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Hungryroot vs Hello Fresh (2022): Where Should You Get Your Meal Kits?

For busy individuals and families, meal kits save you time doing the groceries and thinking about what to cook. But beyond convenience, the service guarantees nutritious recipes while minimizing food waste. Hello Fresh is one of the most popular meal kit services in the country. The company is known for its easy-to-follow recipes that work for adults and kids alike. In contrast, Hungryroot has differentiated itself by offering recipes and online groceries. Aside from chef-crafted meals, you can buy beverages, bread, and pantry staples. Where should you subscribe? Read below to find out.

Hungryroot vs Hello Fresh Comparison Chart

ModelHungryrootHello Fresh
ServicesGroceries, meal kitsMeal kits
Shipping$6.99 for orders less than $70; free for orders above $70$9.99
Vegan MealsYesNo
Cancel AnytimeYesNo
FounderBen McKeanDominik Richter
Year Established20152011

How They Work

Hello Fresh delivers meal kits with pre-measured ingredients. On the other hand, Hungryroot offers meal kits and groceries.

Hungryroot vs Hello Fresh How They Work
Contents of Hungryroot orders (left); ordering from Hello Fresh via their mobile app (right)

Unlike traditional meal kit services, Hungryroot goes beyond recipes. While you still get assigned ingredients for meals, it offers an online grocery store as well. The company, established in 2015, generates a curated list of these groceries and recipes based on your food profile. These preferences are generated after filling up their questionnaire.

You can accept these recommendations or choose your own items. Regardless, the goods are packaged much like how you’ll find them in the supermarket. If you follow the suggested recipes, you’ll find most ingredients utilized, reducing food waste. However, some items can be used outside of the recommended meals. Plus, you get grocery staples.

On the other hand, Hello Fresh has been around since 2011. The company is what you’ve come to expect from meal kit delivery services. Like Hungryroot, you’re asked about your food preferences and the number of servings for the week. Hello Fresh then takes your input and suggests a meal plan for the week. As with similar services, you can follow the recommendations or pick your own.

Hello Fresh delivers all the fresh ingredients you need in a box. This means, like with Hungryroot, you’ll do a bit of work here. These are not ready-to-eat items after all.

Meals and Menu

Hungryoot has more varied menu items than Hello Fresh.

Hungryroot vs Hello Fresh Meals and Menu
With Hungryroot and Hello Fresh, you’ll get the ingredients and instructions to whip up delicious and nutritious meals.

As mentioned, Hungryoot and Hello Fresh rely on your food profile to suggest menu items. However, you can opt not to follow the recommendations and choose your own.


Hungryroot offers a selection of over 3,000 recipes. These items change every week depending on availability and seasonality. For the groceries, Hungryroot covers almost all supermarket staples. You’ll find condiments and sauces as well as protein selections and beverages. Pantry essentials and ready-to-eat items are also available.

You can filter groceries based on protein source, spice level, or dietary needs. The same filter applies to recipes but with the addition of serving size, cook time, and calorie level. Some recipe categories are Mains + Sides, Pasta, Grain Bowls, Soups + Stews, and Veggie Bowls. All items display the nutritional info, while recipes include the needed ingredients and instructions.

Hello Fresh

When you sign up for Hello Fresh, you’re asked to choose from six food categories. These include the crowd-pleasing Family Friendly and low-calorie Fit & Wholesome meals. Other categories, like Veggies and Pescatarian, are self-explanatory. The recipe selection rotates weekly. However, you can view the menu items up to four weeks ahead.

In some weeks, you can have over 30 recipes to choose from. Meals can be sorted according to difficulty level, and each item will include the cooking time, calorie content, and allergen information. It’s also nice to see Hello Fresh describe the utensils and non-Hello Fresh items you’ll need. Full recipes are available online, although recipe cards are also delivered with your order.

Packaging and Delivery

Both Hungryroot and Hello Fresh emphasize sustainability in their packaging and delivery.

