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Lucid vs Casper (2022): Which Mattress Is Worth Your Money?

If you’ve been having sleep issues, there’s no need to stress because mattress companies these days are continuously raising the bar to improve sleep experience. Casper and Lucid are two good examples of this, both loved not just for being comfortable but for having features that target specific sleeping problems like motion transfer and sweating during the night. They do, however, have their differences so it’s important to choose wisely. To help you do so, here’s an in-depth comparison that covers their construction, materials, and other characteristics.

Lucid vs Casper Comparison Chart

 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Thickness10 inches11.5 inches
Weight55 lbs85 lbs
Comfort Layer2.5-inch gel memory foam1.5-inch polyfoam
1.5-inch 4 PCF memory foam
1.5-inch latex-like foam
Support Core7.5-inch high-density support foam7-inch 1.8 PCF HD polyfoam
CoverTencel blendPolyester
FirmnessMedium-firm with 6.5 ratingMedium-firm with 6.5 rating
Sleep TrialNone100 days
Warranty10 years10 years


The Casper mattress is significantly thicker and heavier than the Lucid mattress.

Lucid vs Casper construction
Both the Lucid and Casper mattresses have a support core and a comfort layer.

Like a lot of the quality mattresses out on the market, the Lucid and Casper mattresses both have a support core that make up a big chunk of their composition. The Lucid mattress’ support core accounts for 7.5 inches of its total 10-inch thickness and is made out of high-density support foam. As for Casper, its support core contributes 7 inches out of the mattress’ total 11.5-inch thickness and is made out of 1.8 PCF HD polyfoam. With these support cores in place, you can be sure that your spine will be kept in proper alignment as you sleep every night.

Aside from a support core that keeps you from sinking, the Lucid and Casper mattresses also have a comfort layer that makes your sleep extra enjoyable. The Casper mattress’ comfort layer is divided into three parts, namely the 1.5-inch polyfoam, the 1.5-inch PCF memory foam, and the 1.5-inch latex-like foam. The Lucid mattress’ comfort layer is not as complicated, made out of 2.5 inches of pure gel memory foam. This explains why the Lucid mattress is 30lbs lighter than the Casper mattress. So if you need to haul your new mattress up a steep flight of stairs, the Lucid mattress might be the better pick for you.

For some added comfort, breathability, and protection, both mattresses are topped off with a cover. The one on the Lucid mattress is made out of Tencel blend while that of the Casper mattress is pure polyester.


The Lucid and Casper mattresses are neck and neck in terms of firmness, motion transfer, and responsiveness.

Lucid vs Casper comfort
Both the Lucid and Casper mattresses are medium-firm with a 6.5 rating.

Firmness plays a huge part in the quality of a mattress because it prevents you from sinking too deep and waking up with horrible back pain. Fortunately, the Lucid and Casper mattresses are both medium-firm with a 6.5 rating. This means that they’re the industry standard and are ideal for all kinds of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your side, back, or belly, you can count on these mattresses to properly support your spine as well as provide the right amount of pressure relief.

Another important factor when choosing a quality mattress is motion transfer, especially if you share a bed with a restless partner. The good news is that both the Lucid and Casper mattresses have memory foam as part of their construction, a material that’s excellent at isolating movements. This means that both mattresses do a decent job of reducing motion transfer. However, the Casper mattress has a 1.5-inch layer of latex-like foam which slightly affects the memory foam’s performance. Which is why the Lucid mattress wins in this department.

But because of said 1.5-inch layer of latex-like foam, the Casper mattress has better responsiveness than the Lucid mattress, able to adapt quicker to your weight and shape of your body. This puts it back on par with the Lucid mattress in terms of overall comfort.

Temperature Control and Odor

Both the Lucid and Casper mattresses have features that help with temperature control.

Lucid vs Casper Temperature Control
The Casper mattress has an open-cell foam design while the Lucid mattress makes use of Tencel.

For the hot sleepers out there, you would know that there’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as waking up soaked in your own sweat. The good thing is that both the Lucid and Casper mattresses have features that help you keep cool during the night. For starters, the Casper mattress has an open-cell foam design which releases any of the trapped heat your body creates as you’re snoozing, as well as allows fresh and cool air to circulate. As for the Lucid mattress, it makes use of Tencel, a fabric that’s able to wick away sweat and moisture as well as reduce heat.

When it comes to odor, don’t be so fast to throw your old mattress out because new ones tend to come with a rather strong smell. The Casper and Lucid mattresses are no different. You don’t have to worry though because the odor will dissipate quite fast as along as you leave them for a couple of days in a well-ventilated space.

Customer Service

Casper has better customer service but Lucid is much cheaper.

Lucid vs Casper customer service
Casper offers a 100-day sleep trial while Lucid doesn’t.

If you live in the US, both Lucid and Casper can deliver your new mattress straight to your doorstep. Both brands also give out a 10-year warranty which should give you pretty good peace of mind. However, Casper wins in terms of customer service, offering a 100-day sleep trial so that you can test the waters first before committing. You’re not going to get this with Lucid although you’ll find it easy to forgive them because their mattresses are a fraction of the price of Casper’s.


Lucid wins for being able to offer the same features as Casper at a much lower price point.

Amazon product

The Lucid and Casper mattresses have plenty of things in common which explains why they’re at equal levels of popularity. They both have an industry standard medium-firmness and are equipped with features that help you feel extra comfortable as you get your much-needed rest at night. But we have to pick Lucid as the winner of this comparison because they’re able to offer all of these things at a much lower price point. While they may not have a 100-day sleep trial, it’s highly understandable why given how affordable their mattresses are.


πŸ“Œ How firm are the Casper and Lucid mattresses?

Both the Casper and Lucid mattresses have a 6.5 rating, meaning they’re medium-firm. This makes them ideal for all types of sleepers.

πŸ“Œ Which one has less motion transfer, the Casper or Lucid mattress?

The Lucid mattress has slightly less motion transfer than the Casper mattress. This is because the Casper mattress has a 1.5-inch layer of latex-like foam which slightly affects its memory foam’s ability to isolate movement.

πŸ“Œ Which one has better customer service, Casper or Lucid?

While both Casper and Lucid offer a 10-year warranty, Casper goes the extra mile by providing a 100-day sleep trial.

πŸ“Œ Which mattress should you buy, Casper or Lucid?

We think Lucid is the better buy given that they offer the same quality as Casper for a fraction of the price.

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