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Logitech G923 vs G920 (2021): How Are They Different?

With their model numbers sounding too similar to each other, a lot of users can get confused between the Logitech G923 and the Logitech G920 gaming racing wheels. Even their design looks too similar from afar. So, how are they different? In a nutshell, the Logitech G923 and G920 are different in their controls, compatibility, and force feedback features. We delve into these differences in more detail below.

Logitech G923 vs G920 Comparison Chart

ModelLogitech G923Logitech G920
 Logitech G923 vs G29
PriceCheck Price on LogitechCheck Price on Amazon
Force FeedbackDual-Motor with TRUEFORCEDual-Motor Driving Force
Dual-Clutch AssistYesNo
Progressive Brake PedalYesNo
Rotation900 degrees lock-to-lock900 degrees lock-to-lock
RPM LightsYesNo
Adjustment ButtonsYesNo
Selection DialYesNo
CompatibilityPlayStation 4 and 5, PC, XboxMac, Xbox One, PC
Warranty2-Year Limited Hardware WarrantyN/A
Year of Release20202015


The Logitech G920 doesn’t have the RPM lights and selection dial found in the Logitech G923

Both sim racing wheels bear the Logitech logo in the middle

At first glance, the difference between the Logitech G923 and G920 isn’t that noticeable. Upon closer look, however, you’ll notice that the G923 comes with more on-wheel game controls and a rev indicator. The Xbox-compatible G923 has the same Xbox logo you’ll find in the G920, but it’s missing is the 24-point selection dial on the side, which lets you adjust the brake force, torque, and traction directly from the wheel itself.

Another difference in the design of these racing wheels are the RPM lights found directly above the Logitech logo on the G923. These rev indicators signal when it’s best to shift gears by displaying your RPM range. Also, the newer G923 doesn’t have the silver accents found in the G920.


The G920 is only compatible with Xbox, while the G923 has two versions for PlayStation and Xbox consoles

The PlayStation-compatible G923 (left) and the Xbox-compatible version (right)

Perhaps the major difference between the Logitech G923 and G920 is compatibility.
The G923 is released in two versions: one compatible with PlayStation and another with Xbox. You can use the G923 with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. Either model works with PC with Windowsยฎ7, 8, 8.1 & 10 and a USB 2.0 port.

Meanwhile, the Logitech G920 is not designed for PlayStation consoles. It does work with MacOS, Xbox One, and PC. It’s the Logitech G29 that works with PlayStation, and you can read more about our comparison of the Logitech G923 and G29 here.

Force Feedback

The major upgrade on the Logitech G923 is the TRUEFORCE force feedback

Both sim racing wheels by Logitech have dual-motor force feedback system

Logitech highlights the dual-motor force feedback technology by TRUEFORCE, which provides a more immersive experience while racing. Because of this upgrade, you’ll find the force feedback on the G923 to be more accurate and precise than the G920’s driving force feedback. However, the caveat to this is there are only four games that support TRUEFORCE technology at the time of writing. These are:

  • Assetto Corsa Competitzione
  • Snowrunner
  • iRacing
  • GRID (2019)

Both gaming racing wheels let you fine-tune the settings through Logitech’s G HUB, but the TRUEFORCE configuration is only available on the G923.


The Logitech G923’s pedals are not as stiff as the G920’s

Their pedals look the same, but the G923 (left) boasts progressive spring technology

Not much is different between the pedals that come with the Logitech G923 and G920. The clutch, throttle, and brake pedals are made of automotive-grade rolled steel and can be repositioned to an angle you’re most comfortable with. While they look the same on the outside, the newer G923 actually features a progressive spring for better brake input control. This is an improvement from the stiff brake pedal on the G920 that a lot of users have complained about. If you prefer the G920 but want a better brake pedal, you can get a third-party compatible progressive spring instead.

Another notable difference between the two racing wheels is the new dual-clutch launch assist in the Logitech G923. You can step on the clutch pedal and press the LSB button simultaneously for a faster and cleaner start. This can be configured on the G HUB if you have the G923, but won’t work on the G920.


Xbox users will get a better bang for their buck on the Logitech G920

It’s hard to recommend the Logitech G923 over the G920 as its upgrades don’t really justify the higher price tag. If you don’t mind paying more to enjoy the TRUEFORCE technology, dual-launch assist, and progressive brake pedal, then go for the Logitech 923. Perhaps if you often play the games supported by TRUEFORCE, you’ll be able to make the most of this feature. Otherwise, you can save and just get the Logitech G920 (or G29 for PlayStation users) and get similar features as the newer model.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the difference between the Logitech G923 and G920?

The Logitech G920 is compatible with Xbox and MacOS, while the G923 has models that are compatible with either PlayStation or Xbox. Also, the G923 features TRUEFORCE technology.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Logitech Shifter work with the G923?

Yes, the Driving Force Shifter is compatible with the G923.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Logitech G920 have force feedback?

Yes, the G920 features dual-motor feedback driving force, but not the TRUEFORCE technology equipped in the Logitech G923.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the Logitech G920 compatible with PS4 and PS5?

No, the G920 is Xbox-compatible and is not designed for PlayStation consoles.

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