Hungryroot vs Hello Fresh Packaging and Delivery
Enviro Ice ice packs can be drained and used as plant water (left); a typical order from Hello Fresh (right)

Aside from offering healthy meals, Hungryroot ensures the packaging and delivery of your orders are sustainable. Orders are placed in recyclable boxes that include insulation to keep the ingredients fresh. Hungryroot uses Enviro Ice and Earthwise ice packs, which use non-toxic drain-safe gels. Most orders will be in transit from 24 to 48 hours at the most, with delivery windows dependent on the carrier.

Meanwhile, Hello Fresh deliveries arrive once a week except on Sundays. They usually come in recycled cardboard boxes containing compostable paper bags. To avoid cross-contamination, meats and seafood are separated from produce. Hello Fresh also uses insulating liners to ensure ingredients stay fresh during transit. Like Hungryroot, Hello Fresh orders have ice packs to prevent your orders from spoiling.

Plans and Pricing

Hello Fresh is more upfront with its pricing than Hungryroot.

Hungryroot vs Hello Fresh Pricing and Plans
Here’s a look at sample order pricing for Hungryroot (left) and Hello Fresh (right)

When it comes to pricing, Hungryroot takes a bit of a learning curve. Plans depend on your food profile and the preferred number of servings. This means that pricing varies per customer. Hungryroot generates a suggested list of groceries and recipes based on a questionnaire you answer during sign-up. These items are each given a credit value, with some, like meat, assigned a higher one.

If you don’t like a suggested item, you can swap it for something else. Hungryroot returns the credit value back to you. You can also change all items in the list. While you can fill up an order to the credit value allotted, you can order above it and be charged on the card on file. For the minimum six servings that Hungryroot requires, expect to spend at least $60. If you order above $70, shipping is free.

Hello Fresh is a bit more upfront with pricing. When signing up, customers select their food preferences. You can choose any of the six available or all of them. You’ll also select the plan size, which includes the number of people eating and the number of recipes you plan to make in a week. The minimum for both options is two.

A typical order for two people with two recipes for a week costs $57.95, inclusive of a $9.99 shipping fee. If you add more recipes, the cost of serving lowers. For instance, a three-recipe order for two costs $69.93. That amounts to a $9.99 price per serving compared to the $11.99 if you’re only ordering for two. Total cost also decreases for 4-person meal plans.


Hungroot is ideal for individuals and couples, while Hello Fresh works great for families.

Hungryroot offers thousands of recipes that are delicious and nutritious. But instead of simple meal kits, you can also order grocery staples. Items are also packaged similarly to how you’ll find them in supermarkets. This affords subscribers some versatility in how they want to utilize ingredients. Individuals and couples stand to benefit the most from Hungyroot’s diverse recipes.

Meanwhile, Hello Fresh has more crowd-pleasing menus. It even offers family-friendly recipes that should be a hit with the kids. Unlike Hungryroot, Hello Fresh follows more traditional meal kit services, with ingredients pre-portioned for the meal you’re preparing. Its plans and pricing are also more upfront than Hungryroot.

It’s also good to note that Hello Fresh has limited menus for those with dietary needs. While you can opt for veggies-only or pescatarian plans, if you’re vegan or want dairy-free meals, go for Hungryroot.


๐Ÿ“Œ Does Hello Fresh sell gift cards?

Yes, Hello Fresh offers gift cards. You can choose from $70, $90, $115, and $140 options. The $70 gift card is enough for two people and three recipes a week.

๐Ÿ“Œ What are some of the dietary needs Hungryroot supports?

Hungryroot’s menu supports gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, pescatarian, and vegan dietary needs.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I edit my food preferences on Hungryroot after signing up?

Yes. Hungryroot allows users to update their Food Profile anytime.

๐Ÿ“Œ How do I track a Hello Fresh delivery?

Once your order is on the way, Hello Fresh sends customers an email notification that includes the tracking number for your delivery.

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