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Horizon Fitness T101 vs T202 (2023): Which Treadmill Should You Buy?

Treadmills are a safe and convenient way of getting your cardio. If you’re planning to buy one for your home, consider looking at the Horizon Fitness catalog. Horizon Fitness is known for its high-quality, budget-friendly home fitness equipment. Their treadmills also offer a range of features and capabilities to meet the needs of different users.

The brand’s Horizon Fitness T101 and Horizon Fitness T202 models are two of three designed for home use. Both are comparable with some of the best treadmills but at a relatively lower price. If they seem identical in design, you won’t be wrong. Nonetheless, some extra features on the T202 may make you choose it over the T101. Check out our comparison of the Horizon Fitness treadmills below.

Horizon Fitness T101 vs T202 Comparison Chart

ModelHorizon Fitness T101 TreadmillHorizon Fitness T202 Treadmill
Assembled Dimensions71″ x 34″ x 57″76″ x 34″ x 57″
Weight180 lbs.187 lbs.
Max User Weight300 lbs.325 lbs.
Running Area20″ x 55″20″ x 60″
FrameFeatherLight FoldingFeatherLight Folding
Speed Range0.5 – 10 mph0.5 – 12 mph
Incline Range0 – 10%0 – 12%
Audio In/OutYesYes
Accessory TrayNoNo
Bottle HolderYesYes
DisplayNo, LED windows onlyYes, 7-inch LCD screen + LED windows
Tablet RackYesYes
Warranty1-year to Lifetime1-year to Lifetime

Design and Build

The Horizon Fitness T202 is slightly larger and longer than the T101, allowing it to accommodate users over six feet in height and weighing up to 325 lbs.

Horizon Fitness T101 vs T202 Design and Build Comparison
Compared to the Horizon Fitness T101 (left), the Horizon Fitness T202 (right) has a longer deck

When buying a treadmill for home use, it’s critical to measure floor space. Can your room accommodate fitness equipment? Standard home treadmills are typically 7 feet long with a minimum of 50 in. of running length. Moreover, they should have 8 feet of clearance behind and 3 feet on the sides.

In this context, the Horizon Fitness T101 and T202 treadmills are some of the more compact options available. The T101 only measures 71″ x 34″ x 57″, while the T202 is 76″ x 34″ x 57″. Since it’s longer, the T202’s running area meets the minimum for runners 6-ft. tall. In contrast, the T101’s 55-inch running area should be enough for most walkers and runners under 6 ft.

Because they emphasize compactness, these Horizon Fitness treadmills only have 20-in. wide running belts. While they’re great for brisk walking, they may not be comfortably spacious enough for running exercises, especially the T101.

Now the T101 and T202 weigh under 200 lbs., although the latter is the heavier of the two. As such, the T202 offers a higher max user weight of 325 lbs. than the T101. These treadmills’ decks are also 18mm thick and feature 1.4mm silicone belts. They also have a three-zone cushioning system in place.

Lastly, storage shouldn’t be an issue. Both treadmills have a space-saving folding frame for easy stowing.

Console and Features

Unlike the Horizon Fitness T101, the Horizon Fitness T202’s console features an LCD screen.

Horizon Fitness T101 vs T202 Console Review
In this side-by-side, the Horizon Fitness T101 (left) and T202 (right) are identical except for the T202’s LCD

Similar to high-end treadmills, the Horizon Fitness T101 and T202 have a large console. On the T101, this control panel houses the start and stop buttons. It also features speed and incline settings.

To monitor your workout, you get 3 LED windows that display the following: calories, distance, heart rate, incline, speed, and time. To track your heart rate, the treadmill uses a dual-grip monitoring system below the console to check your pulse.

The Horizon T202 has a similar console to the T101. In fact, the layout and features are the same. However, the T202 adds a 7-inch LCD screen near the top. It provides the same feedback as the usual LED windows but through a more intuitive interface.

