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Lucid vs Nectar (2021): Which Mattress Is Better For Your Sleep And Your Wallet?

If you’ve been tossing and turning at night, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to swap out your old and saggy mattress for a new one. For those who want to improve their sleep quality, two trusted brands that are worth looking into are Lucid and Nectar, both well-loved for their build quality, comfort, and support. It can, however, be a little tricky to differentiate the two given how similar they are. To help you decide which one’s better for you and your sleep, here’s an in-depth comparison that covers their construction, materials, motion transfer, and other features. 

Lucid vs Nectar Comparison Chart

 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Thickness11 inches10 inches
Weight74 lbs55 lbs
Support Core6-inch HD polyfoam7.5-inch high-density support foam
Comfort Layer1-inch quilted gel memory foam
1-inch 4 PCF gel memory foam
3-inch 3.5 PCF memory foam
2.5-inch gel memory foam
CoverCotton and TencelTencel blend
FirmnessMedium-firm (6.5 rating)Medium-firm (6.5 rating)
Sleep Trial365 nightsNone
WarrantyLifetime warranty10-year warranty


The Nectar mattress is thicker and is made up of more layers than the Lucid mattress.

Nectar vs Lucid design
The Nectar mattress (left) is 11 inches thick while the Lucid mattress (right) is 10 inches thick.

A lot of the quality mattresses out there have a support core that takes up a big part of the construction. The Lucid and Nectar mattresses aren’t an exemption although their support cores are made up of different materials and have different thickness. The Nectar mattress’ 6-inch support foam makes up more than half of the entire mattress and is made out of HD polyfoam. As for the Lucid mattress, 75% of its 7.5-inch support core is made out of high-density support foam while gel foam comprises the other 25%.

Aside from a support core, the Nectar and Lucid mattresses also have a comfort layer. With the Nectar mattress, you get a 5-inch comfort layer that’s further divided into three parts. There’s the 1-inch quilted gel memory foam layer, the 1-inch 4 PCF gel memory foam layer, and the 3-inch 3.5 PCF memory foam layer. As for the Lucid mattress, its comfort layer is made up of 2.5 inches of pure gel memory foam. Both mattresses also have a cover to top off their layers, the Nectar’s made out of cotton and Tencel Lyocell and the Lucid’s out of Tencel blend.

As you can already tell by now, the Nectar mattress is thicker than the Lucid mattress and packs on more layers too. This makes it heavier by around 19 lbs so if weight is an important factor for you, this is something to consider.

Firmness and Motion Transfer

The Nectar and Lucid mattresses have the same firmness but the former has less motion transfer.

Lucid vs Nectar firmness
Both the Nectar and Lucid mattresses are medium-firm and have a 6.5 rating.

Even though they have different compositions, the Nectar and Lucid mattresses are about the same in terms of firmness, both scoring a 6.5 rating. This means that they’re medium-firm and are regarded as the industry standard. Both mattresses are able to strike a good balance between pressure relief and support, making them suitable for just about any kind of sleeper. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, the Nectar and Lucid mattresses should be able to keep you in proper alignment all throughout the night.

As for those out there who can’t get any sleep because of their fidgety partner, you need a mattress that has low motion transfer. Memory foam is the best material for reducing motion transfer, able to isolate movements so that no one gets disturbed in the middle of the night. Because the Nectar mattress has more memory foam layers, it’s able to pull ahead of the Lucid mattress in this department.

Temperature and Smell

Both the Nectar and Lucid mattresses have good temperature control.

Lucid vs Nectar temeprature
Both Nectar and Lucid make use of Tencel to help regulate temperature.

If you own a mattress with zero ventilation, you would know that there’s nothing more uncomfortable than waking up in the middle of the night and finding that you’re drenched in your own sweat. Fortunately, the Nectar and Lucid mattresses are able to keep you cool as you slumber. Both make use of Tencel, a type of fiber that’s able to reduce heat and wick away sweat and moisture. In addition, they ventilate their foam to encourage good airflow.

Aside from temperature regulation, smell is another thing you should consider when looking for a mattress. Unfortunately, most new mattresses do come with an odor and Nectar and Lucid aren’t any different. The good news is that the smell will go away after a couple of days if you keep them in a well-ventilated area.

Customer Service

Nectar has better customer service than Lucid.

Lucid vs Nectar customer service
Nectar offers a lifetime warranty and a sleep trial while Lucid doesn’t.

Customer service is where the Nectar mattress has the biggest upper hand over the Lucid mattress. For starters, it comes with a lifetime warranty while its competitor only has a 10-year guarantee. In addition, Nectar offers a free 365-night sleep trial so that you can test the waters before taking the plunge. Lucid doesn’t offer this benefit. However, Lucid is the more affordable option of the two so it’s understandable why their customer service isn’t on par.


The Nectar and Lucid mattresses are similar in a lot of ways so pricing would have to be the biggest tie-breaker.

Amazon product

Nectar and Lucid are pretty much all tied up, explaining why they’re both such popular mattress brands. However, Nectar is the more expensive of the two and comes with slightly more advantages. Because it has more memory foam layers, it’s better at reducing motion transfer. In addition, you get greater peace of mind because Nectar offers a free sleep trial as well as a lifetime guarantee. But if you’d much rather save your money and don’t mind missing out on these perks, then Lucid is a good cheaper alternative.


📌 How firm are the Nectar and Lucid mattresses?

Both the Nectar and Lucid mattresses score a 6.5 rating, meaning they’re medium-firm. This makes them ideal for all types of sleepers.

📌 Which one has less motion transfer, the Nectar or Lucid mattress?

Because the Nectar mattress has more memory foam layers, it does a better job of isolating motion than the Lucid mattress.

📌 Which one has better customer service, Nectar or Lucid?

Nectar’s customer service is far more impressive than that of Lucid, offering a free 365-night sleep trial as well as a lifetime guarantee for their mattresses.

📌 Which mattress should you buy, Nectar or Lucid?

If you don’t mind spending more, Nectar has a couple of advantages over Lucid like less motion transfer and much better customer service. But if you’d rather save money, it’s better to go for Lucid.

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