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GhostBed vs Nectar (2022): Which Flagship Mattress Should You Buy?

GhostBed and Nectar are two of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattress brands today. But while both offer all-foam mattresses, GhostBed is best known for its firmer and more responsive beds. On the other hand, Nectar has built a reputation for the cradling qualities of its beds. But how else are their mattresses different? Below, we compare their flagship offerings โ€” the GhostBed Classic and the Nectar Mattress โ€” to help you decide.

GhostBed vs Nectar Comparison Chart

Flagship ModelGhostBed ClassicNectar Mattress
Standout FeatureIntegrated aerated latex layerPremium all-foam mattresses
Firmness LevelMedium to Medium FirmMedium Firm
Mattress ModelsClassic
Venus Williams Legend
3D Matrix
Nectar Premier
Nectar Premier Copper
Available SizesTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split KingTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King
Sleep Trial101 Night Trial356 Night Trial
Free PillowsNoYes
Free SheetsNoYes
Free Mattress ProtectorNoYes
Warranty20 to 25 yearsForever Warranty
ShippingFree shipping to the contiguous USFree shipping to the contiguous US
ReturnsFree returns in the contiguous US; no returns for Alaska and HawaiiFree returns in the contiguous US

Company Overview

GhostBed and Nectar enjoy solid reputations for their mattresses.

GhostBed vs Nectar
Both bed-in-a-box mattress brands are known for their award-winning products

GhostBed was launched in 2015 by its parent company, Nature’s Sleep. Since then, the brand has established a loyal following of customers who vouch for the company’s mattresses. Its catalog has also expanded to seven product offerings, including co-branded models. Nonetheless, the flagship GhostBed mattress remains its best seller.

Unlike Nature Sleep, GhostBed combines memory foam and a latex layer to create responsive and cooling mattresses. These beds typically cost less, too. As for warranty, the company covers its products with 20 to 25 years of assurance. Free shipping and returns are available but limited to the 48 contiguous states.

In contrast, Nectar Sleep focuses on all-foam mattresses made from flexible memory foam. It has a modest lineup of three beds known for its excellent cushioning quality. Like GhostBed, Nectar Sleep enjoys high ratings from customers who like the brand’s competitive pricing.

Nectar’s original mattress is still its most popular. However, its Nectar Premier variants have also gained attention, primarily for their unique gel-infused memory foam layer with cooling properties. The brand also offers free shipping and returns to the contiguous US. Plus, purchases are typically accompanied by freebies.

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Mattress Design and Construction

GhostBed and Nectar combine different foam layers to deliver their unique sleeping experience.

GhostBed vs Nectar Mattress Design and Construction
Here’s a look at the different layers used by the GhostBed Classic (right) and Nectar Mattress (left)

The GhostBed Classic is 11 inches tall and features four layers. For its base, the mattress uses a 7.5-inch high-density foam to support all the layers above it. On the other hand, the cover is crafted from a blend of viscose and polyester. According to GhostBed, this makes the layer plush while also remaining breathable.

Between the base and cover is the GhostBed’s Cool Comfort level. Here, a two-inch gel memory foam is combined with a 1.5-inch latex layer. The latter is synthetic, but GhostBed shares that it’s free from harmful chemicals. It’s also aerated to encourage airflow. Meanwhile, the gel memory foam is designed to give contouring and a springy feel.

At 12 inches tall, Nectar’s original mattress is thicker than GhostBed’s Classic. It’s also advertised as having five layers, although the company includes the breathable lower cover in the count. At the top is a quilted cooling cover made from custom-milled Tencel fabric. Nectar says this helps wick heat from a sleeper’s body. The material is also a sustainable resource.

If we’re just talking about foam, the Nectar Mattress is only made of three. First, you get a 6-inch stability base layer made of conventional foam. Next is a gel-infused memory foam below the cover for pressure relief. Right below this layer, Nectar opts for a 4-inch convoluted premium foam in split layers that gives the mattress rebound and bounce.

