form.

OKP Life K2 vs Lefant M210 Design
With their ultra-thin design, the OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 can slip underneath furniture.

When it comes to design, the OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 are virtually identical, except for a few features. Both devices sport an ultra-thin frame, with either robovacs at just under three inches in height. If you look at the spec sheet, the Life K2 has a larger diameter, although the difference from the M210 is negligible.

The finish of these cleaning gadgets is quite similar as well. OKP and Lefant’s midrange robovacs sport glossy exteriors. On the other hand, their front edges contain sensors behind a panel that runs half of the machines’ diameter. This is protected by a thin bumper. You’ll notice their top-facing panel feature an identical style of ridges and curves, too. Even their power buttons and logos are in similar locations.

As with most robot vacuums, all the cleaning components are found underneath. The OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 have two large driving wheels and a smaller universal wheel. On either side of the universal wheel are the vacuums’ charging ports. Meanwhile, side brushes are located in front of the driving wheels, where they direct debris towards brushless suction ports.

Now, the OKP Life K2 comes in an eye-catching blue color. Lefant’s M210 vacuum, on the other hand, is available in Black and White variants.


Both the OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 feature basic navigation capabilities with four paths or cleaning modes.

OKP Life K2 vs Lefant M210 Navigation System
The cleaning directions on the OKP Life K2 (left); safe yet powerful suction on the Lefant M210 (right).

Unlike more premium robot vacuum cleaners, the OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 have basic navigation capabilities. Some of the iRobot Roomba models, for instance, come with mapping features that can learn the layout of your home.

On these midrange robovacs, you’re getting FreeMove Technology 2.0 instead. It’s a feature that uses 6D anti-collision infrared sensors to help the vacuums gauge their surroundings. OKP and Lefant share that the technology works up to 360-degrees.

When it comes to the actual path that the Life K2 and M210 take, it depends on the cleaning mode you choose. Both devices have four pre-built cleaning modes. Spot Cleaning directs the robovacs on a spiral path. Meanwhile, the ZigZag Cleaning follows its name โ€” a winding route across a room to cover as much surface area as possible.

There’s also Edge Cleaning or Wall Follow if you want to vacuum a room’s edge or tough corners. Lastly, the OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 vacuums have an Auto-Cleaning or Manual mode that follows a random route.

Cleaning Power and Performance

Lefant’s M210 offers more suction power than the OKP Life K2. It can also support mopping features.

OKP Life K2 vs Lefant M210 Cleaning Performance
Brushless suction on the OKP Life K2 (left); sweeping and mopping functions on the Lefant M210 (right).

Since these are mid-range robot vacuums, you’re getting ample power. The OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 are equipped with 1800 mAh lithium batteries and a strong digital motor. The Life K2 has a max suction power of 1800Pa while the M210 is pegged at 2000Pa. Apart from the high mode, their power levels can be adjusted to low and mid.

Thanks to their brushless suction ports, the Life K2 and M210 are ideal for cleaning pet hair without getting any of the fur entangled. They can also handle hard floors and carpets with ease. Meanwhile, the vacuums’ sleek and slim design allows the gadgets to work around the bed, under the sofa, and in-between furniture. You get the same 500 ml bin capacity on both.

Lefant’s edge over the OKP is it comes with support for mopping. However, the mopping feature is not built-in, so you’ll have to purchase the mop accessory separately. Still, it’s a welcome addition to know the M210 can convert to a 2-in-1 anytime.

Battery Life and Other Features

Both robot vacuums enjoy the same running time and come with several accessories.

OKP Life K2 vs Lefant M210 Battery Life
You can get up to 100 minutes of running time on the OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210.

The OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 deliver similar runtimes. On both vacuums, you’re getting up to 100 minutes of use. If you opt for a higher power mode, you’re getting a lower battery life. Still, 100 minutes is enough to cover over 1,000 sq. ft. of space. In addition, once these robovacs are low in battery, they can automatically return to their charging docks.

Now, Lefant’s robovac comes with a few more accessories. Apart from the vacuum itself, you get two HEPA filters, four side brushes, and five throw-away wipes. On the OKP Life K2, you’re only getting one filter replacement. There are no replacement side brushes, too.

However, OKP’s robot vacuum is more convenient to use thanks to an accompanying remote control. If you’re not a fan of this method, both the OKP Life K2 and Lefant M210 can be controlled by their respective mobile apps. They are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.


The Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum is more affordable than the OKP Life K2 but offers more features and accessories.

OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum

Convenient to use with the remote control

Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum

Offers more bang for your buck

Combining an excellent balance of power, design, and features, the OKP Life K2 is easy to recommend to most homeowners. It’s a handy cleaning gadget with an attractive form and ample cleaning power. When it comes to cleaning, you get about 100 minutes of running time from this device. It even comes with a remote control for convenience.

However, the Lefant M210 feels like a better purchase. It brandishes a similar design as the OKP Life K2 while adding more features and accessories. The Lefant M210, for instance, has built-in support for mopping and comes with a few more brushes. It boasts a stronger suction power, too.

While the Lefant M210 lacks a remote control, you can still ‘control’ it via the mobile app. The best part is that it’s considerably more affordable than the OKP Life K2.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the difference between the Lefant M210 and OKP Life K2?

The Lefant M210 robot vacuum comes with support for mopping, unlike the OKP Life K2. Lefant’s 2-in-1 gadget also boasts a stronger suction power than the OKP.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the OKP Life K2 available in different colors?

No, it’s not. The OKP Life K2 is only available in a Blue finish.

๐Ÿ“Œ What can I do with the OKP app?

Using the OKP App, you can control Life K2’s cleaning schedule, cleaning mode, and cleaning direction.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Lefant M210 come with anti-drop technology?

Lefant M210’s FreeMove Technology 2.0 can detect edges and drops, preventing the vacuum from falling off the stairs or any elevated surface at home.

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