More premium models will typically include a large touchscreen on their consoles. On the Horizon Fitness T101 and T202, it’s been left out to minimize cost.

Instead, these treadmills have a tablet rack to hold your preferred device, whether a smartphone or a tablet. While it isn’t the most convenient solution, it does offer more flexibility on the fitness app you want to use. And if you’re worried about your device’s battery life, these treadmills have a built-in USB port for charging.

As for connectivity, the T101 and T202 only offer Bluetooth connectivity. You can use the feature to connect the treadmills with your device or stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth speakers.

Speed and Incline Variations

The Horizon Fitness T202 has the slight edge in speed and incline variations.

Horizon Fitness T101 vs T202 Speed and Incline Variations
A closer look at the Horizon Fitness T101’s grip and incline levels (left) and the T202 with its deck inclined (right)

All Horizon Fitness treadmills have pre-set programs. On the T101 and T202, you get five: manual, calorie, distance, time, and weight loss. As their names suggest, each program is designed for specific goals. For instance, the Distance program has 13 workouts, including half marathon, 15 miles, 20 miles, and marathon goals.

Like all treadmills, the T101 and T202 have adjustable speeds. The T101’s speed range is 0 to 10mph. In contrast, the T202 has a top speed of 12mph. The incline range also goes the way of the T202, which can be adjusted from 0 to 12%. On the T101, the range is only from 0 to 10%.

Controlling speed and incline settings is easy. At the end of the dual-grip monitoring system, these treadmills feature a control dial. The right dial increases or decreases speed, while the left knob raises or lowers the running deck.

Ease of Set Up and Use

Both Horizon Fitness treadmills come assembled out of the box, are easy to use, and enjoy long warranties.

Horizon Fitness T101 vs T202 Ease of Set Up and Use
In pictures: folding the Horizon Fitness T101 (left); using the tablet rack on the T202 (right)

While their bulk may be intimidating, setting up and using the Horizon Fitness T101 and T202 is easy. Both treadmills already come assembled and placed in a box. All you have to do is take them out, plug them, and press the start button.

The Horizon Fitness T101 and T202 also boast a sturdy frame and belt. Horizon Fitness is confident enough to give both treadmills a lifetime frame and motor warranties, while parts and labor get a one-year assurance.

As such, these treadmills require little necessary maintenance, provided the user is within the weight and height range. Otherwise, you may put stress on these machines while potentially voiding the warranty.


If you like the occasional brisk walk or jog, the Horizon Fitness T101 is a good, budget option. For taller users, however, you’re better off with the Horizon Fitness T202.

Given their compact size compared with other treadmills, the Horizon Fitness T101 and T202 are best for beginners or casual users. You get decent speed and incline from these at-home fitness machines, but fitness enthusiasts may find both treadmills wanting.

With that said, the Horizon Fitness T101 is a solid entry-level treadmill. While its speed and incline variations are lower than the T202, you get more or less the same pre-set programs. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which makes up for the lack of an LCD screen.

Meanwhile, the Horizon Fitness T202 is the entry-level model if you’re 6 ft. and taller. Its longer deck and running belt should accommodate users with longer strides. Moreover, you do get a higher speed and incline range. And while its shares the same programs as the T101, the T202 is more user-friendly thanks to its LCD screen.


πŸ“Œ What is the step up height of the Horizon Fitness T101?

The Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill has a step up height of 7 1/8”.

πŸ“Œ What type of charging port does the Horizon Fitness T202 have?

The Horizon Fitness T202 uses a USB Type A charging port.

πŸ“Œ Does Horizon Fitness offer extended warranties for its T101 treadmill?

Yes. Horizon Fitness offers warranty boost add-ons for the T101 treadmill. Customer may opt to extend their parts and labor warranty for up to 3 years or 5 years.

πŸ“Œ What kind of motor does the Horizon Fitness T202 use?

The Horizon Fitness T202 uses a driver motor under a ultra-quiet Johnson Drive System.

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