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Hatch Plus vs Hatch Baby Rest (2021): Which Smart Sound Machine Is Better?

The Hatch Baby Rest or Hatch Rest is one of those things you never knew you needed until you had it. For parents, the combination of a sound machine, night light, and alarm is surprisingly easy to use and practical. So it’s no wonder why Hatch is putting out a follow-up to its beloved all-in-one device. The Hatch Rest Plus or Hatch Plus brings all these features back while also adding a couple more. With these new functionalities, is the Plus version worth the extra dollars? Or is the original Baby Rest still worth getting? We review the Hatch Baby Rest vs Rest Plus based on their design, features, and performance to find out.

Hatch Plus vs Hatch Baby Rest Comparison Chart

ModelHatch Baby Rest+Hatch Baby Rest
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Sound MachineYesYes
Night LightYesYes
Audio MonitorYesNo
Alexa CompatibilityYesNo
Mobile AppYesYes
Available Sounds11 sounds11 sounds
Preset Lights1010
Dimensions4 x 4 x 6.5 in4 x 4 x 6.25 in
Weight14.5 oz13 oz.


Both the Hatch Baby Rest Plus and Hatch Baby Rest are modern and well-designed devices.

Hatch Baby Rest+ vs Rest Design Comparison
A closer look shows the clock on the Hatch Plus (left) as opposed to a logo on the Hatch Rest (right).

The Hatch Baby Rest Plus largely follows the design of the original Hatch Baby Rest. You’re still getting a cylindrical-shaped device โ€” wider at the bottom than on the top โ€” that resembles today’s sleek wireless speakers.

Because of this restrained and modern aesthetic, both the Hatch Plus and Hatch Baby Rest are less likely to be outgrown by your child. If you’re not a fan of the white colors, you can get coverlets for both the Hatch Plus and Hatch Rest. Users can choose from 12 colors and patterns, with each variant coming in a set of three.

The modern look of these sound machines means they will suit any space, too. Whether it’s the nursery or the master’s bedroom, the Hatch Plus and Hatch Rest blend with your home’s interior. A noticeable difference between the two, however, is their size. The Hatch Plus is slightly taller than the original Hatch Rest. There’s also an LED clock on the Hatch Plus base where a logo occupies the space on the Hatch Rest.

On top of the sound machines, you’ll find the touch ring and speaker grill. However, the back of the Hatch Rest presents a seamless surface, except for a carved wedge on the base for the power cable port. Meanwhile, all the controls are hidden underneath the device. With the Hatch Plus, the volume and brightness toggles are on the base, opposite where the clock is located. The sound control is also gone, with playing, pausing, and skipping tracks carried out by touch gestures or through the Hatch app instead.


The Hatch Plus is packed with more features compared to the Hatch Rest.

Hatch Baby Rest+ vs Rest Features
Hatch’s sound machines are intuitive enough for adults and kids alike.

As expected from a “plus” model, the Hatch Plus does offer a couple more features over the Hatch Rest. Like on the original device, you’re getting a sound machine, night light, and alarm that’s branded as time-to-rise. You still get all three functions on the Hatch Plus but also an LED clock, two-way audio monitor, and Alexa compatibility.

Now the new features on the Hatch Plus are not groundbreaking on their own. Two-way audio baby monitors have long been a staple among parents, along with wearable monitoring tech like the Owlet smart sock. However, combining these practical features in a device already heralded for its functionality makes the Hatch Plus even sensible. Moreover, incorporating the ability to control the sound machine with Alexa ensures the Hatch Plus is a little more future-proof.

In any case, the Hatch Plus and Hatch Rest are the same when it comes to three core functions. Regardless of the model you buy, you still get 11 preset sounds. Users can also choose from 10 preset night lights or customize the color emitted using the in-app color wheel control. With the music and lights, you can set up a series of alarms, too, to help your kids learn routines or wake-up schedules.

Sound Quality and Tracks

Hatch’s Baby Rest Plus offers a slightly better sound quality than the original Baby Rest.

