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Leesa vs Cocoon (2022): Which Mattress Will Give You Better Sleep?

Because 2020 is proving to be quite a stressful year for many, getting a good night’s rest is more important than ever. One of the best ways you can improve the quality of your sleep is by throwing out your ratty, 10-year-old mattress and replacing it with a quality one. If you’d like to upgrade, two brands you can look into are Leesa and Cocoon, both of which are known for making top-notch memory foam mattresses. To help you figure out which one will give you more peace at night, here’s an in-depth comparison of the two, taking their materials, comfort, motion transfer, and sleep cooling into consideration.

Leesa vs Cocoon Comparison Chart

ModelLeesa Cocoon
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Layers1st layer – 2-inch premium foam
2nd layer – 2-inch memory foam
3rd layer – 6-inch core foam
1st layer – 2-inch memory foam
2nd layer – 2-inch polyfoam
3rd layer – 6-inch support foam
Firmness OptionsMedium-frim onlySoft or firm
Motion TransferLowLow
Sleep CoolingYesYes (Cocoon Chill version)


Both Leesa and Cocoon mattresses have three layers and are made with similar materials.

Both Cocoon (left) and Leesa (right) mattresses are 10 inches thick.

Cocoon offers two kinds of mattress, namely soft and firm, but they’re both made with the same high-quality materials. At the very top, you get a 2-inch layer of Cocoon’s Perfect Fit Memory Foam, responsible for giving you that hugging sensation when you lie down. Below that, there’s a 2-inch comfort layer made of polyfoam which gives the mattress its responsiveness as well as its firmness / softness. At the very bottom, you’ll find Cocoon’s 6-inch Essential Support Foam layer which is there to help keep your spine in proper alignment as you sleep. All of that is topped off with a polyester and cotton cover that’s soft and breathable.

Similarly to Cocoon, Leesa mattresses are also made up of three layers, adding up to a total of 10 inches. The very first layer is made up of a 2-inch premium foam, meant to provide that bounce and extra comfort. As for the second layer, it’s a 2-inch memory foam that contours to the shape of your body and relieves pressure. As for the very last layer, it’s a 6-inch dense core foam that’s able to support all kinds of body types and sleeping positions. Capping it all off is a soft and breathable cover that fits snugly over the layers to make sure that it doesn’t sag or bunch up while you’re sleeping.


Cocoon offers more firmness options as well as an upgraded version that has extra cooling properties.

Cocoon mattresses are offered in soft and firm versions while Leesa mattresses are only offered in medium-firm.

As mentioned, Cocoon lets you choose from two kinds of firmness. On a scale of 1 to 10, with the 10 being the firmest and 1 the softest, Cocoon’s soft option is about a 5. This makes it the perfect choice for side sleepers who prefer their hips and shoulders to sink a little bit into the mattress. Back sleepers who want some extra cushion will like this option as well. Basically, if you like the feeling of sleeping in the bed instead of on top of it, the soft version is for you. We wouldn’t recommend it for stomach sleepers though because it doesn’t offer enough support to keep your spine straight.

As for the firm version, it’s about an 8 on the scale, making it the best pick for back sleepers who want a more solid feel, as well as stomach sleepers who’d like to stay in proper alignment throughout the night. Who is it not for? Side sleepers who want more pressure relief would probably find it too firm. Once you’ve chosen the firmness that’s best for you, you can also opt to upgrade to Cocoon Chill. This version, which has extra cooling features that help you get even more comfortable during the night, is especially beneficial for the sweaty sleepers out there.

As for Leesa, it only offers one kind of firmness which is about a 6 on the scale. Its medium-firm feel makes it a universal option and you’ll probably find it comfortable no matter what kind of sleeper you are. It supplies ample firmness so that stomach sleepers don’t bend at the back as well as enough lumbar support so as to prevent neck pain in back sleepers. It provides a good amount of pressure relief for side sleepers too, allowing for some sinking at the hips and shoulders.

