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Generac 7043 vs 70432 (2021): What’s New with Version 2?

Generators are a great addition to any home. It helps you ensure that you have a steady supply of power, and keeps you clear of any mishaps that power interruptions might bring. As the years have gone by, home backup generators have become both more powerful and more fuel-efficient.

One company that’s well-known for their generators is Generac. In this comparison, we’ll take a look at two generations of one of their Guardian models: the older Generac 7043 and its younger sibling the Generac 7043-2. Read on to find out how they differ, and whether the update has brought something substantial to the model or not.

Generac 7043 vs 70432 Comparison Chart

ModelGenerac 7043Generac 7043-2
Amazon product
Amazon product
EngineGenerac G-Force 1000Generac G-Force 1000
Rated Power (LP)22kW22kW
Rated Power (NG)19.5kW19.5kW
Main Line Circuit Breaker100 amp100 amp
Sound Output67dB67dB
Operating RPM3600rpm3600rpm
LCD DisplayNo (LED indicators)Yes
Dimensions48โ€ณ x 25โ€ณ x 29โ€ณ48โ€ณ x 25โ€ณ x 29โ€ณ
Weight445 lb466 lb

Engine and Power

Both generators are powered by Generac’s proprietary engine.

A look at the Generac engine inside both models

Arguably, the most important part of a generator is its engine. It’s good, then, that both the first and second generations of the 7043 are powered in-house, since the generators use Generac’s own G-Force 1000 engine. G-Force has been specially engineered by Generac for generator use, with pressure lubrication that helps it start up quickly and increased surface area to reduce heat retention as much as possible. The engines are quite powerful: at 999cc, both have a rated power capacity of 22,000 watts when running on propane (or “LP” gas). This output shrinks a little when you use natural gas (NG), but it’s still considerably strong at 19,500 watts.

This large capacity can help you support your home’s energy consumption if you have multiple large appliances or power your home if ever a blackout occurs. The maximum continuous load for both models is 91.7 amperes if you’re using propane and 81.3 if you’ve chosen natural gas instead. This is enough to power multiple air conditioners, kitchen appliances, or lighting fixtures. Despite its powerful capabilities, however, the 7043 series doesn’t generate an equal amount of noise. At normal load, it generates around 67 decibels of sound, which is quieter than your average shower. The 7043-2 can generate even less noise due to one of its additional features.


The newer 7043-2 has more features that aren’t just for show.

One new feature the second gen brings is WiFi capability.

The biggest difference between the two models lies in the additional features that the 7043-2 has been fitted with since it replaced the 7043 in 2016. Chief among these additions is Mobile Link connectivity. This capability allows users to check and monitor their generator’s status on mobile, tablet, or PC, with data like your generator’s operating status and several maintenance alerts readily available (as seen above). You can easily see if any components need replacing and how many hours your generator has been running for in total. Mobile Link also serves as an easy way to contact an authorized service dealer, making it even easier to receive assistance with any needed repairs.

The more recent model also comes with Evolution 2.0, a controller for your generator. It has a two-line LCD display and can support English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Evolution 2.0 protects your generator from overloading, automatically sets warm-up and cool-down times before and after use respectively, monitors utility and generator voltage constantly, and can be programmed to exercise. The last feature is particularly important, since exercising your generator is crucial to maintenance. This makes sure that no oil seal drying occurs. As mentioned earlier, it also runs more quietly when in low-speed exercise mode, thanks to its Quiet-Test Self Test Mode feature. While it generates 67dB of sound at normal load, that number can drop to as quiet as 57dB when in exercise mode.

Ease of Use

Both generators are protected by a long warranty.

Generac offers 5 years of limited coverage for their products.

As seen in the Engine and Power section, the two generators are almost identical when it comes to their basic parts. This means that they don’t differ at all when it comes to fuel efficiency. Since they both run on G-Force 1000 series engines, they both benefit from the design that increases engine “breathing”. This particular feature increases heat rejection, meaning that less fuel is consumed over time regardless of your choice of fuel. Engine life is also longer, and is suspect to less breakdowns.

If ever your generator does need maintenance, though, there’s still no need to worry. Both models are protected by Generac’s 5 year warranty. Combine this with the easier ways to contact authorized service centers mentioned above, and you’ve got a great package.


The two generators are indistinguishable from the outside.

The two look practically identical.

Both generations of generators look basically the same. This doesn’t affect performance in the least, but it does determine how much space your generator will take up and where you’ll want to put it to minimize the aesthetic effect it has on your garage, lawn, or wherever you decide to put it. They’re not easy to ignore: with dimensions of 48โ€ณ x 25โ€ณ x 29โ€ณ and an average weight of approximately 450 pounds, they’re quite conspicuous. The large size directly corresponds to its great capacity, though, so you can’t really complain.

When it comes to more functional design choices, Generac has done a good job. Both are enclosed in rust- and corrosion-resistant aluminum, making it sturdy enough to survive and keep operating in a wide variety of weather conditions. They are also designed with a composite, lattice-patterned pad that keeps the generator from settling into the ground, and a sediment trap that prevents particles from the outside from entering and possibly damaging the generator’s core.


The Generac 7043-2 is a great upgrade, and the better choice between the two.

Amazon product

Between the two models, there’s no reason not to choose the Generac 7043-2. It provides the same generator capabilities as the 7043’s first generation, but has added capabilities like Mobile Link connectivity that may seem optional at first but can prove to be indispensable. Seeing as a new model of either generator would cost around the same price, the 7043-2 is undoubtedly the better choice.

However, if no newer models are available, the older Generac 7043 is still a great choice. As mentioned above, it’s still a very powerful generator (especially considering it’s built for home use). If Mobile Link and WiFi capabilities aren’t really deal breakers for you and you can find a good deal, it’s still worth getting this slightly older model.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is the difference between Generac 7043 and 70432?

The Generac 7043-2 has a few updates, like the addition of Mobile Link capabilities and an Evolution 2.0 controller that comes with a LCD screen.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are Generac generators any good?

Generac, which manufactures products like the Generac 7043, have proven to be a reliable company when it comes to generators. It helps that they make their own engines, meaning that it’s the best fit for their generators’ features.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are Generac generators made in China?

Generac has specifically stated that their products like the Generac 7043 are made of parts that are either domestic or foreign, but are all engineered and assembled in the United States.

๐Ÿ“Œ Are Generac engines made in USA?

Generac’s G-Force 1000 series, which powers generators like the Generac 7043-2, are designed and assembled by the company themselves at their Wisconsin base.

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