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Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody (2021): Which Ergonomic Chair Is Better Suited For Gaming?

Herman Miller has become a name synonymous with premium ergonomic chairs that promise the utmost comfort and support. Among its iconic ergonomic chairs are the Herman Miller Aeron and Herman Miller Embody Chair. While Herman Miller chairs are mostly spotted in corporate spaces, gamers who sit for extended periods will greatly benefit from their unparalleled ergonomic designs. As the Aeron and Embody Chair have significantly different prices and details, make sure to read our thorough comparison below so you can better decide which chair suits you better. 

Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody Ergonomic Chair Comparison Chart

ModelHerman Miller Aeron (Medium, Size B)Herman Miller Embody Chair
 Amazon product Amazon product 
PriceAmazon product Amazon product 
Special FeaturesAvailable in different sizes, lumbar support adjustmentBackfitβ„’ adjustment,  Armrest width adjustment
SizesSmall, Medium, LargeN/A
Dimensions (WDH)27” x 27” x 36.5″ to 41” 29.5” x 26.5” x 42″ to 45”
Seat Dimensions (WD)17” x 16.75” 21.25” x 15” to 18” 
Seat Height Adjustment Range 16” – 20.5”16” – 20.5”
Lockable Tilt PositionsUp to 34
Weight41 lbs51 lbs
Max Weight Capacity350 lbs300 lbs 
Arm Rest Separation 17″11.5″ to 21” 
Arm Rest Height Adjustment Range6.8″ to 10.8″6.5″ to 11.5″
Wheels2.5″ Standard  Carpet Casters2.5″ Standard  Carpet Casters
Seat MaterialPellicle 8Z suspensionPixelated Supportβ„’ textile
Color Options415
Warranty12 years12 years

Design and Build Quality

While they have very different designs, both the Aeron and Embody Chair are well-built and thoughtfully-designed 

A closer look at the Herman Miller Aeron (left) and Embody (right)

While the Herman Miller Aeron and Embody chairs may carry what may seem like sky-high prices for ergonomic chairs, they are designed to last for years and years, which makes them a worthy investment. What you’re really paying for is the expertise and the years of research it took the Michigan-based company to come up with ergonomic chairs that live up to their promise of comfort and posture support. Their designs aim to follow the natural curves of the back to significantly minimize, if not alleviate, lower back pains. 

The adjustment mechanisms of the Herman Miller Aeron and Embody Chair are intuitive and sturdy enough to withstand countless adjustments. Their standard carpet caster wheels work smoothly and glide easily on the carpeted floors as well. You can opt for hard floor casters, but that incurs an additional expense. Something worth mentioning is the Aeron’s max weight capacity is 350 lbs while the Embody’s is only 300 lbs. 

As you may have already noticed, the shape and seat materials of the Herman Miller Aeron and Embody are quite different (more on this in the next section). The Aeron has a wider back and a see-through mesh material while the Embody’s is thinner and its upholstery comes in more colors than what’s available with the Aeron. From charcoal to peacock, you can choose from 15 combinations of base and upholstery hues for the Embody. On the other hand, the Aeron only offers four variants to choose from. 

Comfort and Support 

Both the Herman Miller Aeron and Embody Chair are comfortable and provide ample lumbar support, but they have distinct support features 

Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody Chair (2)
The Aeron (left) is available in three sizes while the Embody (right) features Herman Miller’s patented Backfit adjustmentΒ 

Comfort and support can be tricky to evaluate as it highly depends on personal preferences. Certain factors like body type and desired working or gaming position can affect how the Herman Miller Aeron and the Embody will feel for you. With that said, their distinct features may draw certain users to one over the other.

Made with 8Z Pellicle suspension mesh material, the Aeron’s seat and backrest are breathable, but they don’t feel as flexible as the Embody’s. The Embody’s Pixelated Support upholstery adjusts to your every movement and, as Herman Miller puts it, gives you a “sense that you are floating” while you’re seated. Its four-layer seat contributes to that feeling as well. Unlike the Embody, the Aeron is not as flexible, as its mesh material is supported by thick frames. To ensure people with different body types can comfortably sit on an Aeron despite its rigid frames, Herman Miller offers three sizes for this model: small (size a), medium (size b), and large (size c). 

The backrest of the Herman Miller Aeron and Embody are noticeably different. Apart from their width, their lumbar support capabilities vary as well. Sporting a wider backrest, the Aeron is equipped with a manually-adjusted PostureFit for that much-needed spinal and pelvic support. In contrast, the Embody cannot be adjusted manually as its flexible ribs on the back (see left photo above) automatically adapt to your body type, weight, and movements. Thanks to Herman Miller’s Backfit technology, the Embody can provide consistent support no matter your sitting position. 

Ergonomic Adjustments

The Herman Miller Aeron offers up to three lockable positions while the Embody has four; the Embody’s armrest distance can be adjusted 

Herman Miller Embody Armrest
Change the armrest width settings on the Embody (in photo) to find the most comfortable position for your arms

Despite the lack of size options, the Herman Miller Embody can still cater to different body types and sizes through its array of adjustment mechanisms. The armrest height on the Aeron and the Embody can be changed, but only the Embody allows adjustments of the distance between the armrests. As mentioned earlier, the Aeron offers lumbar support adjustments but, unlike the Embody, it doesn’t allow back angle and seat depth modifications. It’s remarkable how the Embody maintains back support even when you’re moving forward from a reclined position. 

Both the Herman Miller Aeron and Embody can be tilted and have three and four lockable positions, respectively. Only the Aeron features a forward tilt for instances where you need to move closer to what you’re working on. Just like standard chairs, both the Aeron and Embody let you adjust their seat height and tilt lock as well. 


The Herman Miller Aeron provides overall better value for your money, although gamers will enjoy the armrest modifications and consistent spinal support that the Embody offers

Amazon product

Whether you choose the Herman Miller Aeron or the Herman Miller Embody, you’ll get premium features and top-quality materials with either ergonomic chair. Sure, they may not look like your typical gaming chair, but the Herman Miller ergonomics and comfort are hard to beat. While the Herman Miller Aeron has a slightly lower price tag, the Embody’s adjustable armrest width is something gamers might need for better wrist and arm support while gaming. Its Backfit adjustment also ensures your back is well-supported all the time without having to worry about adjusting the backrest every time you move.

If cost is no object, the Embody is undoubtedly a worthy purchase. However, should you need to stay within a certain budget, the Aeron is still an excellent alternative. It may not be as “health-positive,” as Herman Miller puts it, as the Embody, but it still provides the lumbar support that can be adjusted to your body and posture. At the end of the day, that’s the crucial reason why most people decide on purchasing a Herman Miller in the first place.  


πŸ“Œ Which is better Aeron or Embody?

It really depends on what you want in your chair. If you want better ergonomics but at a higher price, the Embody is the better choice. However, if budget is your primary concern, you should consider the Aeron.

πŸ“Œ Is Herman Miller Embody worth it?

Yes, features such as the adjustable armrest as well as the Backfit adjustment are worth the money for better posture and support.

πŸ“Œ Are Herman Miller chairs comfortable?

Herman Miller chairs are comfortable as well as ergonomic. Those are some of the reasons why people are buying them even though they are expensive.

πŸ“Œ What makes Herman Miller so good?

Herman Miller chairs are very high quality products that use premium materials in their design and manufacturing. You get what you pay for when you buy Herman Miller chairs, and that is quality and durable chairs.

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