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Leesa vs Tempur-Pedic (2022): Which Mattress Is Better?

While both are among the most recognizable mattress brands today, Leesa and Tempur-Pedic are marketed towards different demographics. Leesa offers budget-friendly mattresses that are delivered rolled up in a box while Tempur-Pedic mattresses are more on the pricier end of the spectrum. Tempur-Pedic even offers white glove delivery service because, unlike Leesa, its mattresses typically arrive in a full-size box.

Despite their lower price tag, Leesa didn’t compromise on the quality of its mattresses. How do they fare against Tempur-Pedic’s premium mattresses, though? We compare their models, materials and construction, comfort, return policies, and more.

Leesa vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison Chart

 Top-Rate ModelAmazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Best Known ForValue for moneyUse of TEMPUR material
SizesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal KingTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, Split Cal King
ModelsStudio by Leesa
Leesa Original
Leesa Hybrid
Leesa Legend
Available FeelsSoft, Medium Firm, FirmSoft, Medium, Medium Hybrid, Firm
CertiPUR-US CertifiedYesYes
White Glove DeliveryN/AYes
Free ShippingYesWithin the US, except for Hawaii and Alaska
Free ReturnsYes, except for Hawaii and AlaskaNo
Sleep Trial100 days90 days
Warranty10 years10 years
Made inUSUS

Key Differences

Leesa and Tempur-Pedic are different in terms of price, materials, and feel

Leesa vs Tempur-Pedic featured image
A look at the hybrid mattress models by Leesa (left) and Tempur-Pedic (right)

We’ll compare Leesa and Tempur-Pedic in more depth for the rest of the article, but here are their similarities and differences in a capsule:

  • Leesa’s line of mattresses is significantly more affordable than Tempur-Pedic’s
  • Both brands offer all-foam and hybrid mattresses with varying feels
  • Their comfort layers are also different, with Leesa using Avena and Tempur-Pedic utilizing memory foam
  • Leesa takes a day or two to fully expand, while Tempur-Pedic arrives in a full-size box and can be used right off the bat.
  • They have a slightly different trial period and return policies

Mattress Construction

Both brands offer all-foam and hybrid mattresses with memory foam and pocket springs

The different layers of the hybrid mattress from Leesa (top) and the Tempur-Pedic ProADapt(bottom)

The base of Leesa and Tempur-Pedic mattresses are similar. Their all-foam mattresses have a thick support layer, although how thick varies for each model. Their hybrid mattresses also have around a thousand premium innerspring coils that offer excellent edge-to-edge support without sacrificing motion transfer.

Where they’re different is in their top, comfort, and support layers. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are made of TEMPUR material, with different models boasting a different thickness of the original TEMPUR material. The comfort layer of most Tempur-Pedic mattresses is made of memory foam, while Leesa’s memory foam is usually in the support layer. This makes Leesa mattresses feel less dense than Tempur-Pedic ones, so the sinkage is deeper on the latter.

The top layers of a Leesa (left) and Tempur-Pedic (right) mattress

Considering the top layer of the mattress is essential as it’s the part that you’ll get in contact with the most. Leesa’s top layer is made of 1.5″ cooling premium foam that hot sleepers will appreciate. With that said, Tempur-Pedic’s SMARTCLIMATE dual cover system has the edge as it simply feels cooler and more premium than Leesa’s.

Support and Comfort

Side sleepers will find Leesa mattresses the better fit

Both mattress brands deliver topnotch support and pressure relief

Side sleepers who need pressure relief will appreciate Leesa mattresses better as its hybrid model feels a tad softer than the TEMPUR-ProAdapt Medium Hybrid model. With that said, Tempur-Pedic’s non-hybrid models can really contour to your body shape and movements and provide a deeper level of sinkage when you’re lying on your back. Some people like this about Tempur-Pedic, some don’t.

Those who are looking for more bounce are better off with Leesa mattresses as they strike the balance between soft and firm, with just the right level of sinkage. In a nutshell, Leesa’s mattresses overall cater to the preferences of a wider demographic while Tempur-Pedic is more for those who prefer softer foam and deeper sinkage.