Hatch Baby Rest+ vs Rest Sound Quality
Parents vouch for the Hatch Plus and Hatch Rest’s white noise for helping their kids get to sleep on time.

For their respective price tags, the Hatch Plus and Hatch Rest are actually excellent speakers. No, these are not a discerning audiophile’s dream device. However, the sound machines are still capable of producing crisp and clear audio. The Hatch Plus does sound better and louder than the Hatch Rest, if you’re particular about sound quality. It’s an important refinement now that the Plus comes with a two-way audio monitor for listening and talking to your child.

As mentioned in the features, you will get 11 preset soundscapes โ€” 6 nature sounds, a white noise mode, and 3 classic lullabies. Some of the soothing nature sounds include rain, wind, ocean waves and even water streams. Parents also swear by the Hatch Plus and Rest’s white noise to help babies sleep.

One of the few gripes is that the tracks do sound a bit synthetic. In addition, you cannot upload your own audio or MP3 files to use.

Smart Features

Unlike the Hatch Rest, the Hatch Plus includes Alexa support for hands-free voice control.

Hatch Baby Rest+ vs Rest Smart Features
Parents can program sleep schedules and adjust volume and brightness levels via the Hatch Sleep app.

Like many of today’s smart speakers, the Hatch Plus and Hatch Baby Rest connect with a mobile app. Called Hatch Sleep, the platform allows users to control the sound machines and manage device settings. For instance, parents can select or change tracks remotely. They can also adjust the Hatch Plus and the Hatch Baby Rest volume anytime and anywhere. The app even allows users to adjust the night light’s brightness, and on the Hatch Plus, the clock’s too.

Using the companion app, you can also create custom schedules. Parents can set nap times, bedtimes, and wake-up times with the accompanying sound and brightness levels. These are all convenient features that should save users time and effort.

Of course, the big addition to the Hatch Plus is support for Alexa. Since parents may not always be on their phones, hand-free control is a practical feature to have. What’s great is that the Alexa voice commands for the Hatch Plus parallel the controls on Hatch Sleep. This means you can ask Alexa to change the volume, brightness, color, and track of your device.


The Hatch Baby Rest Plus is a more complete device compared to the Hatch Baby Rest.

Amazon product

If it’s your first time getting a sound machine, then the Hatch Baby Rest Plus or Hatch Plus is the way to go. The Hatch Plus is a more complete device that incorporates audio monitoring functionality โ€” a feature that will prove useful to many parents. Thoughtful additions like an LED clock and Alexa support make the Hatch Plus a practical and future-proof purchase as well.

These new features, however, come at a cost. So if you’re on a budget, then the original Hatch Baby Rest might be a better draw. The Hatch Rest still comes with three core functions: night light, sound machine, and alarm. Plus, you get the same number of preset soundscapes and light options as in the Hatch Plus โ€” all for up to $30 in savings. If you can live without Alexa or already have existing baby audio monitors, then the Hatch Rest is a great budget alternative.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is the difference between Hatch and Hatch Plus?

The Hatch Plus introduces three new features to the Baby Rest lineup. The Hatch Plus adds an LED clock, two-way audio monitor, and support for Alexa. It’s also slightly taller than the regular Hatch Baby Rest in terms of design.

๐Ÿ“Œ Why does my Hatch Rest keep turning off?

The Hatch Rest requires to be plugged in via a power cord. Based on user feedback, the cord is shorter than usual and can be pulled from the socket, leading to the Hatch Rest’s offline status.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty on the Hatch Baby Rest Plus?

The Hatch Baby Rest Plus comes with a 1-year product warranty.

๐Ÿ“Œ Do you need the Hatch Sleep app to control the Hatch Plus?

Yes, the Hatch Sleep app is necessary for setting up the Hatch Plus device. To access features like two-way audio monitoring and custom sleep programs, you’ll have to use the app as well. Once your Hatch Plus is set up, however, you will get limited on-device controls like adjusting volume or brightness.

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