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GreenPan vs GreenLife (2021): Which Ceramic Cookware Set Is Better?

Traditional non-stick cookware has been under scrutiny in recent years because of toxins that can be released by pots and pans at high temperatures. So if you’re looking for a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative, chances are you’ve heard of GreenPan and GreenLife. Despite having similar-sounding names and comparable product lineups, the respective brands have enough differences between them to make you choose one over the other. Nonetheless, their ceramic cookware sets remain the face of both companies.

In this article, we compare GreenPan and GreenLife’s top-rated ceramic cookware sets and see which is a better addition to your kitchen.

GreenPan vs GreenLife Comparison Chart

Top Rated Set Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Best Known ForCeramic cookware setsCeramic cookware sets
PFAS FreeYesYes
PFOA FreeYesYes
Lead and Cadmium FreeYesYes
HandleOven safe stainless steelSoft grip Bakelite handle
Oven SafeUp to 600ºFUp to 350ºF
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
Color VariantsLimitedMultiple
CompatibilityAll stovetopsAll stovetops
WarrantyLimited lifetime (pans), 2 year (non-stick coating)Limited lifetime (pans), 2 year (non-stick coating)

Design and Construction

Both GreenPan and GreenLife ceramic cookware sets boast a durable design and sustainable construction method.

Here’s a closer look at GreenPan’s special induction base (left) and GreenLife’s bakelite handles (right)

GreenPan and GreenLife are often confused for each other. Aside from their resemblant names, the cookware brands offer a range of ceramic pots and pans, too. GreenLife’s cookware lineup, however, tends to stand out a little more thanks to its eye-catching design and vivid colors. GreenPan’s cookware sets, on the other hand, follow a sleeker albeit more traditional aesthetic.


Although GreenPan’s cookware sets are available in different models and collections, they share many of the same construction technologies. First, GreenPan’s ceramic pots and pans are made of a proprietary material called Thermolon Minerals Pro. This enhanced non-stick coating is reinforced with diamond layers for improved scratch-resistance. GreenPan also boasts that Thermolon produces 60% less CO2 emissions during its curing phase.

For added durability, GreenPan makes use of a hard-anodized material in the construction of their cookware. The company shares that this heavy-duty aluminum is scratch-resistant, too, and makes for even heat distribution. Meanwhile, the handles on the ceramic cookware sets are typically made of stainless steel. Some collections, however, feature Bakelite handles for a more comfortable grip. Most of GreenPan’s ceramic cookware sets are available in grey, black, and silver. Only the Rio collection sports a Turquoise color.


Just like GreenPan, GreenLife also claims its ceramic cookware sets create 60% less CO2 emissions during the curing stage. The company manufactures the wares in factories that source 30% of their energy from solar panels. If that’s not eco-friendly enough, you’ll be pleased to know GreenLife pans are typically made from recycled aluminum, too. Recycled doesn’t mean less durable either. GreenLife’s ceramic cookware comes with sturdy, forged bases to prevent warping.

The pans are also made from Thermolon, which fair well against scratches. Unlike GreenPan, however, most of GreenLife’s ceramic cookware collections sport Bakelite handles. You can get stainless steel options, too, but they are limited compared to the Soft Grip lineup. Nonetheless, GreenLife holds the advantage when it comes to color variants. Its ceramic cookware sets are available in vivid colors like blue, yellow, pink, turquoise, and lavender.

Cookware Sets

For users buying sets, get the GreenPan Valencia Pro 11-piece collection or the GreenLife Soft Grip 16-piece set.

The Valencia Pro 11-piece set versus the Soft Grip 16-piece set in blue.

There are several cookware sets to choose from both GreenPan and GreenLife. The latter, however, offers more variety. GreenLife’s ceramic pots and pans are available in five categories — Soft Grip, Soft Grip Pro, Induction, Classic Pro, and Minis. These sets not only vary in size but also the materials used for the handles and cooking surfaces.

The GreenLife Soft Grip 16-piece collection is arguably the brand’s most popular. As its name suggests, this ceramic cookware set features the soft grip Bakelite handle. The collection includes a 4-inch mini frying pan, 7- and 9.5-inch frying pans, 1-quart and 2-quart saucepans with lids, and a 5-quart stockpot with a lid. You also get a 2.5 quart sauté pan with lid, a 7-inch stainless steel steamer, and 4 multi-purpose nylon cooking utensils. An induction-compatible variant is also available but without the 4-inch frying pan.

