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Jaybird Vista vs Powerbeats Pro (2022): Choosing Wireless Sport Earbuds

Being able to move unhindered by wires is the dream for many fitness enthusiasts who simply need their music for workouts. Wireless earbuds such as the Jaybird Vista and Beats Powerbeats Pro facilitate this, as they remain securely in place while being sweat-resistant. So if it came down to these two, which wireless sport earbuds should you get? Here’s our breakdown.

Jaybird Vista vs Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds Comparison Chart

ModelJaybird VistaPowerbeats Pro
Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds - Navy
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Ear Tip Sizes34
Audio ChipJBS1Apple H1 Chip
Sweat and Water ResistanceIPX7IPX4
Built-in ControlsYesYes
Active Noise CancellationNoNo
Battery Life6 hours9 hours
Quick ChargeYesYes
Charging CaseAdds up to 10 hoursAdds up to 15 hours
ColorsBlack, Nimbus GrayBlack, Ivory, Moss, Navy


The Powerbeats Pro looks more stylish, but the Jaybird Vista is more durable.

Jaybird Vista vs Powerbeats Pro Wireless Sport Earbuds Design
You’ll notice that the Jaybird Vista (left) has a much smaller form factor than the Powerbeats Pro (right).

Sport wireless earbuds need some way to stay affixed in your ears even with rapid movement. The Jaybird Vista and Powerbeats Pro choose different ways to accomplish this, using wingtips and earhooks, respectively. Both have their own pros and cons in terms of snugness and comfort, though we can say that the secure-fit earhooks of the Powerbeats Pro are more difficult to dislodge than the Jaybird Vista.

For style, the Powerbeats Pro will arguably get more points since its sleek curves and larger size is more visible, and almost everyone will recognize what the ‘b’ stands for these days. Their size might put you off as being too bulky or heavy, but they’re about the same weight as the Jaybird Vista, which is blocky in comparison. However, in terms of portability, the Jaybird Vista clearly wins out, as its charging case is much smaller and easier to pocket than that of the Powerbeats Pro.

Build durability is also much better on the Jaybird Vista, which was intentionally designed to weather the elements. Jaybird calls it ‘earth proof’ as it can withstand drops to the ground, grinding against sand and dirt, and even the occasional dunk in a puddle. Meanwhile, the Powerbeats Pro only has an IPX4 rating, allowing it to be sweat and water resistant but actual submerging in water will damage it.

Sound Quality

The Powerbeats Pro has a richer sound quality but the Jaybird Vista has custom EQ settings.

Jaybird Vista vs Powerbeats Pro Wireless Sport Earbuds Sound Quality
You’re sure to find the best sound configuration for any music genre with the Jaybird Vista‘s EQ presets.

Out of the box the Powerbeats Pro offers a more full-bodied sound than the Jaybird Vista. Beats products have definitely stepped up to the premium level quite nicely with Apple’s help, and the Powerbeats Pro is only one example of the refined touch of this acquisition. Its lows have that signature oomph Beats was known for though it’s not at the expense of the higher ranges. They also provide noise isolation enabling better clarity on vocals and other instruments.

In comparison, the Jaybird Vista sounds slightly flat when you first try them on but that’s likely by design. Once paired with your phone you’ll want to download the Jaybird app to access EQ presets or customize it yourself to get the sound you like. You can also try out user-created EQ presets, which are a bit better than the standard ones, if you’re not fully versed in it.

We’d still give the Powerbeats Pro the edge here though since it’s much nicer to simply get great-sounding earbuds right off the bat. However, those who prefer tweaking their EQ settings themselves will get more enjoyment out of the Jaybird Vista. Note that your choice of ear tips size will impact the overall quality since smaller ones will let more ambient noise in.

Battery Life

The Powerbeats Pro can give a longer total listening time than the Jaybird Vista.

Jaybird Vista vs Powerbeats Pro Wireless Sport Earbuds Battery Life
You can go several days without plugging the Powerbeats Pro case in, as it stores plenty of charge for daily use.

The larger size of both the Powerbeats Pro earbuds and its charging case should make sense now since it needs to make room for bigger batteries. With up to 9 hours on a single charge, it definitely has the upper hand over the 6 hours of the Jaybird Vista. Moreover, while both come with charging cases that double as storage and charging compartment, the Powerbeats Pro’s case packs up to 15 extra hours’ worth of battery charge while the Jaybird Vista‘s only stores up to 10 hours.

It’s slightly disappointing that Jaybird didn’t boost the battery life of the Vista by a lot more considering it’s targeted at outdoor adventurers who need the extra juice the most. Still, you can expect to never run out of battery in everyday typical use, especially if you plug the case in before bedtime. Both also have quick charging features which let you get an extra hour or so of playback after just 4 minutes of being plugged in.

Other Features

The Powerbeats Pro has hands-free Siri, automatic ear detection and more on-ear controls than the Jaybird Vista.

Jaybird Vista vs Powerbeats Pro Wireless Sport Earbuds Other Features
For more quality of life features, the Powerbeats Pro has the clear edge.

The integration of the Apple H1 chip into the Powerbeats Pro brings several perks. It allows hands-free Siri access so you can instantly get voice assistant response without pressing any buttons. You’ll also be able to instantly connect with iOS devices as well as enjoy more stable connections even at extended wireless ranges.

Each Powerbeats Pro earbud is equipped with volume and track controls so you can wear only one at a time and still get the same controls. They’re also built with Auto Play sensors that detect whether they’re in your ears or not, pausing and playing music when you take them out and put them back on, correspondingly.

Meanwhile, there’s only a single button on each Jaybird Vista earbud, which you press a number of times depending on what you’d like to do. When listening to music, a single press will pause or play songs and a double press will skip to the next song. If you receive a call, pressing once will accept it while a double press rejects it. A long press will turn the earbuds off. You can customize what these presses do using the app but it feels a lot less intuitive than dedicated controls.


The Jaybird Vista is recommended for extreme outdoor users while the Powerbeats Pro is better for everyone else.

Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista Wireless Sport Earbuds

Powerbeats Pro

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds - Navy

Overall, the Beats Powerbeats Pro comes out ahead in this comparison, as it has superior baseline audio quality, more quality of life enhancements, and longer battery life. You’ll have to manage its larger charging case though, which means carrying a bag for it. It’s going to be worth it, even with the added cost, especially if you prioritize premium sound along with adequate sweat resistance for workouts.

Now, if you love extreme outdoor adventures you’ll want a pair of earbuds that has the durability to survive tough conditions. For that the Jaybird Vista shines, as its IPX7 rating allows it to resurface from dunks in a puddle and its shock-proof build rebuffs other accidental drops to the ground. With custom EQ control you’ll be able to find the perfect sound settings for your ears, and they’ll stay securely in place with its wingtips even under hectic situations.


๐Ÿ“Œ Do Vista Jaybirds fall out?

The Jaybird Vista is very difficult to dislodge even during intense workouts due to their unique wingtip design.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can Jaybird Vista connect to two devices?

Yes, the Jaybird Vista can actually remember pairing information for up to 8 devices. To add devices, you’ll need to manually pair it using the list of discovered devices. However, if you meant connecting to two devices simultaneously, then no, the Jaybird Vista does not have Bluetooth multipoint pairing.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can you answer calls on Powerbeats Pro?

Yes, the Powerbeats Pro have integrated buttons as well as beamforming mics that enable you to answer calls and carry on conversations.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can you shower with Powerbeats Pro?

We advise that you don’t shower while wearing the Powerbeats Pro as they’re only IPX4-rated. This means they can withstand the occasional splash but not being completely drenched or submerged in water.

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