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Logitech Harmony Elite vs Pro (2021): Which Is the Better Universal Remote?

The Harmony Elite has long been touted as Logitech’s flagship universal remote, but beyond that, the company took a step further in the form of the Harmony Pro

The two are similar in many ways, but there are a few key differences. Mainly, you can set up the Harmony Elite yourself, whereas you’ll need to buy the Harmony Pro from a third-party reseller and professional installer. At that, the former is more of a DIY home solution, while the latter is geared toward commercial use. But here, we’re taking a look at them from a residential perspective.

Logitech Harmony Elite vs Pro Comparison Chart

ModelLogitech Harmony EliteLogitech Harmony Pro
 Amazon productLogitech Harmony Elite vs Pro
PriceAmazon productCheck Price at Logitech.com
Controlled Devices1515
Closed Cabinet ControlYesYes
IR Blasters2 mini blasters2 mini blasters, 2 precision IR cables, 8 emitter covers
Multi-Zone AudioNoYes
Virtual AssistantAmazon Alexa, Google AssistantAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant
BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion, replaceableRechargeable lithium-ion, non-replaceable
Harmony Mobile AppYesYes
Weight0.36 lbs0.36 lbs
Warranty1 year limited2 years limited


Save for their different-colored bottoms, the Logitech Harmony Elite and Pro look more or less the same.

Logitech Harmony Elite vs Pro Design
The Logitech Harmony Elite’s (left) and Harmony Pro’s (right) bottoms sport different colors.

From their dimensions to weight, the Logitech Harmony Elite and Pro remotes are nearly identical across the board. That includes their button layout, ergonomics, and touchscreen placement. The only difference is in aesthetics: the Harmony Elite has a black bottom and the Harmony Pro has a silver one.

Under the hood, they’re similar too. Both remotes are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and they come with a cradle so you can just place them there whenever they need a charge. However, the Harmony Elite has the upper hand with its replaceable battery. That means you’ll have to get a professional to take a look at your Harmony Pro or replace it once it’s dead and can’t hold a charge any longer.


Only the Logitech Harmony Pro comes with a Precision IR Blaster kit.

Logitech Harmony Elite vs Pro Features
Both Logitech Harmony remotes feature Harmony Activities.

As a remote that’s a notch above the top-of-the-line model targeted at everyday consumers, it isn’t surprising that the Logitech Harmony Pro is more capable.

Both are bundled with two IR mini-blasters, but Logitech throws in a Precision IR Blaster kit that consists of two precision IR cables and eight emitter covers with the Harmony Pro. Basically, these additional components provide better closed cabinet control and the infrastructure for more complex home theater setups. That leads us to the Harmony Pro’s Multi-Zone feature, and as its name suggests, this lets you control audio per zone in your home.

Arguably the best part to these Harmony remotes is Harmony Activities. For the uninitiated, this allows you to run a series of commands at the tap of a button. You can, say, name an Activity “Watch Movies,” and when you click on it, your TV will turn on followed by your sound system, your smart blinds will be lowered, and your smart bulbs will dim the lights. Of course, that’s just an example of what it can do, and you can customize this however you like.


The Logitech Harmony Pro requires you to get in touch with a third-party reseller.

Logitech Harmony Elite vs Pro Considerations
A look at the Logitech Harmony Pro Portal that’s exclusively available to installers.

Compared to the Logitech Harmony Pro, the Harmony Elite is more readily available since various retailers like Amazon carry it. As a DIY solution of sorts, the company designed its setup process to be as painless as possible. In short, all you need is a little computer know-how and you’re good to go. Last but not least, it’s the more affordable remote of the two here.

Meanwhile, the Harmony Pro requires a professional to install it. One clear advantage to that is you won’t have to go through the hassle of setting up anything yourself. And again, it’s the better remote for more complex home entertainment setups.

As noted, the Harmony Pro is really made for commercial use. That explains the Harmony Pro Portal that’s exclusive to certified installers, where they can manage Harmony customer accounts and also get updates from Logitech on Harmony moving forward.


The Logitech Harmony Elite is just right for most home theater setups, while the Harmony Pro seems excessive.

Amazon product

For most people, the Logitech Harmony Elite is more than enough. After all, it can control up to 15 devices, and its included IR mini-blasters can cover most if not all the components in usual home theater setups.

As a universal remote for residential homes, the Harmony Pro is really more for those who own a huge house that has several rooms equipped with audio systems. In a word, it’s not for everyone, and in most cases, it’s pretty overkill.


📌 What’s the difference between the Logitech Harmony Elite and Pro?

The Logitech Harmony Elite is a do-it-yourself universal remote that’s widely available from various retailers, while the Harmony Pro needs to be bought from a third-party reseller that will then install it in your home. Also, the Harmony Pro comes with a Precision IR Blaster kit for more complex setups and improved closed cabinet controls.

📌 Is the Logitech Harmony Elite worth the buy?

Yes, the Logitech Harmony Elite can control up to 15 devices, and it features Harmony Activities and a rechargeable battery to boot. It’s also easy to set up at home.

📌 Are Logitech Harmony remotes worth it?

Yes. For starters, the Logitech Harmony can reduce clutter by combining all your other remotes into one, and nifty features like Activities just make using home theater systems all the more simpler.

📌 Which Logitech Harmony remote is the best?

The Logitech Harmony Elite is considered as one of the best because it features just about anything the Harmony lineup has to offer, including Activities and a bundled Harmony Hub with Harmony mobile app. There’s a good chance it’ll be the last remote you’ll buy since its list of supported devices will continue to grow until the foreseeable future.

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