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ghd vs T3 Flat Iron (2021): Which Premium Flat Iron Should You Buy?

Oh, the things a girl will do to achieve her dream hairstyle! Of course, not everyone can afford professional hair styling on a regular basis. So women nowadays would rather invest on premium hair styling tools as it will definitely save them thousands of bucks in the long run. If you’re that girls and are looking for a premium flat iron that’s worth investing on, this article is for you.

This review will be looking closely at two popular premium hair styling brands – ghd and T3. But to level the playing field, we have chosen to compare and contrast their two most high-end models, the ghd platinum+ and the T3 SinglePass X.

ghd platinum+ professional styler vs T3 SinglePass X Comparison Chart

Modelghd platinum+ professional stylerT3 SinglePass X
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Standout FeaturesUltra-zone heating technology, built-in sleep mode, & unique wishbone hingeDigital SinglePass technology, LED light indicators on the handle, EvenGlide hinge
Heat Up Time10-20 secs15-30 secs
Maximum Heat Temperature365ยฐF410ยฐF
Plate Size1″1.5″
Plate MaterialCeramicTourmaline + Ceramic
Also IncludedHeat-resistant plate guard2 pieces of alligator clips
Manufacturer’s Guarantee3 years2 years
VoltageUniversal (100-240V)Universal (100-240V)
Cord Length9 feet9 feet
Dimensions11 x 1.63 x 1.75 inches10.3 x 1.8 x 2.2 inches
Weight1 lb0.64 lb
Available colorsBlack, white, cobalt blue, deep scarlet, pink (limited)White & rose gold combination

Design & Build

These two flat irons are almost of the same size and weight and have plates made of ceramic.

ghd’s wishbone hinge design guarantees perfect plate alignment while T3’s wider plates claim to cover more hair in less time.

It’s undeniable that the ghd platinum+ and the T3 SinglePass X both exude a luxurious vibe. The dimensions and weight (and even the length of their cords) are almost the same so we’ll just highlight the differences in their design and build.

First, let’s take a closer look at the ghd platinum+. ghd flat iron owners will definitely say that the platinum+ looks almost the same as the ghd gold styler and the ghd classic styler that cost less. (Then again, you will know later in this article why the platinum+ is priced a bit higher than these two.) The ghd platinum+’s ceramic plate is still 1-inch wide and the power button is still placed on the backside of the flat iron’s handle. What sets the platinum+ apart from these two models is ghd’s unique wishbone hinge design that can be found only in this model.

A noticeable difference between the two flat irons is the location of their power buttons.

The T3 SinglePass X is also an eye candy with its luxurious rose gold and white body. While ghd stylers have their power buttons on the backside of the handles, the T3 SinglePass X power button is conveniently located on the front side. It also has a smart LED light indicator on its handle that tells what heat setting the flat iron is on. Its CeraGloss plate is also wider at 1.5-inch that can be a blessing for those with longer and thicker hair. And though it has wider plates, the T3 SinglePass X is still ligher than the ghd platinum+ by 0.36 pounds.

Styling Technology

The premium price that you pay is for the smart technology that comes with each flat iron.

ghd has Ultra-Zone technology while T3 boasts of its SinglePass technology

So earlier in the article, we mentioned that ghd platinum+ looks almost just like the ghd flat irons in the lower price bracket. But this model’s Ultra-Zone Technology is what you’re paying extra for. Infinity sensors are placed throughout the ghd platinum+ ceramic plates so it can amazingly adjust the heat to adapt to your hair’s thickness and your styling speed.

T3’s digital SinglePass Technology, on the other hand, guarantees effective hair ironing of even the thickest and coarsest hair in just a single pass. This premium flat iron is built with smart microchips that make this possible and you’ll definitely love this feature if you hate having hair damage.

Heat Up Time and Styling Performance

ghd’s curved edges make it a perfect curling tool while T3’s wider plates can cover more hair at a shorter time.

Both hair stylers can be used to straighten or curl all types of hair.

When it comes to heat up time, the ghd platinum+ takes the lead by 10 seconds or so to T3 SinglePass X’s 15-30 second heat time requirement. In fact, the platinum+ has the quickest heat time among all ghd flat irons. Still, T3 SinglePass X’s heat time is still impressive especially when compared with drugstore flat iron brands. Moreover, the plates also deliver consistent heat just like the ghd platinum+.

Both the ghd platinum+ and the T3 SinglePass X have smart technology in place so hair straightening becomes a breeze. While the platinum+’s Ultra-zone can intelligently predict your hair’s heat requirement, T3’s SinglePass feature gets the ironing job done quicker. Then again, we can say that it’s a tie when it comes to these flat irons’ hair straightening powers.

For curling, however, the ghd platinum+ is the better styler because of its curved edges. Curling is still possible with the SinglePass X but may take a bit of practice and special technique.

Other Notable Features

These premium hair styling brands made sure to have safety features in place.

Both flat irons have a safety auto off function.

Both the ghd platinum+ and the T3 SinglePass X have auto off functions to prevent overheating. But while the platinum+’s sleep mode gets activated after 30 minutes of inactivity, it takes an hour for the SinglePass X to shut off by itself.

You can conveniently bring any of these stylers on your overseas trips as both have a universal voltage feature. However, take note that only the ghd platinum+ has a heat resistant plate guard included in its package.


Your choice will depend on your hair’s length and texture, and your style preference.

Amazon product

Aesthetics and technology-wise, you can never go wrong with any of these two models. Then again, it will be more convenient for you if you choose the flat iron that can get the job done quickly and easily considering your hair’s length and texture, and whether you curl or straighten your hair more often.

This being said, we recommend going for the ghd platinum+ if your hair is shorter or if you prefer curling your hair with ease. Meanwhile, get the T3 SinglePass X if your hair is longer, coarser, or thicker.


๐Ÿ“Œ Are there other ghd flat irons in the market?

Yes, aside from the platinum+, there are other models such as the ghd max styler, ghd gold styler, ghd classic styler, and the ghd mini styler.

๐Ÿ“Œ What are the other T3 flat iron models?

Other T3 flat iron models include the T3 Lucea ID, T3 Lucea, and T3 SinglePass Compact.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the ghd platinum+ better than the ghd gold styler?

When it comes to heat up time, the platinum+ heats up faster. It also has smart sensors in place that intelligently predicts your hair’s heat requirement.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are there also ghd and T3 hair dryers?

Yes, both ghd and T3 have a wide range of hair dryer models that can cater to different hair drying requirements.

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