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Hoover Spotless vs Bissell Little Green (2022): Which Carpet Cleaner Should You Buy?

Most people think that vacuuming is enough to remove dirt and debris from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception and one that can leave your home prone to allergens or even unwanted odor. For a deeper clean, it’s best to get a carpet cleaner.

Fast becoming a staple in many homes, carpet cleaners work best with specialized cleaning formulas to tackle surface and set-in stains and messes. The Hoover Spotless and Bissell Little Green are arguably two of the most popular models in this appliance category.

A look at the specs shows fairly similar devices, each with its own pros and cons. Which one should you buy? Below, we compare Hoover and Bissell’s best-selling carpet cleaners and get the lowdown from actual user reviews.

Hoover Spotless vs Bissell Little Green Comparison Chart

ModelHoover Spotless Portable Carpet and Upholstery CleanerBissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner
PriceCheck at AmazonCheck at Amazon
TypePortable carpet and upholstery cleanerPortable carpet and upholstery cleaner
Power SourceCordedCorded
Motor Power3.5 amps3 amps
Cord Length14 ft.15 ft.
Hose Length5 ft.4 ft.
Water Tank Capacity36 oz.48 oz.
Dual Tank CapacityYesYes
Removable Water TankYesYes
Includes Hose CleaningYes, built-inYes, thru a self-cleaning hose tool
Weight< 9 lbs9.65 lbs


The more compact Hoover Spotless is great if you want something portable; but if you prioritize cleaning capacity, Bissell’s Little Green has the edge.

Hoover Spotless vs Bissell Little Green Design Comparison
Hoover’s carpet cleaner is easier to store than Bissell’s.

If we’re talking about portability, the sleek-looking Hoover Spotless has the edge. It’s a more compact device that weighs just under 9 lbs. Storing the cleaner is easy, too, because of its narrower profile. In contrast, the Bissell Little Green, with its bean-like design, comes in at 9.5 lbs.

While the weight difference seems negligible, Hoover’s carpet cleaner is more maneuverable, especially if its tanks are filled with water. But this is also where the Little Green has the advantage. As the larger device, it boasts a dual-tank system with a 48 oz. capacity. It’s a big advantage compared to the 36 oz. capacity of the Spotless. This also means refilling less frequently using the Bissell than cleaning with the Hoover.

Now, Hoover’s Spotless cleaner comes with a 14 ft. cord, while Bissell’s Little Green has a 15 ft. cord. However, the Little Green’s advantage here is canceled out. Hoover’s Spotless has a 5 ft. hose compared to the Little Green’s 4 ft. hose. Suffice to say, you’ll have no trouble reaching every corner of your home with these cleaners.

Finally, the Hoover Spotless comes in a grey and maroon finish. On the other hand, Bissell’s Little Green features avocado-green color โ€” just as its name suggests.

Cleaning Power

On paper, the Hoover Spotless is more powerful, but based on user reviews, the Bissell Little Green performs just as well.

Hoover Spotless vs Bissell Little Green Cleaning Power
Homeowners commend the strong suction and cleaning power of these carpet cleaners.

Looking at the specs, it’s clear Hoover’s Spotless has a more powerful 3.5 amp motor. While bigger, the Bissell Little Green’s motor is only rated at 3 amps. For day-to-day cleaning, Hoover’s suctioning advantage isn’t going to be as visible. Both devices do an excellent job lifting dirt, debris, and grease from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. But if you’re dealing with stubborn stains, then the Spotless may be a more practical purchase.

However, looking at the reviews, Hoover’s edge isn’t as noticeable. Little Green users have been “impressed by the Little Green’s performance, both on small jobs and slightly bigger tasks.” Several commend the Little Green’s suction power, too. Although it requires a few passes over more set-in stains and messes, it’s not any different from the Hoover Spotless. For portable cleaners, these two models exceed expectations.

Reviewers do mention that the Spotless cleaner noise level is acceptable and “almost similar to a regular vacuum.” It’s an observation not as commonly attributed to the Little Green.

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Features and Accessories

Both the Hoover Spotless and Bissell Little Green have ample features and accessories.

Hoover Spotless vs Bissell Little Green Features
Hoover’s cleaner comes with a built-in cleaning port (left); a look at the Little Green’s removable tank (right).

As the entry-level model for both brands, the Hoover Spotless and Bissell Little Green have modest features. You only get one cleaning tool out of the box for either cleaner. Hoover includes an antimicrobial Rubber Nub Tool with the Spotless cleaner. Bissell, on the other hand, equips the Little Green with a bristled, 3-inch Tough Stain Brush Tool.

Additional accessories are sold separately. For instance, Bissell offers a crevice tool for deep cleaning tight spaces. There’s also the Powered TurboBrush Hand Tool with a rotating brush, ideal for loosening stubborn dirt. Meanwhile, the Hoover Spotless is compatible with a few other attachments, including a 4-inch Upholstery Tool and its own 4-inch bristled cleaning head.

When it comes to cleaning the hose, Hoover has the advantage. The Spotless boasts a built-in cleaning port that flushes the dirt from the hose. In contrast, the Little Green’s HydroRinse Tool comes as an attachment.

Cleaning Formulas

Bissell’s cleaning formulas are more earth-friendly compared to Hoover’s.

Hoover Spotless vs Bissell Little Green Cleaning Formulas
Here’s a look at some of the cleaning formulas you can pair with Hoover and Bissell carpet cleaners.

Of course, these carpet cleaners are not complete without their cleaning solutions. Bissell includes a trial-size bottle of its Spot & Stain with Febreze Freshness formula. It’s a solution that helps remove stains and odors while being particularly effective for spot cleaning. According to Bissell, the Spot & Stain is an earth-friendly formula with biodegradable detergents.

If you’re buying the Hoover Spotless Cleaner, you’re getting a Paws & Claws Deep Clean & Neutralize formula. The mix uses enzymatic cleaning ingredients designed to break down pet stains. Thanks to its cotton breeze scent, cleaning with the Paws & Claws also deodorizes your carpets, rugs, or upholstery. However, Hoover’s formula comes with a Proposition 65 warning.


The Bissell Little Green is the better carpet cleaner for most. However, the Hoover Spotless is still a solid purchase for a more affordable price.

Choosing between the Hoover Spotless and Bissell Little Green can be challenging. Where one carpet cleaner excels, the other has the edge in a different feature. At the end of the day, their respective pros cancel each other’s cons.

However, given its impressive rating and best-selling status, the Little Green is still a more solid purchase. While it misses out on a built-in hose cleaning port, Bissell’s carpet cleaner has a considerable advantage in tank capacity. This means you can clean for longer between refills. Discerning consumers will also appreciate Bissell’s cleaning formulas which are kid and pet-safe.

Now, Hoover’s Spotless boasts a more powerful motor in a smaller profile. User reviews, however, seem to point out the extra amps aren’t that distinguishable from whatever the Bissell Little Green offers. Still, the Spotless is a great purchase, especially if you’re on a budget.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the difference between the Hoover Spotless and Bissell Little Green?

The Hoover Spotless has a more compact design than the Bissell Little Green. It also has a smaller tank capacity compared to Bissell’s carpet cleaner.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty of the Hoover Spotless carpet cleaner?

Hoover’s Spotless carpet cleaner comes with a two-year limited warranty.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are the Bissell Little Green’s water tanks removable?

Yes, the dual tanks on the Little Green are removable.

๐Ÿ“Œ How large is the trial-size formula included with the Bissell Little Green?

The Bissell’s Little Green comes with an 8 oz. trial size of its cleaning formula.

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