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Jabra Elite 45h vs Marshall Major (2022): Which Wireless Headphones Should You Pick?

Headphones are a great accessory for anyone, from gamers and streamers to musicians. If you prefer your headphones to be as portable as possible, wireless Bluetooth headphones would best suit you. There are a ton of choices on the market, so you won’t really run out of options.

In this review, we’ll be pitting products from the iconic Marshall and the worldwide name Jabra. Specifically, we’ll compare two of their Bluetooth headsets: the Jabra Elite 45h and the Marshall Major III. Read on to find out what the differences are between the two, and which headphones are better for you.

Jabra Elite 45h vs Marshall Major Comparison Chart

ModelJabra Elite 45hMarshall Major III
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz20Hz-20kHz
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Noise CancellationYesNo
Charging Time1.5hrs3hrs
Battery LifeUp to 50 hoursUp to 30 hours
ColorsCopper Black, Titanium Black, Gold BeigeBlack, Brown, White
Dimensions7.2″ x 6.2″ x 2.46.3″ x 6.3″ x 3.4″


Jabra’s headphones go for smooth leatherette, while Marshall emulates their iconic amplifiers with rugged leather.

The Jabra Elite 45h (left) and the Marshall Major III (right).

Since they’re both products made by well-known headphones manufacturers, it’s a given that these models are pleasing to the eyes as much as they are to the ears. The sleek design that the Elite 45h has looks great in any of its colors, while the Major III’s leather material reminds you of the company’s iconic amplifiers and speakers. Beyond aesthetics, the two are both foldable, meaning that they’re quite portable and travel-friendly. Jabra ups the ante on this, though, by also including a travel bag with a purchase of the Elite 45h.

Both headphones are lightweight, but the Elite 45h is just a bit lighter, coming in at 160 grams (compared to the Major III’s 178g). These on-ear headphones are almost the same size too. One small advantage in design that the Major III has is the presence of a 3.5mm socket built into the headphones. With this, your Bluetooth headset can act as an audio splitter, with a friend able to plug in their own wired headphones to listen along with you.

Sound Quality

The two headphones have comparable sound quality and frequency coverage.

Only the Elite 45h (left) has active noise cancellation.

When it comes to sound quality, the two headphones are relatively similar. The frequencies supported by both headphones range from a low, booming 20Hz bass to high-pitched 20kHz. A lower low frequency response gives you a stronger bass sound, which is great for certain genres of music and most movies. On the other hand, a higher high frequency response means that the treble sounds that your headphones generate are clearer and more crisp.

Both models also have 40mm “drivers”, which is the technical term for the headphone speakers. One difference that the Elite 45h holds over the Major III is its noise control (or its active noise cancellation) feature. It’s an essential feature that allows you to listen to audio at lower volumes, since background noise won’t cause as much of a hassle as they would normally.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Both are Bluetooth-enabled, but the Elite 45h can be used for longer.

The two models can work within a 10 meter radius.

The main draw of Bluetooth headphones is their wireless connectivity. It’s great news, then, for anyone considering to buy either of these headphones that they both have a relatively impressive maximum Bluetooth range. These two models both work within a ten meter radius, meaning that it can still work without your phone necessarily being in your pocket all the time. The Elite 45h does have a slight edge when it comes to connectivity, since it’s also NFC enabled.

As for battery life, the Elite 45h comes out on top again. It lasts twenty hours longer than the Major III when in use. Not only that, it also charges way faster than Marshall’s model. It only takes one and a half hours for the Elite 45h to fully charge, which is only half of what the Major III requires. The Elite 45h also has USB Type-C, which means that it will be easier to look for replacement cords if ever the need arises. The Major III, on the other hand, uses Micro USB.

Microphone and Other Features

Jabra keeps winning, even in additional features.

Jabra offers a longer warranty, for one.

Since these headphones are designed mostly to be used with mobile devices, their microphones are also an important feature. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have to take a call with these connected to your phone or tablet, so you’ll want to make sure that the model you pick has a good mic. In this particular aspect, the Elite 45h still wins over its competitor.

It has two (compared to the Marshall’s singular) mics, making for better and clearer sound quality. It also has noise-cancelling capabilities, which can partially filter out background noises. You can also use voice commands with the Elite 45h, since it offers one-touch access to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, depending on what you’re using.


The Elite 45h is better, with a considerable price tag difference.

Amazon product

The Jabra Elite 45h fares better in every category. It has a longer battery life, which means that it can be used for longer (for more than two days, in fact). It also has a better microphone, and the additional capability for Bluetooth pairing via NFC. Its only drawback is the price tag: it’s around 20 bucks more expensive than its competitor, depending on where you’re buying from.

The Marshall Major III, then, is the better choice for those on a slightly tighter budget. Its disadvantages only really show when compared to the Elite 45h; in other words, it’s a great product by itself. Its battery life still lasts for more than a day, it works in an equally wide range of frequencies and area, and its microphone is perfectly serviceable. It doesn’t hurt that it’s more affordable while still being durable, since it’s made by a well-known audio-oriented company.


๐Ÿ“Œ Is Jabra a good brand?

Jabra is a good headphones manufacturer based in Denmark, which has released products like the Jabra Elite 45h. They perform reliably, and can even outshine those made by more well-known companies like Marshall.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are Jabra Elite 45h headphones noise-cancelling?

Yes, the Jabra Elite 45h has active noise-cancelling capabilities.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is Jabra a Chinese company?

No. Jabra was founded in the United States, then bought by Danish company GN Audio. It’s from Denmark that they manufacture products like the Jabra Elite 45h.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which Marshall headphones are the best?

For those specifically looking for wireless headphones, the Marshall Major III is a great choice from the company.

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