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Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus (2021): Comparing Compact K-Cup Coffee Makers

The Mini and Mini Plus may be the cheapest coffee makers in Keurig’s lineup, but they’re living proof that you don’t need to spend a pretty penny to brew a great-tasting cup of joe.

Getting straight to the point, both are more or less the same across the board. However, the Mini Plus has a few advantages over the Mini here and there. Essentially, choosing between the two is really a matter of whether or not a few extra features are worth a slightly higher price point.

Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus Comparison Chart

ModelKeurig K-MiniKeurig K-Mini Plus
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Water Reservoir6 to 12 oz.6 to 12 oz.
Removable Water ReservoirNoYes
Strong Brew OptionNoYes
Auto-OffYes, after 90 secondsYes, after 90 seconds
Fits Travel MugYesYes
Reusable Filter CompatibleYesYes
Pod Storage IncludedNoYes, stores up to 9 pods
Dimensions (W x H x D)4.5” x 12.1” x 11.3”4.5” x 12.1” x 11.3”
Weight4.6 lbs4.6 lbs
ColorsMatte Black, Poppy Red, Studio Gray, Oasis, Dusty RoseMatte Black, Cardinal Red, Studio Gray, Evening Teal, Matte White, Cool Aqua


The Keurig Mini Plus has a removable water reservoir, but the Mini doesn’t.

Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus Design
The Keurig Mini (left) and the Mini Plus (right) fit even in cramp spaces.

At first glance, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the Keurig Mini and Mini Plus apart. For starters, they sport a similar design, and both measure 4.5” x 12.1” x 11.3” and weigh 4.6 lbs, meaning they’re compact and light. In short, they can fit just about anywhere in the kitchen, owing to their small form factors.

The Mini and Mini Plus also have a cord storage, so it’s easy to take either one with you on trips and the like. Speaking of traveling, they have removable drip trays too, and thanks to that, travel mugs fit. 

One advantage the Mini Plus has over the Mini is it’s bundled with a pod storage that seamlessly attaches to the device and holds up to nine K-Cups. Along a similar vein, it’s the only one with a removable water reservoir, making for an easier cleanup. For the record, both have a capacity between 6 and 12 oz.

The Mini Plus is also available in more colors: Matte Black, Cardinal Red, Studio Gray, Evening Teal, Matte White, and Cool Aqua. Meanwhile, the Mini comes in Matte Black, Poppy Red, Studio Gray, Oasis, and Dusty Rose.


The Keurig Mini Plus has a strong brew option, but the Mini doesn’t.

Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus Performance
Top view of the Keurig Mini (left) and Mini Plus (right), showing that only the latter has a strong brew button.

Both Keurig machines are on par with each other when it comes to brewing. However, the Mini Plus takes it a step further with a strong brew option. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, it makes a more intense cup of coffee, but it’ll take a bit longer to brew.

It’s worth mentioning that the Mini and Mini Plus are both compatible with the My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter. That way, you can use your own coffee grounds, if K-Cups aren’t your thing.

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Between the Keurig Mini and Mini Plus, the price difference is pretty much negligible.

Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus Price
A closer look at the Keurig Mini Plus’ (in photo) removable water reservoir and pod storage.

Needless to say, the Keurig Mini is more affordable than the Mini Plus, but not by much. It also doesn’t automatically mean it represents the better value for money. 

To explain, the Mini Plus is only more expensive by a couple of bucks, and yet it has plenty of nifty features that set it apart from the Mini. In other words, it’s worth it to fork over a bit more cash for it.


With the Keurig Mini Plus around, there’s no reason to get the Mini.

Amazon product

Both the Keurig Mini and Mini Plus are excellent single-serve coffee makers with a compact design that’s perfect for those who don’t have that much counter space in the kitchen. But between the two, there’s no comparison. The Mini Plus is basically a slightly beefier version of the Mini, and considering the small price gap between them, it gives a better bang for the buck. After all, for just a few extra dollars, you’ll get a pod storage, removable water reservoir for easier cleaning, and a strong brew option for days when you need a little bit more oomph in your coffee.


📌 What’s the difference between the Keurig Mini and Mini Plus?

The Keurig Mini Plus is shipped with a pod storage out of the box, and it also has a removable water reservoir and a strong brew feature, all of which the Mini doesn’t have.

📌 Which is better, the Keurig Mini or the Mini Plus?

The Keurig Mini Plus tops the Mini in many ways. For one thing, it has more features, and the price difference between the two models isn’t that big either.

📌 Is the Keurig Mini worth it?

The Keurig Mini is a decent buy in itself, but when you’ve got better options like the Mini Plus around, it’s hard to justify the purchase.

📌 Is the Keurig Mini Plus worth the buy?

Yes, the Keurig Mini Plus is an affordable, space-saving coffee maker that goes a long way. It’s simple and easy to clean, and it has features like a strong brew option to boot.

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