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Logitech G27 vs G29 (2022): Choosing the Best Gaming Steering Wheel

Logitech is one of the brands that make reliable gaming racing wheels. The G27 and G29 are solid proof of that, and despite their age, either one can still provide stellar performance on par with newer rivals.

Now some would argue that the G29 is just a repackaged G27, but that’s oversimplifying things. Sure, there are a lot of similarities across the board, but there are also a few key differences here and there.

Logitech G27 vs G29 Comparison Chart

ModelLogitech G27Logitech G29
Rotation900 degrees900 degrees
Force FeedbackYesYes
CompatibilityPlayStation 3, PCPlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, macOS

Main Differences

The distinctions are there, but not all are noticeable.

Logitech touts the G29 (in photo) as having a hall-effect sensor.

The first obvious difference is button placement. The G27 has eight buttons and a directional pad on the shifter and six more buttons on the wheel. Meanwhile, the G29 has its controls on its wheel, building on its predecessor with a new knob and adjustment buttons.

Under the hood, the G29 has a hall-effect sensor. Supposedly, it should provide more accurate movement detection compared to the G27’s optical sensor. But how that translates in real-life use is arguably imperceptible. Still, it’s technically an upgrade.

Logitech also fitted the G29 with a nonlinear brake pedal, and according to the marketing blurb, it “mimics the performance of a pressure-sensitive brake system for a more responsive, accurate braking feel.” And that’s not all talk either. It even feels more like the real thing too because of its shorter distance and increased resistance.

The G29’s paddle shifters are more dampened as well. In other words, it’s less “clanky.”

Thing is, the G29 doesn’t come with a shifter out of the box, which could be a deal breaker for some. The G27 has a shifter included as standard, for the record.


To no one’s surprise, the G29 has wider compatibility than the G27.

Logitech G27 vs G29 Compatibility
The G27 (left) was made for the PlayStation 3 and PC, while the G29 (right) improves on that with PlayStation 4 support.

If you’re a computer gamer, then this won’t be an issue. Both work on PC, after all. However, if you’re a console gamer, then this bit is important to consider.

The G27 is compatible only with the PlayStation 3 and not the PlayStation 4. On the other hand, the G29 is compatible with both.

On an interesting note, the reason the G27 doesn’t work with the PlayStation 4 is because it doesn’t have a certain security chip for authentication and verification. From the look of things, that’s a requirement if a peripheral wants to establish a connection with the console.

One last thing, the G27’s shifter also plays nice with the G29 on the PlayStation 4 and PC but, for some reason, not with the PlayStation 3. If anything, that means you don’t really have to spend extra on the G29’s shifter if you already own the G27.


Compared to the G27, the G29 looks more in line with the gamer aesthetic nowadays, bordering on “toylike.”

Logitech G27 vs G29 Design
The G27 (left) has red accents, while the G29 (right) mixes red and blue.

Whether the G27 or the G29 looks better than the other is subjective. In a bid to be as objective as possible, the G27 has a simpler and sleeker design with red accents to complement the black motif.

In contrast, the G29 has red and blue accents with an eye-catching PlayStation logo right in the center of the wheel. Put differently, it has a relatively modernized appearance.


The G29 is definitely an upgrade over the G27, even though the improvements aren’t much.

Overall, the difference between the G27 and G29 isn’t that huge. The nonlinear brake pedal, dial, and extra adjustable buttons are a welcome addition—no doubt about that. However, they don’t really make a strong enough case for users to trade up.

At any rate, you won’t go wrong with getting the G29, especially if you have cash to burn.


📌 What’s the difference between the Logitech G29 and G27?

In comparison to the G27, the G29 has a hall-effect sensor, nonlinear brake pedal, additional adjustment buttons and knob, and dampened paddle shifters.

📌 Will the Logitech G29 or G27 work on PC?

Yes, both gaming racing wheels are compatible with the PC.

📌 Is the Logitech G29 better than the G27?

Yes, but only to a certain extent. The G29’s nonlinear brake pedal and additional buttons and knobs are considered to be its biggest improvements over the G27.

📌 Does the Logitech G27 work with the PlayStation 4?

No, the G27 doesn’t have the required security chip to work with the PlayStation 4.

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