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Logitech C270 vs C525 (2020): Comparing Budget Webcams

The Logitech C270 and C525 are two of the most reliable budget webcams in the market today. Both devices support high-definition video calling and is compatible with a number of video-calling clients as well. With the Logitech C270, you get a tried-and tested webcam that’s been hailed as one of the best in the budget category. The Logitech C525, on the other hand, sports a portable fold-and-go design that’s a hit for people who are always on the go. So as more people work and study from home, which of the two is the better buy?

Logitech C270 vs C525 Comparison Chart

ModelLogitech C270Logitech C525
 Logitech C270 3MP 1280 x 720pixels USB 2.0 Black WebcamLogitech C525 USB HD Webcam
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Camera3 MP8 MP
Max Resolution720p/30fps720p/30fps
Focus TypeFixed focusAuto focus
Field of View60º69º
System RequirementsWindows 7, 8, 10 and laterWindows 7, 8, 10 and later
SwivelsNoYes, 360º
Dimensions3.15 x 8.43 x 6.06 inches 3.15 x 8.27 x 5.91 inches
Weight0.17 lbs0.19 lbs
Warranty2-year limited hardware warranty2-year limited hardware warranty


The Logitech C270 looks more sophisticated but the Logitech C525 is more portable.

Here’s the Logitech C270 (left) and C525 (right); notice the swivel feature on the C525.

Appearance-wise, the Logitech C270 and C525 are what people have come to expect from budget webcams. Both devices are made from plastic and sport simple yet attractive designs. Moreover, these webcams weigh next to nothing. Now if you prefer some gloss, the C270’s shinier grey finish might appeal to you. On the other hand, the C525’s matte texture is a great option if you want to limit fingerprint smudges.

The longer C270 does have a more modern aesthetic compared to the rather chunky and toy-like C525. But the latter comes in a unique form factor. With the C525, the entire camera module can swivel a full 360 degrees. This really helps open up angles during video calls or recording. In addition, the webcam sports a fold-and-go design. If you like to travel and need to use an external webcam at the airport, this is the device for you.

Perhaps the only downside of these budget devices is their clip. While Logitech says they will securely attach to any monitor, it feels more like they’re “sitting” on a screen. And since the C270 and C525 are lightweight devices, they might end up flying in the air if you’re not careful about your movements. Unfortunately, these cameras don’t come with a tripod mount for a more stable attachment.

Image Quality

You’ll fit more into a frame with the Logitech C525’s wider field of view and 360 degree swivel.

Both the Logitech C270 (left) and C525 (right) are compact webcams.

For webcams under $60, the Logitech C270 and C525 are surprisingly good. Now if you need one for streaming, you’ll be better off with other options. But for a budget camera, the 720p video calling at 30 fps offered by both devices is respectable. Under good lighting, you can even take pictures and record videos with minimal distortions. In less than ideal conditions, these budget webcams do struggle delivering crisp images.

Images on the C525 also have a tendency to be grainy and fuzzy despite the webcam sporting an 8MP camera. In addition, skin tone seems to be better if the device is set two or three feet away from the user. The C270, on the other hand, sports a much smaller 3MP camera. It’s also fixed focus so images turn out softer compared to the C525. But if you’re only using it to call family and friends, the 720p on both cameras is more than enough.

Perhaps the main advantage of the C525 over the C270 is its flexibility. Not only do you get a wider field of view, the camera unit itself swivels 360 degrees. This should fit more of the scene into your frame while allowing you get the best angle without the need to adjust your monitor. In contrast, the C270 offers a more modest 60º FOV, so you’ll most likely go solo when using it.

Audio Quality

The Logitech C270 is better at filtering out ambient noise.

The Logitech C270 (left) is better at keeping background noise low. On the left, a closeup of the Logitech C525’s autofocus lens.

Surprisingly, the Logitech C270 and C525 don’t cut corners when it comes to sound quality. Both webcams sport mono microphones that offer clean and loud audio when tested in Skype calls. Logitech shares that these models also come with built-in RightSound technology. According to the company, the feature helps minimize echo during conversations making for clearer, more enjoyable calls. On paper, this should mean both webcams will deliver in terms of audio quality. In reality, the C270 is much better at keeping out background noise. In fact, it’s probably one of the best mics you can get from a webcam.

Other Features

The Logitech C270 and C525 are easy to install and come with robust software support.

Here’s a side view comparison of the Logitech C270 (left) and the Logitech C525 (right).

The Logitech C270 and C525 webcams are plug-and-play, so installation should be a breeze. Moreover, the accompanying driver allows you to adjust most camera settings including brightness, exposure, zoom and white balance. On the Logitech C525, the software even allows to use the webcam to log in to your computer. It’s a nifty feature that fits right in the popular facial recognition that’s standard in today’s smartphones.

Both devices include Logitech Vid HD for fast and free video calling. You’ll also have access to Logitech Video Effects, which should make the webcam a fun tool as well. In addition, the one-touch upload to Facebook saves you time from going through your gallery to share a picture or video.


While both are budget webcams, the Logitech C270 offers more value for your money than the Logitech C525.

If you want a camera for streaming, you’ll have better luck with other options. But if you just need an external webcam for your desktop or want to upgrade from your laptop’s built-in webcam, these devices are for you. The Logitech C270, for instance, is a bargain of a webcam. For its price, you get a pretty decent HD 720p resolution plus a surprisingly solid noise-cancelling mic.

On the other hand, the Logitech C525 combines basic webcam features with portable, flexible design. The 360 degree swivel is a welcome feature that certainly makes up for the C525’s good enough image quality. If you travel a lot, purchasing this webcam makes more sense. Between the two however, we’re more keen on recommending the C270. While the C525 does have additional features, it doesn’t seem to justify its price as a budget camera. In contrast, the C270 offers more value for money, and sports a sleeker design compared to the C525.


📌 Does the Logitech C270 come with light correction?

Yes, the Logitech C270 comes with RightLight technology that adjusts video quality depending on lighting conditions.

📌 What’s the difference between the Logitech C270 and Logitech 525?

Both the Logitech C270 and C525 offer HD 720p video calling. However, the latter comes in a foldable design for portability. In addition, the camera unit of the C525 can rotate 360º for better recording angles.

📌 Does the Logitech C525 come with a privacy shutter?

No, the Logitech C525 does not come with a built-in privacy shutter.

📌 Is the Logitech C270 compatible with Mac?

The Logitech C270 works in UVC mode to support video calling in Mac. Keep in mind, however, that you need to be running macOS 10.10 or later.

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