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Generac GP3000i vs Honda (2021): How These Portable Inverter Generators Stack Up Against Each Other

Generac and Honda are two household names in the generator industry, but they’re not exactly the same in that each brand offers something unique. For instance, Generac is generally known for fuel efficiency and affordability, while Honda is popular because its machines last for years and run quietly.

At that, we take Generac’s GP3000i and put it up against one of Honda’s most popular portable inverter generators: the EU2200i. That way you can get a clearer picture of what these companies can bring to the table.

Generac GP3000i vs Honda Comparison Chart

ModelGenerac GP3000iHonda EU2200i
Runtime (at 25 Percent Capacity)5.8 hours8.1 hours
Starting Watts3,0002,200
Running Watts2,3001,800
Sound Leveln/a48 to 57 dB(A)
Engine TypeOHVOHV
Engine Displacement149 cc121 cc
Fuel Capacity1.06 gallons0.95 gallons
Fuel TypeUnleaded gasolineUnleaded gasoline
Start TypeRecoilRecoil
Weight59.5 lbs46.5 lbs
Dimensions (W x H x L)13.3″ x 18.4″ x 22.2″11.4″ x 16.7″ x 20″
Warranty3 years limited3 years


The EU2200i has a longer runtime than the GP3000i.

Generac GP3000i vs Honda Performance
The GP3000i (left) has a starting watts of 3,000 and running watts of 2,300, which are higher than the EU2200i’s (right).

Usually, Generac generators are more fuel efficient than its competitors, but that’s not the case here. While the GP3000i can go up to 5.8 hours at 25 percent load, the EU2200i can last up to 8.1 hours. 

In the GP3000i’s defense, it has 3,000 starting watts and 2,300 running watts. In comparison, the EU2200i has 2,200 and 1,800 watts, respectively. That means the former has more power to jump-start motor-driven appliances and support more electronics at a time. However, you’ll be able to save more money with the latter in the long run because it consumes less gasoline.

Another area where the EU2200i shines is sound rating. According to Honda, it goes from 48 to 57 dB(A), depending on the capacity it’s running at. For context, a fan is around 50 dB(A) and an air conditioner is about 60 dB(A). Now Generac doesn’t publish its generators’ sound levels, and one thing we can surmise from that is this isn’t its strong point.


The EU2200i is easier to bring along on trips than the GP3000i.

Generac GP3000i vs Honda Portability
The EU2200i (in photo) is the more portable generator of the two.

Each one lives up to its name as portable generators. For starters, the EU2200i measures 11.4” x 16.7” x 20” (width, height, and length) and weighs 46.5 lbs. On the other hand, the GP3000i comes in at 13.3” x 18.4” x 22.2” and 59.5 lbs, which isn’t surprising since all that power has a trade-off.

The takeaway here is the EU2200i is easier to carry around because it’s lighter and has a smaller form factor. This might not seem to matter much at first, but you’ll realize how important it is once you try taking a bulky generator along a camping trip and things like that.

Outlets and Starting Method

The two generators have a recoil start.

Generac GP3000i vs Honda Outlets and Starting Method
The GP3000i (in photo) has more outlets, including two USB ports.

Both are started via a recoil pull mechanism, so there’s nothing to compare on this front. However, the GP3000i has the advantage here with three AC outlets and two USB ports as opposed to the EU2200i’s two AC outlets. For the record, neither of them sport GFCI outlets, and each one has a single DC outlet.


The generators have staples such as low-oil shutdown.

Generac GP3000i vs Honda Features
The GP3000i (left) and EU2200i (right) are parallel ready if one generator can’t provide the power you need.

Any generator worth its salt nowadays needs to at least feature automatic low-oil shutdown and stable power for sensitive electronics. The two have both of those, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them because of a lack of lubrication. You also don’t have to think twice about plugging your computer into either one.

The two are also parallel ready, and that comes in handy in case you need more power. All you need to do is connect another generator and you’re good to go.


Each generator is better for different situations.

To sum things up, the GP3000i is the more powerful engine of the two with more outlets available. The EU2200i has better portability and fuel efficiency, providing a longer runtime overall. In other words, the latter fits the description of a portable generator better than the former.


📌 Which makes better generators, Generac or Honda?

Honda usually makes quiet and reliable generators that can last for years to come, while Generac made its name with low-priced and efficient machines.

📌 Are Generac generators worth the buy?

Yes. Typically, Generac generators are more affordable than the competition and have better efficiency than most.

📌 Are Honda generators worth the buy?

Yes. Honda generators are high-quality machines that can last for years, and they’re quieter than most rivals.

📌 Is the Generac GP3000i worth it?

Yes, the GP3000i is worth buying because it has high starting and running watts and plenty of outlets, including two USB ports.

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