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Glorious GMMK vs GMMK PRO (2022): Comparing Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

At their core, the Glorious GMMK and Glorious GMMK PRO are similar in that they’re both wired, modular and mechanical keyboards for gaming. That said, the “PRO” moniker is more than just a fancy tag to make it seem more premium.

Put simply, the GMMK features preinstalled switches and keycaps and a full-size layout. On the other hand, the GMMK PRO is compact and barebones (i.e., no switches nor keycaps out of the box), and even though it has fewer keys, it does have a rotary knob. Needless to say, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Glorious GMMK vs GMMK PRO Comparison Chart

ModelGlorious GMMKGlorious GMMK PRO
 Glorious GMMK vs GMMK PROGlorious GMMK vs GMMK PRO
PriceCheck Price at GloriousGaming.comCheck Price at GloriousGaming.com
Keyboard SizeFull-sizeCompact (75 percent layout)
Included SwitchesGateron BrownNone
Programmable KnobNoYes
Chassis MaterialPlastic, metal top plateAluminum
ConnectivityWired, USB 2.0, non-detachableWired, USB-C 2.0 (USB-C to USB-A cable), detachable
Polling Rate1000HzAdjustable, up to 1000Hz
SoftwareGMMK KeyboardGlorious Core
Typing Angle3 or 8 degrees6 degrees
BacklightingYes, adjustable RGBYes, adjustable RGB
Dimensions (L x W x H)17.3″ x 5.1″ x 1.4″13.07″ x 5.31″ x 1.25″
ColorsBlack, WhiteBlack Slate, White Ice

Layout and Size

The Glorious GMMK PRO has a smaller form factor than the GMMK.

Glorious GMMK vs GMMK PRO Layout and Size
The Glorious GMMK PRO (in photo) is barebones, meaning it doesn’t come with switches and keycaps.

As noted, the Glorious GMMK modular mechanical gaming keyboard comes prebuilt with Gateron Brown switches and keycaps. However, it should be noted that you can easily swap them out anytime, and since it’s hot-swappable, soldering isn’t required. In contrast, the Glorious GMMK PRO is barebones, so you’ll have to separately purchase switches and keycaps for it. If nothing else, it’s not as readily usable.

Whereas the GMMK is a full-size keyboard complete with a numpad, the GMMK PRO is compact. In other words, the latter has a 75 percent keyboard layout. One advantage to that is it won’t take up as much space on your desk, measuring only 13.07 inches in length, 5.31 inches in width and 1.25 inches in height. That’s as opposed to 17.3 inches, 5.1 inches and 1.4 inches, respectively.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that there are the Glorious GMMK Compact and Glorious GMMK TKL, which are basically smaller-sized variants of the standard model. By the same token, they have fewer keys too. Notably, the former doesn’t have arrow keys, while the latter only took the numpad out of the picture.

Performance and Switches

The Glorious GMMK PRO has lower latency than the GMMK.

Glorious GMMK vs GMMK PRO Performance and Switches
The Glorious GMMK (in photo) comes with Gateron Brown switches preinstalled.

It goes without saying that the GMMK and its Gateron Brown switches make for a tactile typing experience. Also, it isn’t fatiguing to use for long periods with its relatively lower actuation force. Despite that, you likely won’t have to worry about typos, as the keys are spaced out well. On top of that, it doesn’t feel cramped at all, and it can be set at two typing angles: three or eight degrees.

As mentioned earlier, the GMMK PRO doesn’t come with switches or keycaps, so performance will depend on which ones you get. Glorious offers a lot of options, including Lynx and Panda, as well as Kailh and Gateron switches that are available in different colors with varying feels and behaviors. Take note it doesn’t come with a wrist rest, and it has a fixed six-degree typing angle, which may get uncomfortable after a few hours for some folks.

Both use a wired connection. While that typically makes for low latency, that isn’t the case with the GMMK. On normal usage, it isn’t noticeable, but it isn’t suitable for fast-paced games in the rhythm genre or first-person shooters. Meanwhile, the GMMK PRO can offer a lower latency when adjusted via its companion app (more on that later). Speaking of, its polling rate is also adjustable up to 1000Hz, and for the record, its cable is detachable from the keyboard end as well.

Last but not least, the GMMK PRO has a clickable and programmable rotary knob in the upper-right corner, which is used for media and volume control by default.

Other Features and Software

The Glorious GMMK’s and GMMK PRO’s apps don’t play nicely with macOS or Linux.

Glorious GMMK vs GMMK PRO Other Features and Software
A look at the user interface of the Glorious Core.

The GMMK is backed by the aptly named GMMK Keyboard software, while the GMMK PRO uses Glorious Core. Obviously, they have distinct interfaces, but in terms of functionality, they’re pretty much the same. You can set key bindings and macros and adjust their backlighting, but only the latter allows you to adjust input latency with three options: 2ms, 8ms or 16ms.

These keyboards can store up to three profiles, owing to their built-in memory. That means there’s no need to keep an app running unlike with other counterparts, such as the Razer Pro Type. However, the GMMK PRO can technically remember up to nine different settings, as each profile can have three layers in total. 

From the look of things, both are primarily made for Windows users. Sure, they’ll work on macOS and Linux, but their function will be limited, as their apps aren’t compatible with those platforms. One workaround is to save your settings on the keyboards using a Windows machine first before moving to a Mac or Linux device.

Click here for our comparison between the Razer Pro Type and Pro Type Ultra.


When it comes to performance and features, the Glorious GMMK PRO takes the cake over the GMMK.

To sum things up, the Glorious GMMK is a full-size keyboard with preinstalled Gateron Brown switches, and the Glorious GMMK Pro is a compact and barebones keyboard, which entails separately purchasing switches and keycaps.

All in all, the GMMK PRO is objectively better. It features a programmable rotary knob and adjustable latency and polling rate, as well as a detachable cable. Still, the GMMK has its charm. After all, it’s also a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, not to mention that it can be used right from the get-go. Moreover, it offers two typing angles to boot, unlike the PRO model.


📌 What’s the difference between the Glorious GMMK and GMMK PRO?

The Glorious GMMK has a full-size layout with Gateron Brown switches preinstalled, while the Glorious GMMK PRO is compact and barebones (comes without keycaps or switches) with a clickable and programmable rotary knob. Both are hot-swappable, which means there’s no need for soldering.

📌 Is the Glorious GMMK PRO worth it for gaming?

Yes, the Glorious GMMK PRO is good for gaming, as it can deliver low latency when adjusted correctly on its app. In addition, it fits the part aesthetically with its RGB backlighting.

📌 Does the Glorious GMMK PRO require soldering?

No, the Glorious GMMK PRO is hot-swappable, so soldering isn’t required.

📌 How heavy is the Glorious GMMK PRO?

The Glorious GMMK PRO weighs 3.3 lbs, excluding switches and keycaps.

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