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Generac vs Champion Generator (2021): Whose Portable Inverter Is Better?

If you don’t have backup power at home for emergencies, you’re on the right track looking up comparisons of portable inverter generators. These lightweight machines are capable of powering most home appliances and even power tools, making them handy during power outages as well as for recreation. Here’s a look at two highly rated models, the Generac GP3000i and the Champion 75537i, to help you decide which inverter generator is better suited for your needs.

Generac vs Champion Generator Comparison Chart

ModelGenerac GP3000iChampion 75537i
Generac 7129 GP3000i Inverter Portable GeneratorChampion 75537i Portable Inverter Generator
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Starting SystemRecoilRecoil, electric, remote
Max AC Output3,000 W3,100 W
Rated AC Output2,300 W2,800 W
Max AC Current19.1 amps25.8 amps
Rated AC Current19.1 amps23.3 amps
DC OutputNone12V
Fuel Tank Capacity1.06 gal1.6 gal
Run Time (Full load)n/an/a
Run Time (1/4 load)5.8 hrs8 hrs
Noise (Full load)> 58 dBA58 dBA
Noise (1/4 load)n/an/a
Low Oil ShutoffYesYes
Parallel CapabilityYesNo
USB PortsYesNo
Dimensions22.2″ x 13.3″ x 18.4″25.1″ x 17.3″ x 18.3″
Weight59.5 lbs96.6 lbs
Warranty3-Year Limited3-Year Limited

Engine and Power

The Champion 75537i can pump out more power than the Generac GP3000i.

Generac vs Champion Generator Engine and Power
Compared to the Generac GP3000i (left), the Champion 75537i (right) is longer and wider.

Placed side by side, the Champion 75537i inverter generator is noticeably bigger than the Generac GP3000i, and that’s likely to its more powerful engine. With a 171cc 4-stroke OHV engine, the Champion 75537i can provide a starting wattage of 3100 W and a rated 2800 W. In comparison, the 149cc engine of the Generac model is only capable of 3000 W and 2300 W, respectively. It’s quite a significant difference, as you’ll be able to count on the Champion inverter to run more power-hungry equipment and appliances.

Running both generators at 25% load with full tanks will result in the Champion 75537i outlasting the Generac GP3000i. That’s of course due to its larger fuel tank, which can hold up to 1.6 gallons of gasoline compared to the 1.06 gallons of the latter. Having a longer run time means enjoying power with fewer interruptions, so you can sleep through the night with the AC running.

As they’re inverter generators, both Generac and Champion models can provide power to sensitive electronic devices without risk of damaging their circuits. The Generac GP3000i even has USB ports where you can directly plug in your mobile devices to recharge their batteries. The Champion 75537i only has a dual USB adapter but it has something a little bit more modern below.


The Champion 75537i has a wireless remote start while the Generac GP3000i is significantly lighter.

Generac vs Champion Generator Convenience
Conveniently start and stop the Champion 75537i without leaving your tent.

Champion added a highly desired feature to its 3100 watt inverter: a key fob that enables wireless remote start up to 80 feet away. This makes it very convenient indeed when compared to the traditional recoil start system of the Generac GP3000i, which can take several pulls to get going. Moreover, the Champion 75537i still has a recoil and electric start in case you can’t locate the remote quickly. You’ll also be able to shut down the engine with the same wireless control.

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Generac GP3000i

Get power whenever you need it using the Generac GP3000i inverter generator, which features Generac's POWERRUSH technology and PowerDial simplified controls.

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We are reader supported. When you buy through our links we may earn an affiliate commission.

Transporting the Generac GP3000i might be easier at times though, simply because it’s close to half the weight of the Champion. You’ll be able to quickly move it short distances using its single lengthwise handle, and propping it up or lowering it down shouldn’t prove too strenuous. Meanwhile, the Champion 75337i is large, and its dual handle is a clear indication that you’ll need two hands to carry it. Still, moving it across the ground is no problem once you pull out its fold-down handle and roll it on its never-flat wheels.

Once running, both Generac and Champion generators produce roughly the same noise levels. 58 decibels at 25% load is quiet enough to not bother the neighbors, and moving it further away will muffle its sound output to an easily ignored hum.


The Generac GP3000i has parallel capability while the Champion 75537i has cold start technology.

Generac vs Champion Generator Features
Run the Champion 75537i even in cold weather, though you should find a nice dry spot for it.

Parallel capability allows two similar generator models to pair with each other and provide more power output to run more appliances and heavier equipment. The Generac GP3000i has this feature, so you can consider essentially upgrading your backup power by purchasing another in the future. Sadly, Champion left this out of the 75537i.

However, the Champion 75537i does have what it calls Cold Start Technology. Equipping the model with an electric start that includes a battery allows it to reliably start even in cold weather, which is crucial to get a cabin or tent heated up.

Both inverter generators from Generac and Champion come with the standard safety features that include spark arrestors, push-to-reset circuit breakers, overload indicators, and low oil shutoff.


The Champion 75537i outmatches the Generac GP3000i on power and convenience.

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Generac GP3000i

Get power whenever you need it using the Generac GP3000i inverter generator, which features Generac's POWERRUSH technology and PowerDial simplified controls.

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We are reader supported. When you buy through our links we may earn an affiliate commission.
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Champion offers a very attractive portable inverter generator indeed with its wireless remote start and higher power output. The Champion 75537i is capable of powering more demanding tools and machines longer while also being more convenient and easy to use. You’ll likely struggle moving it up and down steps and stairs, but it’s very easy to pull along the ground with its handle and wheels. The best part is it’s actually cheaper, but it won’t feel like the cheap option either.

Those who want to be able to carry their generator easily can look to the lightweight Generac GP3000i. It’s quiet and fuel efficient, and it lets you recharge your phone directly in a pinch. With parallel capability you can combine your output with friends and neighbors if you happen to have compatible models.

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