Delivery and Warranty

Leesa’s return policies are better than Tempur-Pedic’s

For every 10 beds sold, Leesa donates one to charity

Leesa and Tempur-Pedic have slightly different delivery and return policies. As mentioned earlier, Leesa mattresses are rolled up in a box when delivered, so shipping and assembly are convenient. Meanwhile, Tempur-Pedic mattresses usually arrive in a full-size box. They offer a free white glove delivery service within the 48 states, which is great if you live in a high-rise or don’t have anyone to help you carry your mattress and do the assembly. Tempur-Pedic will even take the packaging materials or remove your mattress if you wish so you don’t have to worry about properly disposing of them.

Both brands offer up to 10 years of warranty and let you try out their mattress for a long period: 100 days for Leesa, and 90 days for Tempur-Pedic. The caveat, however, is Tempur-Pedic doesn’t do a full refund and you’ll be charged with the return shipping costs. In contrast, Leesa offers a full-refund and will even pick up the mattress from your place and donate it to their partner charities and non-profit organizations. They even donate one bed to charity for every ten beds sold. Those who prefer to support eco-friendly companies should definitely opt for Leesa as the company has been clear about the materials they use and do their share of minimizing waste.


Tempur-Pedic has a wide range of mattress models, whereas Leesa only has four.

Tempur-Pedic’s split cal king is perfect for couples who are light sleepers

Leesa and Tempur-Pedic have a range of models that vary in thickness and layer materials. Here’s a quick rundown of their different mattress models:


  • Studio by Leesa: 10-inch all-foam mattress, including a 1.5-inch contouring memory foam at the top layer
  • Leesa Original: budget-friendly 10-inch all-foam mattress, including a 2-inch cooling foam top layer and 2-inch contouring memory foam recovery layer
  • Leesa Hybrid: features 11 inches of foam and a layer of premium pocket spring coils
  • Leesa Legend: features 12 inches of foam and two layers of pocket springs; eco-friendly mattress made with recycled materials and organic moisture-wicking cover


  • TEMPUR-Cloud: 10-inch mattress that only comes in a medium firmness feel; designed for easy and efficient shipping
  • TEMPUR-Adapt: 11-inch mattress that comes in medium and medium hybrid mattress feel
  • TEMPUR-ProAdapt: 12-inch mattress equipped with 20% more TEMPUR material than the TEMPUR-Adapt mattress; comes in soft, medium, medium hybrid, and firm mattress feel
  • TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt: 13-inch mattress equipped with 40% more TEMPUR material than the TEMPUR-Adapt; available in soft and firm mattress feel and doesn’t come in hybrid options
  • TEMPUR-breeze°: perfect for hot sleepers, the breeze line boasts advanced cooling mattresses; comes in PRObreeze (12-inch profile) and LUXEbreeze (13-inch profile)


Those who want to save will find Leesa mattresses a worthwhile purchase, but individuals who prefer memory foam should splurge on a Tempur-Pedic

Amazon product

It’s hardly fair to compare Leesa and Tempur-Pedic as their prices and materials are very different. Of course, it’s easier to recommend Leesa for its more attractive price point and high-quality materials and build. Even if the cost is no object, however, Leesa still has a chance as its neutral feel is something a lot of people prefer.

Those who don’t mind the steep price tag of Tempur-Pedic products should opt for its TEMPUR-Adapt or TEMPUR-ProAdapt hybrid mattresses that offer better edge to edge support and pressure relief. Hot sleepers, meanwhile, can look to the TEMPUR-breeeze° mattresses that can get up to 8-degrees cooler than your average mattress.


📌 Which is better, Leesa or Tempur-Pedic?

Leesa offers excellent value for money while Tempur-Pedic mattresses use more premium materials.

📌 Which Tempur-Pedic is best for side sleepers?

The TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe breeze is perfect for side and back sleepers. This model is cooler than other Tempur-Pedic mattresses, too.

📌 Do I need to flip my Tempur-Pedic mattress?

With the TEMPUR material, you won’t need to flip your mattress anymore as it goes back to its original shape.

📌 Do I need to flip my Leesa mattress?

Leesa recommends flipping your mattress every three to six months.

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