Meanwhile, GreenPan’s most recommended set would be the Valencia Pro Ceramic Cookware collection. It’s available in 4-piece and 16-piece sets, but it’s the 11-piece bundle that’s the best-seller. The Valencia Pro 11-piece collection includes an 8-, 9.5-, and 11-inch fry pan, as well as 1.65-quart and 3.25-quart saucepans with lids. The company also adds a 5.4-quart stockpot, 3.25-quart sauté pan, and an 11-inch round grill pan, all with lids. As a bonus, you get three pan protectors, too.


GreenPan’s ceramic cookware offers better heat resistance while GreenLife’s easier to handle and use.

These ceramic cookwares make for reliable cooking.

Regardless of your pan’s color or the number of items included in your set, what truly matters is cooking performance. In this aspect, GreenPan and GreenLife are often neck and neck. The cookware sets from these two companies use Thermolon to ensure nothing sticks on your wares. It certainly makes for easy and reliable handling of food like browning ground meat, preparing stews, or sautéing vegetables. Plus, the glass lids allow for convenient monitoring of your food as well.

The exterior aluminum utilized by GreenPan, however, offers slightly better heat conduction. So if you want to heat your pan fast, even under low or medium heat settings, then GreenPan will have an edge. GreenLife fares a little better when it comes to comfort, though. The Bakelite handles stay cool even as you cook and feature an ergonomic design for a snug grip. In the case of GreenPan, the wares are typically heavier, and the stainless steel handles — although secure — require a little more effort to grasp.

With a plastic handle like Bakelite, however, you are trading heat resistance with comfort. GreenLife’s soft-grip cookware sets are oven safe up to only 350º F. GreenPan’s ceramic cookware, on the other hand, are typically heat resistant up to 600º F. Keep in mind that GreenLife’s ceramic cookware sets are by default incompatible with induction stovetops. As mentioned in the cookware sets section, an induction-friendly variant is sold separately. In contrast, GreenPan wares are compatible with all kinds of stovetops.

Care and Maintenance

GreenPan and GreenLife ceramic cookware sets are remarkably durable but also easy to care for.

Both GreenPan and GreenLife cookware are dishwasher safe.

The ceramic coating used in both GreenPan and GreenLife cookware lends itself to easy cleanup. Because it’s non-stick, wiping the surfaces can be a breeze. Both GreenPan and GreenLife cookware sets are also dishwasher-safe. Nonetheless, hand-washing with a nonabrasive sponge and cloth is still preferred.

Although both companies claim that their wares are safe to use with metal utensils, wood, bamboo, or even silicone tools are still the way to go. GreenPan and GreenLife are confident in the scratch-resistance of their pots and pans. However, damage to cookware is more often than not due to user error. But as is standard, you will get care instructions with your cookware sets.

GreenPan and GreenLife offer limited lifetime warranties on their pans, with a separate two (2) year warranty for their non-stick coating. When it comes to pricing, both brands are slightly more affordable compared to premium brands like ScanPan. But against each other, GreenPan cookware sets will be more expensive across the board.


Both GreenPan and GreenLife are solid non-toxic alternatives to traditional non-stick cookware. GreenPan ceramic cookware sets, however, are more expensive than GreenLife.

Amazon product

GreenPan has truly made a name for itself thanks to its expertise in cookware. The brand’s Venice Pro 11-Piece set largely characterizes the features and benefits you get from their wares. These are premium-grade pots and pans with durable construction. They also boast impressive heat conduction while coming in sleek and modern designs. But if an 11-piece set sounds like an intimidating purchase, we recommend trying out the GreenPan Chatham 2-piece frypan set instead.

For those on a budget, GreenLife’s line is a convincing alternative to the GreenPan. It takes a quirkier approach to design, with its penchant for vivid colors and Bakelite handles. But they’re surprisingly easy to use and offer a commendable non-stick cooking experience as well. The GreenLife 16-piece set is a favorite among most buyers. But you can’t go wrong with the 2-piece bundles and slightly cheaper 14-piece sets, too.


📌 Can I purchase GreenPan and GreenLife cookware as individual pieces?

Yes, GreenPan and GreenLife cookware can be purchased as individual pieces. For GreenPan, the Valencia Pro 12″ Fry Pan is a great start to owning wares from the brand. Similarly, GreenLife’s Soft Grip 12″ Fry Pan is a favorite solo purchase among consumers.

📌 What’s the difference between GreenPan and GreenLife?

GreenPan cookware typically makes use of hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel handles. In contrast, GreenLife pans employ recycled aluminum and will usually sport a Bakelite handle. GreenPan cookware is more expensive than GreenLife.

📌 Aside from cookware, does GreenLife sell other products?

GreenLife is popular not only for its cookware sets but also for its colorful bakeware, accessories, utensils, and kitchen appliances.

📌 How does GreenPan cookware achieve its excellent heat conduction?

GreenPan’s ceramic cookware usually features a proprietary Magneto Induction Base for efficient induction.

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