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Nectar vs Nectar Lush (2021): Which Memory Foam Mattress Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, then chances are you’ve run across Nectar. As one of the most popular bed-in-the-box companies, its flagship memory foam mattress is a favorite among sleepers who vouch for its comfort, firmness, and affordability. In addition, the original Nectar’s reputation has been solidified by a number of industry awards, including Best Overall Mattress from USA Today.

Recently, the company added a more premium memory foam mattress to its catalogue called the Nectar Lush. The newest model comes at a more premium price level, too. But does the added cost translate to a better performance? Here, we look at how the flagship Nectar mattress stacks up against its luxury counterpart, and see which is the better buy.

Nectar vs Nectar Lush Comparison Chart

ModelNectarNectar Lush
 Amazon product
PriceAmazon productView Price at NectarSleep.com
SizesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal KingTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Construction5-Layer Construction5-Layer Construction
Comfort Layer3″ memory foam (gel-infused)3″ memory foam (gel-infused with Aquacool)
Transition LayerAdaptive Hi Core Memory FoamEnergex Memory Foam
Support Layer5.25″ polyfoam7″ polyfoam
Trial Period365-night trial period365-night trial period
Free ShippingYesYes
Free ReturnsYesYes
Ideal ForBack and stomach sleepersSide sleepers

Design and Construction

Although both mattresses follow a multi-layer construction, the Nectar Lush is noticeably thicker as it adds a few more inches in its foams.

Here’s a cross-section of the Nectar (left) and Nectar Lush (right) showing layers of supporting foams.

Nectar and Nectar Lush both feature several layers of memory and support foams. But the latest model is noticeably thicker than Nectar’s original flagship mattress.

On the Lush, you have a simple Tencel cover that’s made from premium fibers. This is followed by a 3-inch gel-infused memory foam that features an Aquacool technology on its center third. In contrast, the original Nectar mattress comes with a quilted cover, and memory foam actually sewn into it. This top layer is supported by a similar 3-inch gel-infused memory foam.

Because of the quilt design, the Nectar’s cover provides more cushion, albeit requiring a little more effort to clean. In comparison, the Nectar Lush’s cover uses an alternating weave of nylon and polyethylene yarns. This not only works to contour to your body shape but also helps draw heat away from it.

To support the sleeper, both the Nectar and Nectar Lush come with a heavier, transition layer material. The original Nectar mattress, for instance, features an Adaptive Hi Core Memory foam to keep sleepers from sinking. On the other hand, the Nectar Lush brandishes a thicker, high-density Energex memory foam. Apart from giving support, this layer adds bounce to the mattress. 

The bottom layer of the Nectar and Nectar Lush serves to stabilize the mattresses. On the original model, you get a 5.25-inch breathable polyfoam. The Nectar Lush, on the other hand, has a thicker, 7-inch polyfoam base to support the upper layers. 


The original Nectar is firmer, making it ideal for back and stomach sleepers who weigh between 130 to 230 lbs. On the other hand, Nectar Lush is softer and better suited for side sleepers under 130 lbs. 

The original Nectar mattress (left) is great no matter your sleeping position while the Nectar Lush (right) is ideal for side sleepers.

In general, the thicker the mattress, the softer it is. The same principle applies to Nectar and Nectar Lush. With its extra inches, the more premium Lush model is undoubtedly softer. Moreover, sleepers will notice that the memory foam in this mattress is plusher than in the original model, too. This translates to a nice balance of body contouring, pressure relief, and support.

That being said, the Lush is better for small to medium-sized individuals. Since it is softer and more responsive, people with a petite-frame or those who weigh under 130 lbs will notice that the Nectar Lush offers excellent cushioning for the shoulders and hips.

Meanwhile, the original Nectar delivers a firmness level that suits back and stomach sleepers who weigh above 130 lbs. Back sleeping on the Nectar offers great lumbar support, with the mattress better at resisting sagging compared to the Nectar Lush. In addition, the several layers of memory foam on the original model deliver enough cushion and support to the midsection of stomach sleepers. 

