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Kinn Chair vs ErgoChair 2 (2021): A Review of Popular Autonomous Ergonomic Chairs

Autonomous’ line of chairs are reliable and cost-effective alternatives to premium ergonomic chairs such as the Herman Miller Aeron and Embody. We take a look at two of its top-selling ergonomic chairs, the Kinn Chair and the ErgoChair 2, to help you choose the one that can offer better comfort and lumbar support for you.

Autonomous Kinn Chair vs ErgoChair 2 Comparison Chart

ModelKinn ChairErgoChair 2
PriceCheck Price at Autonomous.comCheck Price at Autonomous.com
Max Weight Capacity350 lbs.350 lbs.
Dimensions (LWH)28”  x 28”  x 40” to 44” 29” x 29” x 46” to 50”
Seat Dimensions (LW)19″ x 19″20” x 20”
Seat MaterialNaked TPE/MeshPolyester fabric with molded foam interior 
Seat Height
Back Tilt Angle
Seat Tilt and Height
Back Tilt Angle
Seat Height Adjustment Range 17″ to 21″16” to 20.5”
Arm Rest Adjustment Range7″ to 11″11″ to 14″
Tilt Range25Β°20Β°
Color Options66
WarrantyUp to 5 yearsUp to 2 years


The Kinn Chair sports a fishbone spine that allows for a wider tilt range, while the ErgoChair 2 comes with a removable headrest

autnomous kinn chair vs ergochair 2 design
The Autonomous’ Kinn Chair’s fishbone spine (left) is reminiscent of the Herman Miller Embody chairs

At their core, the Autonomous Kinn Chair and ErgoChair 2 share similar features. They are well-built, comfortable, and most importantly, they provide impressive lumbar support that can help alleviate lower back pains from sitting for long periods. Having said that, their seat materials, headrest, and available colors may just sway you to choose one over the other.

The Kinn Chair offers two backrest materials to choose from: the naked 100% thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) upholstery and a 100% TPE and polyester fabric upholstery for the mesh variant. The spring-seat of the Kinn Chair is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic frame, which may not seem as plush compared to the foam-padded seat of the ErgoChair 2, but is actually preferred by many users. This spring seat is more comfortable and can last longer than foam as it doesn’t get deformed as easily even with heavy use. Plus, even if you end up spilling liquid on the Kinn Chair, you can just easily wipe it off.

Meanwhile, the ErgoChair 2’s backrest is covered with a breathable Korean mesh that won’t feel hot even when you’re seated for hours. Another obvious difference between the two is the absence of a typical headrest on the Autonomous Kinn Chair (more on this later). In addition, the ErgoChair 2 comes in more colorful options such as apple red, evergreen, and baby blue. The Kinn Chair’s color choices are limited to combinations of gray, black, white, and a blue mesh.

Comfort and Support 

The Autonomous Kinn Chair and ErgoChair 2 feature an impressive lumbar support system and are BIFMA certified

As the Kinn Chair (left) is frameless, it can follow your body shape and movements

Between the Kinn Chair and the ErgoChair 2, the former offers better overall comfort and support. The Kinn Chair’s seat is designed to help you maintain a posture that engages your core and when you lean back, its frameless backrest allows it to flex with your body shape and movements. Its headrest, which is different from the ErgoChair 2’s, is designed for optimal neck and shoulder support while also helping you maintain a posture that’s good for your spine.

Meanwhile, the ErgoChair 2 may not have the Kinn Chair’s frameless design and fishbone spine, but its lumbar support is no slouch either. Its unique, flexible lumbar system can be adjusted to suit your body type and posture requirements. In addition, the ErgoChair 2’s headrest can be modified to suit your height as well.

Both the Kinn Chair and ErgoChair 2 are certified by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (BIFMA). This means these Autonomous ergonomic chairs passed the rigorous quality requirements set by BIFMA so you can be assured that you’re getting a reliable chair that won’t easily break.

Ergonomic Adjustments

The Kinn Chair has a wider back tilt range than the ErgoChair 2

Both Autonomous ergonomic chairs offer an array of ergonomic adjustments to provide maximum comfort for different body types

The adjustments available in a chair are what can turn a mediocre ergonomic chair to one that feels like it’s made specifically for you. Autonomous made sure that both the Kinn Chair and the ErgoChair 2 can provide lumbar support and comfort no matter what your body type is through their adjustments.

You can change their tension, seat height, seat depth, backrest tilt angle, and armrest height to suit your height and shape. The Kinn Chair’s backrest can be reclined to up to a 25-degree tilt range, slightly more than the 20-degree range that the ErgoChair 2 allows.


The Kinn Chair offers better ergonomics overall, but the ErgoChair 2 remains a great alternative if you want to save a little

Autonomous Kinn Chair

Best Autonomous ergonomic chair overall


Autonomous ErgoChair 2

A more budget-friendly alternative

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Autonomous made well-designed, durable ergonomic chairs more accessible to many through its line of office chairs that are pegged at reasonable price points. Between the two, the Kinn Chair is the better choice if you tend to get lower back problems from sitting for extended periods. Its thermoplastic elastomer material, fishbone spine, and frameless backrest design all work together to provide impressive lumbar support. Its different ergonomic adjustments also add an additional layer of comfort on top of its already flexible design.

While not on par with the Kinn Chair, the ErgoChair 2 is still a solid option among Autonomous’ lines of ergonomic chairs. Its breathable seat materials and ergonomic adjustments provide enough comfort and support that’s more than sufficient for many. Just like the Kinn Chair, it’s BIFMA-certified, too.


πŸ“Œ Are Autonomous chairs good?

Yes, Autonomous ergonomic chairs are high-quality chairs. For instance, the Kinn Chair and ErgoChair 2 have passed the rigorous standards set by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA).

πŸ“Œ Are the Kinn Chair and ErgoChair 2 good for sitting for long hours?

Yes, both Autonomous chairs are designed to provide optimal lumbar support. The Kinn Chair has a frameless design that allows it to conform to your body shape, while the ErgoChair 2 has an adjustable lumbar support system.

πŸ“Œ Is the ErgoChair 2 worth it?

Yes, the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is worth the price, especially if you compare its features to more expensive ergonomic chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

πŸ“Œ Is the Kinn Chair worth it?

Yes, the Kinn Chair offers great value for your money. Its features are similar to the Herman Miller Embody Chair, which costs significantly more.

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