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Logitech K380 vs K480 (2021): Which Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard Is Better?

Are you tired of cumbersome wires and cables? The Logitech K380 and K480 easily make a strong case for a more organized space, whether at work or home. These wireless keyboards feature a compact layout, while sporting modern and fairly portable designs.

Moreover, the Logitech K380 and K480 support a range of platforms, allowing you to connect to your PC, Mac, or smartphone for instant typing convenience. But with many features shared between these wireless keyboards, which one is actually better? Read below to see our verdict and recommendation.

Logitech K380 vs K480 Comparison Chart

ModelLogitech K380Logitech K480
 Logitech K380 KeyboardLogitech K480 Multi-Device Keyboard
PriceCheck Price

at Walmart

Check Price

at Walmart

Dimensions0.6 x 11.0 x 4.9 in0.8 x 11.7 x 7.7 in
Weight14.9 oz29.0 oz
Easy-Switch DialNoYes
Mobile Device CradleNoYes
Wireless Range10m10m
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Chrome OS, iPad (iOS 5 or later), Android, iOS, Apple TV 2nd and 3rd GenerationWindows, Mac, (iOS 5 or later, Chrome OS, iOS, Android
Keyboard BacklightNoNo
Battery2 AAA Batteries2 AAA Batteries
Battery Life2 years2 years
ColorsBlue, Black, Rose, Off WhiteBlack, White


The Logitech K380 is slimmer, lighter, and more portable compared to the Logitech K480, which features an integrated device cradle and easy-dial switch.

Design-wise, the Logitech K380 looks sleeker than the K480. Nonetheless, both keyboards use accent colors to emphasize their respective special keys and features.

Unlike most wireless keyboards in Logitech’s catalogue, the K380 and K480 are easy to distinguish even at first glance. For instance, the Logitech K480 is noticeably larger, owing to the inclusion of a built-in cradle for smartphones and tablets. Its squarish form is more typical of a digital writing pad than that of a keyboard.

On the other hand, the Logitech K380 is the thinner and sleeker device, with a rectangular frame that’s half the weight of its fellow multi-device keyboard. And while it doesn’t come with an integrated slot for mobile devices, the slimmer profile lends it a modern aesthetic that should look great in any workspace.

Indeed, the K380’s circular keys complement the rounded corners that both keyboards sport better. On the K480, you get the typical rectangular buttons instead.

Both keyboards are made of plastic, but the overall feel is still sturdy. Underneath the devices are also rubber bumpers that offer a solid grip on any desk. Keep in mind, however, that the K380 and K480 are not shock, dust, or waterproof. It’s still important to handle them with care, and to avoid spills and falls.


Appearance-wise, Logitech continues with its fondness for accent colors. For example, you can get the K380 in four different colors—including the wistful Rose—with its special keys coming in a contrasting shade, like yellow on the Black variants or grey on the White models.

The K480, on the other hand, uses accent colors to emphasize its special features: the integrated cradle and its easy-switch dial. The keyboard only comes in two colors—white and black—but it’s the latter variant, with its striking pops of yellow, that makes it more interesting.


The Logitech K380 offers a more comfortable and responsive typing experience compared to the Logitech K480.

The Logitech K380’s keys are more circular compared to the largely rectangular design on the K480. Both devices do not come with a numpad.

The keys on the Logitech K380 are arranged quite nicely. But because of the keyboard’s compact size, you do get a shorter travel time which can lead to more typos for first time users. In addition, the K380’s emphasis on portability does mean you lose some often-used keys like home and end, and get a smaller-than-preferred Delete button.

It’s the same issue with the larger Logitech K480. But because there’s more space between keys, the K480 offers a bit more travel time. This helps cut the learning curve short if you’re coming from a full-size keyboard.

Now both the Logitech K380 and K480 include a full, top-row of function keys which double as media control hot keys. On the lower left corner, you’ll also find the familiar shortcuts that work for both Windows or Mac platforms. However, toggling between devices is much more intuitive with the K380‚ which uses physical buttons (F1 to F3) instead of a dial like on the K480.

Typing is also more comfortable on the K380. The keyboard’s low-profile, scissor switch keys feel light and offers pretty good tactile feedback. In contrast, the K480’s keys feel wobbly and less responsive. If you’re putting in hours at the work, then the K380 will offer a better typing experience.


Both the Logitech K380 and K480 deliver seamless multi-device pairing, hassle-free switching across connected devices, and extensive OS compatibility and support.

The familiar layout of the Logitech K480 includes shortcut keys found on Windows and Mac computers.

Both the Logitech K380 and K480 boast excellent compatibility. The K480, for instance, can be used pretty much with any device, including a Windows computer, Mac, iPad, or even Android phone or tablet. On the other hand, with the K380, you also get additional support for 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TVs.

Take note, however, that some customizations will work only on MacOS or Windows. Of course, the alphanumeric keys do work as intended across most operating systems. But if you’re looking for full-compatibility for an iPad for instance, then a device like the Arteck Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard will offer better support.

Nonetheless, connecting a device to the K380 and K480 is hassle-free. In fact, this is probably the main value proposition of these Logitech keyboards. Switching between Bluetooth connections is impressively seamless, and seldom are their occasions wherein users would need to re-pair a device to the K380 or K480.

Battery and Warranty

The Logitech K380 and K480 boast of a 2-year battery life, and follows the same warranty policy.

The Logitech K380 uses special keys in accent colors (left) to switch between connected devices while the Logitech K480 employs an easy-switch dial instead.

Despite their size difference, the Logitech K380 and K480 similarly operate on 2 AAA batteries (pre-installed), and come with low-battery LED indicators. For both devices, you get about 24-months of battery life. The keyboards also share the same one-year limited warranty policy, with valid claims processed within 30 days of purchase through point-of-purchase retailers.


The Logitech K380 offers a significantly better typing experience over the K480, while also boasting great portability. However, if you need a cradle for your smartphone or tablet, you might prefer the Logitech K480.

If you’re looking for a solid, wireless multi-device keyboard, then the Logitech K380 offers a great balance of design and functionality at an affordable price point. And by relinquishing the integrated cradle that’s featured on the Logitech K480, you get a more portable device, too. Indeed, despite its compact size, the low-profile keys of the K380 offer a more comfortable typing experience.

Nonetheless, the Logitech K480 does feature an integrated cradle for mobile devices. This makes it a great purchase for those who own smartphones or tablets without cases or covers that double as a stand. Plus, the K480 also enjoys the same excellent multi-device pairing as the K380 albeit with a less intuitive easy-switch dial to toggle between Bluetooth connections.


📌 Is the Logitech K380 wireless keyboard backlit?

The Logitech K380’s keyboard is not backlit. If this feature is something you need, then the Logitech K800 will be a better option.

📌 Does the Logitech K480 come with a numpad or touchpad?

Since the Logitech K480 is rather compact, it doesn’t come with a numpad similar to full-size keyboards, or a built-in touchpad available in other Logitech wireless keyboards.

📌 Is the Logitech K480 available in blue?

The Logitech K480 is currently available only in black and white.

📌 Are the Logitech K380 and K480 keyboards waterproof?

Although made of plastic, the Logitech K380 and K480 keyboards are not waterproof. However, you can protect your devices from spills and dusts with a compatible keyboard cover guard.

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