Overall, side sleepers below 130 lbs will benefit more from the Nectar Lush. On the original model, the mattress might be too firm for a comfortable sleep. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, on the other hand, the original Nectar has little bounce, allowing individuals to slowly sink into the mattress for pressure relief and body contouring. 


Nectar Lush comes with better heat control and edge support while the original model has the advantage in motion transfer.

The original Nectar mattress (left) is better at minimizing motion and disruptions, while the Nectar Lush (right) offers better edge support.

Because memory foam mattresses contour and conform closely to a sleeper’s body, it tends to trap more heat than traditional cushions. Nectar has tried to address this issue in both its original and Lush models. For instance, both mattresses use a breathable Tencel cover and are supported by gel-infused memory foams to help dissipate heat. However, the Nectar Lush does a better job of regulating body temperature thanks to its Aquacool feature.

Meanwhile, the original Nectar has the advantage when it comes to motion control. All of its foam layers help to absorb movements and minimize the spread of disturbances across the surface of the mattress. For couples, this feature means you shouldn’t feel the movements or shifts in the position of your partner during sleep.

While the Nectar Lush comes with commendable motion isolation, it doesn’t fare quite as well as the original model. Little changes in position will not be as noticeable, but if someone decides to plop down or into the bed, it’s most likely going to be felt. It’s simply a result of Lush using an Energex foam for added bounce.

Since these are all-foam mattresses, you will not get reinforced edges. However, the Nectar and Nectar Lush do come with high-density foams to shore up the edges of the mattresses. On the Lush, the same Energex foam which impacts its motion isolation capacity gives the mattress better edge support than the original model. In any case, hybrid mattresses will have more reinforced edges if this is a feature you need.


Across all size options, the Nectar Lush is more expensive than the original Nectar mattress.

Here’s a look at the difference in pricing between Nectar and Nectar Lush.

The biggest difference between the Nectar and Nectar Lush mattress is their respective price range. While they both offer the same size options, the original starts at $649. In comparison, the Lush’s Twin size comes in at $1,099—that’s a price tag comparable with the original’s Queen and King variant. 

In any case, the company often provides free two-pillows to go along your mattress purchases. You can also test out these mattresses first, thanks to the company’s 365-night home trial. Lastly, you get free shipping, free returns, and forever warranty on both the Nectar and Nectar Lush.


The original Nectar is a better match for most people, regardless of their weight or sleeping habits. In contrast, the Nectar Lush will be great for side sleepers and people who want more bounce from their mattresses.

Amazon product

Given all its features, the Nectar Lush doesn’t have a huge advantage to justify its premium price point. While the Aquacool feature is a welcome addition to the Lush, the original Nectar performs just as well in other areas like motion transfer and edge support.

Instead, the Nectar Lush is geared towards a more specific demographic: lightweight, and strictly side sleeping individuals who’ll appreciate the extra cooling feature and responsiveness of the mattress. The overall design and performance also make the Lush a great option for kids. 

On the other hand, the original Nectar appeals to a broader market—slide, back, and stomach sleepers alike. Since it’s firmer, it also suits more people regardless of their weight. Moreover, the mattress does transfer motion better, making it perfect for couples looking for the perfect night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a no-frills memory foam mattress, then the original Nectar is your best bet considering its price and features.


📌Are the Nectar and Nectar Lush mattresses CertiPUR-US certified?

Yes. All the foams used in Nectar and the Nectar Lush are CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring the mattresses are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

📌 Where are Nectar products made?

Nectar Products are sourced and manufactured in the USA, Mexico, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. 

📌 How long should I wait before a Nectar or Nectar Lush mattress fully expands?

While you can sleep on your Nectar or Nectar Lush mattress out of the box, it’s best to wait for at least 24 hours before the product fully expands. The maximum waiting time for full expansion is 3 days. 

📌 Does Nectar offer bundles for their mattresses?

Yes, Nectar has bundled options as well. In addition to the mattress, the Nectar Bundle comes with a mattress foundation and a sheet set that includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. 

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