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Herman Miller Aeron Size B vs C (2021): Should You Get the Medium or Large Aeron Chair?

Whether you intend to use the Herman Miller Aeron for gaming or working from home, it is imperative that you choose the size that perfectly fits your size and weight. This ensures that you can maximize the benefits of the Aeron’s exceptional ergonomic design. The Herman Miller Aeron is available in three sizes: size a, b, and c (small, medium, and large). Size A (small) best fits those with a petite or slimmer profile, but choosing between the Herman Miller Aeron Size B and Size C can be tricky as they are suited for a wide range of users. Keep reading our guide below so you can choose the right size for you.

Herman Miller Aeron Size B vs C Comparison Chart

ModelHerman Miller Aeron Size B (Medium)Herman Miller Aeron Size C (Large)
 Amazon product Amazon product 
PriceAmazon product Amazon product 
Best ForUsers that weight from 125 to 325 lbsUsers that weigh from 295 to 350 lbs
Backrest Width27″ 28.25″ 
Height35.9″ to 43.2″37.9″ to 45.4″
Seat Depth17″ 18.5″ 
Seat Height Adjustment Range 14.8″ to 22.8″ 15.8″ to 22.8″
Max Recommended HeightUp to 1.95 m tall (Up to 6′ 4″)Up to 2m tall (Up to 6′ 6″)
Max Recommended WeightUp to 147 kg (325 lbs)Up to 159 kg (350 lbs)
Arm Height Adjustment Range7.5″ to 11.5″7.5″ to 11.5″
Wheels2.5″ Standard  Carpet Casters2.5″ Standard  Carpet Casters
Color OptionsCarbon/Satin, Graphite/Graphite, Mineral/Satin Aluminum/Satin Aluminum, Mineral/Satin Aluminum/Dark MineralCarbon/Satin, Graphite/Graphite, Mineral/Satin Aluminum/Satin Aluminum, Mineral/Satin Aluminum/Dark Mineral
Warranty12 years12 years


The Herman Miller Size B (medium) can fit average to tall users while the Size C (large) is best for taller and slightly heavier users

herman miller aeron size b vs c (1)
Here’s how the difference between the Aeron Size A, B, and C looks like at a glance

Thanks to its different sizes, the Herman Miller Aeron can cater to a variety of body types to better provide the posture and lumbar support that users need. The Aeron chairs are designed so that when you’re sitting, your body is positioned in an optimal way to best support the spine and hips. Choosing the wrong size for your height and weight may defeat the Aeron’s purpose. 

The Aeron Size B casts the widest net among the three sizes as it can fit more body types than size A and size C. In a nutshell, if you’re tall but tend to be on the lighter side, size B will most likely fit you best. Size B is good for users who weigh 125lbs to 325lbs, while size C is better for those who weigh 295 to 350 lbs. Another quick way to figure out whether to get size B or C is to compare your shoulder width to their backrest’s width. The Aeron Size B’s backrest measures 27″ wide while size C measures 28.25″. 

For a more detailed guide, refer to Herman Miller’s size-fit reference guide to better help you choose between the Aeron size B and C. 

Herman Miller Aeron Size b vs c size chart
Credit: Herman Miller

Design and Comfort

The remastered Herman Miller Aeron features a PostureFit SL design and 8Z Pellicle suspension mesh material

Design and Comfort
The Herman Miller Aeron in Mineral/Satin Aluminum

Whichever size you decide to get, you’ll get the same Aeron design and build quality. This iconic ergonomic chair was remastered and the result is its PostureFit SL design and 8Z Pellicle mesh that work together to deliver comfort and posture support. The Aeron’s curves, from its backrest to its seat, are aimed at providing hip and lumbar support to mitigate back pains. Its mesh material is breathable and keeps you cool even when seated for extended periods. In addition, its armrests are plush and well-cushioned. 

The Aeron is equipped with five sets of dual wheel casters that glide smoothly on floors. It’s typically installed with standard caster wheels that work best on carpets, but they can be configured to be installed with the ones for hard floors as well. Apart from its unrivaled ergonomic features, what makes the Herman Miller Aeron worth every penny is its durability. The Aeron, which comes in four color schemes, is built to withstand years of heavy use. 

Ergonomic Adjustments 

The Herman Miller Aeron features adjustable lumbar support and three lockable positions

herman miller aeron size b vs c (3)
The Aeron’s mechanisms are well-built and user-friendly

Both the Herman Miller Aeron Size B and C offer the same ergonomic adjustments. Among its most notable adjustment features that are not available in your run-of-the-mill chair are the lumbar support and forward tilt angle. You can modify the lumbar support angle to suit your posture and body type. The Aeron further has three lockable positions, including the rear and forward tilt. Its forward tilt position comes in handy when you want to lean closer to your desk. 

The arm height adjustment range of the Herman Miller Aeron Size B and C are the same: 7.5 to 11.5 inches. Where they differ is in their seat height adjustment range, which is something to consider when choosing between the two. The Aeron Size B’s seat height ranges from 14.8 inches to 22.8 inches from the ground. Meanwhile, the Aeron Size C’s seat height starts at 15.8 inches and its highest seat configuration is also at 22.8 inches. 


Light to average users should go for the Herman Miller Aeron Size B while those who are taller and on the heavier side will appreciate the extra room with the Aeron Size C

Amazon product

While the Herman Miller Aeron Size B fits more body types than size C, it’s still important to think your decision through, as choosing the correct size can make a world of difference in terms of comfort. If you’re taller and heavier, it might be safer to go for the Aeron Size C as its extra room may provide better comfort for your body type. Size B may feel too restrictive for those with wider shoulders and hips as well. However, if you’re on the lighter side, the Aeron Size B will most likely fit better. 

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