Firmness and Comfort

The GhostBed Classic is firmer and offers more support, while the Nectar Mattress is softer and delivers sinkage and better pressure relief.

GhostBed vs Nectar Firmness and Comfort
Back sleepers will like the proper alignment they get from the GhostBed Classic (right); Nectar’s mattress relies on its quilted cooling cover to minimize the foam layers from trapping heat (left)

GhostBed’s Classic mattress delivers a medium-firm feel ranging between 7.5 to 8. This makes it one of the firmer beds on the market. Meanwhile, the Nectar Mattress comes in at around 6.5, which tells you it offers more comfort than support. This makes it ideal for side sleepers who need their hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress.

For back and stomach sleepers, the GhostBed Classic provides better support and proper alignment. Moreover, heavier adults will appreciate the minimal sinkage from the bed. This isn’t to say you should avoid the Nectar Mattress altogether if you sleep on your back. You can still opt for this bed if pressure relief is your priority.

In terms of comfort, GhostBed has the edge in temperature regulation. The breathable but plush cover wicks heat and the aerated latex layer encourages airflow. Nectar’s mattress isn’t too far behind, but since it’s all foam, it tends to trap body heat more. Fortunately, the cooling cover counteracts this with its quilted design and breathable fabric.

Edge Support and Motion Isolation

The GhostBed Classic’s firm feel delivers better edge support, while the Nectar Mattress’s thick foam layers provide excellent motion isolation.

GhostBed vs Nectar Support and Performance
A look at the GhostBed Classic from the end of the bed (left) and the Nectar Mattress adaptive foam technology (right)

If you like sitting near the edge of the bed, GhostBed’s Classic will provide better support. The firm feel of the mattress keeps you from slipping off. In contrast, Nectar’s softer mattress layers cradle a sleeper’s body more, so moving in and out of bed isn’t necessarily a breeze.

However, for couples, the Nectar Mattress has the advantage. With its thicker foam layers near the top, the bed provides more sinkage, which translates to better motion isolation. This means you’re less likely to detect a restless partner’s movements. GhostBed’s Classic mattress is designed to be responsive for ease of movement, so motion transfer is an expected compromise.

Overall, the GhostBed Classic delivers a balanced performance that suits back, stomach, and combination sleepers better. If you need more cushioning, Nectar’s thick but softer foam layers provide excellent pressure relief.


If you like to sleep on top of your mattress, get the GhostBed Classic. If you’re a side sleeper or want a softer mattress, get the Nectar Mattress.

Despite being all-foam mattresses, the GhostBed Classic and Nectar Mattress perform differently enough that there’s no considerable overlap with their demographic.

GhostBed’s flagship bed is firmer and more responsive, making it suited for people who like to sleep on top of a mattress. It also offers better edge support and temperature regulation, making the Classic ideal for back, stomach, combination, and hot sleepers.

Meanwhile, people who prefer softer mattresses will appreciate the Nectar Mattress more. The bed’s thick foam layers deliver excellent sinkage, pressure relief, and motion isolation. This makes the mattress suited for side sleepers, couples, or those who want more cushioning from a bed.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the difference between the GhostBed Classic and GhostBed Luxe?

The GhostBed Classic is made of five layers while the GhostBed Luxe has seven. The additional layers on the Luxe include additional cooling layers and a standard gel memory foam.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does Nectar offer financing options?

Yes. Nectar partners with Affirm and Splitit to help customers finance their purchases.

๐Ÿ“Œ How much is the additional fee for Nectar orders to Alaska and Hawaii?

Nectar’s shipping fee per item of a large order to Alaska and Hawaii is $150.

๐Ÿ“Œ Once I open my GhostBed Classic from its vacuum seal, can I sleep on it?

While you can immediately sleep on the GhostBed Classic mattress once opened, it may take some hours to a few days to fully expand. During the winter months, the bed may take up to five days to fully decompress.

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