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Hot Tub 110v vs 220v (2021): Which is Best for You?

A hot tub is a big purchase so before deciding on which one to get, you need to do a fair amount of research. One thing that you will encounter during your research is whether you want to buy a 110v or a 220v hot tub. There are major differences between these two types in areas such as ease of installation, portability, heating efficiency and more. We already did the comparison for you so all you have to do is read on and decide which one caters more to your needs.

A 110v hot tub such as the Coleman Saluspa and a 220v hot tub like the Soothing Waters Spas are good examples to highlight the differences between the two types. Below is a comparison of the two.

110v vs 220v Hot Tub Comparison Chart

ModelColeman SaluspaSoothing Waters Spas
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
InstallationPlug and PlayNeeds rewiring and professional assistance
Heating TimeApprox. 24 hoursApprox. 12 hours
Voltage 110v (120v)220v (240v)
Jets114 bubble jets43 stainless steel interchangeable jets
Seating Capacity4-6 persons (depends on size)5 persons
CoverYes, insulatedYes, insulated
ConstructionInflatableHard Side
Additional FeaturesDigital control panel, Chemconnect dispenserDigital control center, 3 soft-cushion air filled pillows, waterfall feature, Underwater LED lighting


A 110v hot tub is plug and play while a 220v hot tub needs professional assistance.

Installing a 110v (right) hot tub is effortless whereas 220v hot tubs (left) require more involvement.

One of the areas where 110v and 220v hot tubs vastly differ from each other is the ease of installation. A 110v hot tub is also known as “Plug and Play” because all you have to do is fill it then plug in to a socket. Simple as that, no need to bother with rewiring, hiring an electrician, getting permits and more.

Due to how it is built and designed, it is also portable, which is great if you are just renting or you don’t want a permanent fixture on your property.

On the other hand, 220v hot tubs require more planning and involvement during the installation phase. You will need to hire a professional to install the hot tub and in most states, you also need to secure the required paperwork before getting started with the whole process of rewiring. You also need to consider how far the hot tub will be from the main circuit breaker because placing it too far can significantly increase the installation cost.

A 220v hot tub is not as portable as its 110v counterpart due to the wiring. You can still move it, but it can be quite difficult and pricey because you will need the help of a professional once again.


A 220v hot tub heats water faster than 110v hot tubs.

Heat retention is very important to fully enjoy your hot tub session.

When it comes to heating and efficiency, a 220v hot tub definitely has the edge. Since it can draw more power, it can run the heater, pumps and other elements simultaneously without issues. It can also heat water twice as fast as 110v hot tubs and retain the heat longer even when the tub is at full capacity.

A 220v hot tub is a great choice if you live in a state where the temperature can drop to very low levels and you want multiple features powered on at the same time.

A 110v hot tub is more limited in this area but it still functions well. Less power drawn means that it will take a while to heat up the water in the tub and it can struggle powering the heater and the pump at the same time.

As for heat retention, a 110v model might struggle as well, but not to the point that it is unusable. When the jets are on, you should expect the water temps to drop a bit. To help with heat retention, you should always cover the tub when not in use.


Upfront cost is significantly higher for 220v hot tubs.

While 220v hot tubs may be costly, they definitely make up for their cost with efficiency and functionality.

The upfront cost will be higher if you decide to purchase a 220v hot tub instead of the 110v version. You have to hire a professional to install the hot tub and you will also pay for the rewiring. A 220v hot tub in itself already costs more than a 110v model.

As for power consumption, there are conflicting information online as to whether you will save more with a 220v hot tub or if a 110v hot tub is cheaper in the long run. While it’s true that a 220v hot tub can be cheaper in the long run because it can heat water twice as fast, the difference in savings is not that significant to be a major factor in deciding which one to buy.

What you should be more concerned about is the insulation of your hot tub. For example, a properly insulated 110v hot tub will be able to retain heat much longer, resulting in power savings. On the other hand, a poorly insulated 220v hot tub will lose heat quicker and require the heater to run for longer periods, resulting in more power drawn.


A 220v hot tub is more efficient and feature heavy. A 110v hot tub is better suited for the budget conscious.

Amazon product

A 220v hot tub is undoubtedly the better choice if you have the budget for it and you live in an area where the temperature can drop to very low levels. Yes, the upfront cost can be very high, but the features and capabilities of a 220v hot tub such as the Soothing Waters Spas more than make up for it. When you buy a luxury item like this, you want to be able to relax while using it and not worry about losing heat, limited functionality and other annoying issues.

With that said, a 110v hot tub is not a bad choice for people with specific needs. If you are a first time buyer or you are on a budget, a 110v hot tub like the Coleman Saluspa is perfect for you. If you don’t own your place or you are renting but you still want a hot tub, then you should definitely consider buying a 110v model instead of a 220v model.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the voltage of most hot tubs?

Hot tubs are either 110v or 220v. Aside from the voltage, they differ in a lot of areas. A 110v hot tub is generally cheaper and will work when plugged in to a standard wall socket. A 220v hot tub, on the other hand, requires your home to be rewired in order to work.

๐Ÿ“Œ Do you need a 220 line for a hot tub?

If you want a hot tub with full functionality, you will want a 220v hot tub. For that, you will need a 220 socket.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are 110v hot tubs good?

Yes, a 110v model such as the Bestway 54190E is a good hot tub. It is cheap, easy to install and use and it has plenty of seating space for up to 7 people.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I plug my hot tub into a regular outlet?

Yes, if your hot tub is 110v. If it is 220v, then you need to have your place rewired in order to use the hot tub.

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