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HP Tango vs Envy (2022): Which Is A Better Wireless Printer?

If you’re in the market for a reliable wireless printer, then it’s likely you’ve heard of the HP Tango and Envy series. Known for its portless design, the HP Tango works well in a mobile-connected world. It’s a printer that leverages the power of today’s smartphones. The HP Envy, on the other hand, offers reasonably-priced all-in-one printers for high-quality printing at home. Its entry-level HP Envy 5055, for instance, is popular for its low running costs and high ease of use. Between these two models, however, which is the better printer?

HP Tango vs Envy Photo Printer Comparison Chart

ModelHP Tango Smart Wireless PrinterHP Envy 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Print TechnologyHP Thermal InkjetHP Thermal Inkjet
ConnectivityIEEE 802.11n; Dual Band Wi-Fi; Wi-Fi Direct; BLE1 Hi-Speed USB 2.0; 1 WiFi 802.11n (dual band)
Input Capacity50 sheets100 shets
Output Capacity20 sheets25 sheets
Duplex PrintingManualAutomatic
Print Speed11 ppm (black), 8 ppm (color)10 ppm (black), 7 ppm (color)
HP Smart App CompatibleYesYes
Mobile PrintingYesYes
Max Dimensions15.22 x 24.24 x 10.27 in. (when in use)17.53 x 22.22 x 5.04 in. (when in use)
Weight7.50 lbs.11.93 lbs.


The HP Tango is barer than the HP Envy 50500, doing away with ports, buttons, displays, and even the scanner bed.

HP Tango vs Printer Design
HP’s Tango printer sports a white and grey finish, while the HP Envy 5055 boasts a simpler and bolder black exterior.

Unless you run a small office at home, printing has been left to a few documents here and there. These days people share files online, with hard copies printed only when necessary. The design of the HP Tango and HP Envy 5055 reflects this changing attitude towards printers. Instead of bulky machines, you get austere and compact devices that stick to the bare essentials.

The HP Tango, however, is barer than the HP Envy 5055. Aside from doing away with LCDs and buttons, it also leaves the physical scanner behind. The result is a printer operated largely via mobile. Where the scanner bed is typically located, you’ll find a plain surface marked only by an HP logo instead. The lid then doubles as your input paper tray, while a plastic output tray extends. On its sibling, the Tango X, the output tray is done away with as well, replaced by the wrap-around cover โ€” more of this in our HP Tango vs Tango X review.

HP’s Envy 5055 retains the physical scanner but follows the Tango in its design approach. The clunky multi-button panel, for instance, has been replaced by a small, touch screen display. It’s a feature that stands out against the printer’s minimalist black exterior. A closed input tray, on the other hand, discreetly stores paper from view. Plus, the curved edges and clean lines lend the HP Envy 5055 a modern, unibody appearance.


The HP Tango and Envy 5055 are set up and managed wirelessly, with an emphasis on the HP Smart App integration.

HP Tango vs Envy Printer Connectivity
Not only are these HP inkjet printers easy to set up, but they also run fast thanks to dual-band WiFi connectivity.

HP’s Tango and Envy 5055 inkjet printers are primarily set up as wireless devices. But this is more obvious with the portless Tango printer. On the HP Envy 5055, you do get a Hi-Speed USB port, although the cable is sold separately. So out of the box, the only physical connection you will get for both printers is a power cable. Other than that, you’re mostly relying on wireless direct or local WiFi connectivity.

Designed with mobile users in mind, operating and managing the HP Tango and Envy 5055 is done through a few taps on the HP Smart App. HP’s Envy 5055, however, offers the option to use the printer even without a phone, thanks to its built-in LCD and controls. Still, it’s hard to beat the convenience of a mobile application. Given how smartphone-dependent people are, the ability to print, scan, and copy remotely using your phone is always a welcome feature.


HP’s Tango printer is faster than the HP Envy 5055, although the latter offers more color-accurate printouts.

HP Tango vs Envy Printing Quality and Speed
With the HP Smart App, users can print on the HP Tango and HP Envy 5055 remotely.

Based on HP’s ratings, the HP Tango is a faster printer than the HP Envy 5055. The sleek and portless printer has an 11 pages-per-minute (ppm) rating for black documents and 8 ppm for color. Meanwhile, the HP Envy 5055 comes close with its 10 ppm print speed for black and 7 ppm rating for colored documents. The 5055 makes up for whatever it lacks in speed, however, with a paper input capacity double that of the HP Tango. Plus, the device comes with automatic two-sided printing.

As expected, both printers support borderless printing. They also share the same 1200 x 1200 resolution for monochrome printouts and 4800 x 1200 for colored documents. Keep in mind, however, that these numbers are when printing from a computer. Now in terms of print quality, the HP Envy 5055 does have an edge over the HP Tango. The all-in-one printer is more color accurate, producing vibrant photos with fine details. With the HP Tango, you still get bright and well-saturated prints, but not as impressive as the HP Envy 5055’s.

Smart Features

HP’s Tango and Envy 5055 offer mobile and voice-activated printing solutions.

HP Tango vs Envy Smart Features Comparison
HP’s wireless printers allow for voice and mobile printing solutions.

The HP Tango and HP Envy 5055 are both equipped with smart features. Most of these capabilities, however, are connected to the HP Smart App. The HP Tango, for instance, doesn’t come with a scanner or copier. To scan documents, the printer uses your smartphone’s camera instead. While this means the quality of a scan will depend on the quality of your phone’s lenses, HP does offer some quality control. Through the Smart App, users can straighten edges and correct a document’s orientation.

Since the HP Envy 5055 comes with an actual scanner, there is no need to scan documents with your phone. However, the HP Smart App can still be used to remotely print, copy, or scan files and documents. Just like the HP Tango, the HP Envy 5055 allows printing photos directly from social media or cloud platforms. Plus, these compact printers work with Alexa for voice-activated printing.


Get the HP Tango if you don’t mind purely wireless printing and scanning operations. Opt for the HP Envy 5055 if you still want on-printer controls or larger printing capacities.

Amazon product

The HP Tango is a modern printer responsive to today’s smartphone-dependent world. As a result, you’re getting a compact, portless, and wireless device largely operated via a mobile app. Its pared-back approach also means doing away with key printer functions โ€” scanning. But if you’re not one to scan documents or print files and photos frequently, you won’t miss these traditional printer features.

For those who still prefer on-device controls, then the HP Envy 5055 is probably a better option. It features a touch screen display so you can manually operate the printer if you’re not too fond of mobile printing solutions. It offers better photo printing quality, too, along with a bigger input tray capacity. And for those who aren’t ready to go completely wireless, the HP Envy 5055 has something to offer โ€” an actual scanner bed for scanning and copying.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the key difference between the HP Tango and Envy printers?

HP’s Tango printers are smart home printers designed to be controlled primarily by mobile app or voice control. HP Envy printers, on the other hand, are all-in-one printers that offer wireless printing along with traditional on-device controls.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the HP Tango have a scanner?

No, the HP Tango does not have a built-in scanner. To scan documents, you’ll have to use the HP Smart App and rely on your smartphone’s camera.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the HP Envy 5055 worth getting?

For those on a budget, the HP Envy 5055 is an affordable option. The printer has print, scan, and copy functions built-in. It also supports voice-activated and mobile printing solutions. For homes with minimal printing requirements, the 5055 is a solid purchase.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I print on the HP Envy 5055 with my computer?

Yes, the HP Envy 5055 is compatible with Windows and macOS computers.

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