Motion Transfer

Both Cocoon and Leesa mattresses are good at isolating motion.

Both Cocoon and Leesa make use of all-foam materials to prevent motion transferring.

For light sleepers who are easily disturbed by the slightest movements, Cocoon mattresses are a good fit for you because they have low motion transfer. This means that even if your partner is tossing and turning on their side of the bed, their movements will be isolated and you can continue sleeping soundly. How is this possible? The top layer of the memory foam is responsible for immediately absorbing motion and anything that’s able to pass through it will be soaked up by the middle and bottom layers of the mattress. Basically, the Cocoon Basic and the Cocoon Chill are able to kill off vibrations before they can even reach you.

As for Leesa mattresses, they do a fine job of isolating movement as well, thanks to their all-foam structure. Foam is the best material for absorbing motion so even your partner gets up to go to the bathroom multiple times a night, your beauty sleep won’t be disturbed. In fact, Leesa claims that its mattresses have passed the wine glass test for motion transfer. So even if you were to climb onto bed, jump on it, and roll around, the glass of wine should remain perfectly unaffected by your movements.

Sleep Cooling

You’d have to upgrade to the Cocoon Chill if you want cooling properties while you can already get that with the basic Leesa mattress.

Leesa mattresses have a breathable cover as we all an aerated first layer.

If you’re going with the Cocoon Classic mattress, it might be better to choose the firm version, especially for those who tend to get hot at night. All-foam mattresses retain quite a bit of heat and going for the soft version might only make it worse because you’re sinking into it. At least with the firm version, you’re on top of the mattress instead of in it, allowing the hot air to escape. If you have the budget, however, consider investing in the Cocoon Chill. Designed with phase changing materials, it’s able to wick away your sweat and remain cool on the skin all throughout the night. If you want your mattress to be as temperature-neutral as possible, go for the Cocoon Chill in the firm version.

While Leesa doesn’t offer a ‘chill’ version like Cocoon does, its basic mattress already does a good job of easing the problem of heat retention. Not only is the cover made of a breathable material but it also rests taut against the mattress to make sure that no air pockets form that could possibly trap heat. To boot, the top layer is ventilated with holes, further improving breathability. Also, it was strategic of Leesa to put the memory foam on the second layer so that it doesn’t come into direct contact with your skin.


Go with Cocoon if you want to be able to customize your sleeping experience but pick Leesa if you want to enjoy cooling features without upgrading.

Amazon product

There’s no denying that both Cocoon and Leesa mattresses are constructed well and made with top-quality materials. If, however, you’d like to be able to control exactly how you want your sleeping experience to be, it’s better to go with Cocoon as it has two firmness options. Also, Cocoon is the better pick if you’re trying to stick to a budget. The Cocoon Classic lets you save more than a hundred bucks versus if you were to buy a Leesa mattress. If, however, you want a mattress that will keep you cool all throughout the night, it’s best to go with Leesa because you don’t need to upgrade to enjoy cooling features. Its basic mattress is already good at decreasing heat retention.


๐Ÿ“Œ How thick are Cocoon and Leesa Mattresses?

Both Cocoon and Leesa mattresses are 10 inches thick and are made up of 3 layers.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which one has better motion isolation, Cocoon or Leesa?

Both Cocoon and Leesa mattresses are good at isolating motion, thanks to their all-foam structure. They’re able to absorb vibrations before they reach the other side of the bed.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which one has better sleep cooling, Cocoon or Leesa?

If you want to enjoy cooling features, you need to upgrade to the Cocoon Chill which makes use phase changing materials. With Leesa, however, you don’t need to upgrade because their basic mattress already comes with cooling properties.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which one is better, Cocoon or Lisa?

Go with Cocoon if you want to be able to customize your sleeping experience but pick Leesa if you want to enjoy cooling features without upgrading.

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