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Generac 7042 vs 7043 (2021): Is There Any Difference?

If you’re looking for a backup power supply for your home, then a standby generator will give you more peace of mind compared to a portable generator. After all, these large machines can provide power automatically, and can run for as long as you need it whereas its portable counterparts will require regular refueling.

Now, Generac’s line of home backup generators, called the Guardian Series, is arguably one of the most popular in the market. However, some of their biggest models—the 22KW Generac 7042 and Generac 7043—are essentially one and the same. The only difference is that the 7043 comes with a transfer switch. But is that enough reason for you to choose it over the Generac 7042?

Generac 7042 vs 7043 Comparison Chart

ModelGenerac 7042Generac 7043
 Amazon product Generac Guardian 22kW Generator
PriceAmazon product Check Price on Amazon
TypeGenerator onlyGenerator with transfer switch
Transfer Switchn/a200 Amp service rate smart switch
EngineGenerac G-ForceGenerac G-Force
Displacement999 cc999 cc
Maximum Continuous Power Capacity (Liquid Propane) 22KW22KW
Maximum Continuous Power Capacity (Natural Gas)19.5KW19.5KW
Mobile Link Wireless ConnectivityYesYes
Warranty5 year (limited)5 year (limited)
Dimensions (L x W x H)48″ x 25″ X 29″48″ x 25″ X 29″
Weight445 lbs445 lbs


The Generac 7042 and 7043 are hefty, 22-kilowatt standby generators that come with a sturdy, all-weather aluminum enclosure.

Generac backup home generators are built to withstand the elements.

Unlike portable inverter generators, the Generac Guardian Series are large, heavy-duty standby generators built to handle intense usage. And this rings truest with some of the line’s largest offerings: the 22-kilowatt Generac 7042 and 7043. Both weigh over 400 lbs and are considered the largest air-cooled generators in the market—perfect for whole house coverage.

Since they are essentially the same model, they share key design features that allow both to reliably deliver its impressive power output. The Generac 7042 and 7043, for instance, are both enclosed in a corrosion-resistant aluminum that’s coated in an industrial paint finish. This makes the generators more than capable of handling all types of weather conditions.

The Generac 7042 and 7043 also come with a composite pad that uses an intricate lattice design to keep the generators from sinking or settling. And to ensure the engine’s quality, the machines are equipped with a sediment trap to keep moisture and particles from entering the engine and fuel regulator.

Power and Performance

These standby generators are designed to power an entire house without too much noise.

Here’s a look at the internal components of the Generac 7042 and 7043 standby generators.

The Generac 7042 and 7043 are both equipped with the G-Force 1000 series two-cylinder engine. Aside from its 999 cc displacement, it’s also designed for reduced fuel consumption. The engines are similarly pressure-lubricated, making them more capable of handling extended usage while requiring less maintenance work.

Because of their large capacity, these Guardian generators are more than capable of powering a whole house. This includes multiple air-conditioning units, kitchen appliances, and lights. Keep in mind, however, that there may be instances when light fixtures do dim a bit while your air-conditioning unit starts running on generator-supplied power.

Of course, noise levels are a key consideration when it comes to generators. But with the Generac 7042 and 7043, you get a surprisingly quiet performance. In fact, the sound output when it operates at normal load is just around 67 decibels, comparable even with the company’s portable models.


The Generac 7042 and 7043 have the same features, although the latter comes with its own transfer switch.

The Generac 7042 and 7043 are equipped with a Mobile Link Wi-Fi device (right). The 7043, however, also includes a fully-automatic transfer switch (right).

Now the biggest difference between the Generac 7042 and 7043 is that the latter includes a transfer switch. But do you actually need it? According to the National Electric Code, not only do you need one for any connection of power to your home, it’s also the safest way to directly connect a generator to your house. Following these regulations, the Generac 7043 package includes a fully-automatic 200 amp transfer switch for full-house coverage.

Outside of the transfer switch, these standby generators have the same set of features as expected. Both the Generac 7042 and 7043 use True Power technology for smoother operation of your appliances. Moreover, the generators come with a nifty multilingual LCD display, making it easier to monitor their performance and to schedule maintenance.

All the standby generators of the Guardian series come with a pre-installed Mobile Link Wi-Fi device. This feature allows you to connect your generator to your home Wi-Fi network. Once you’ve registered your device, you can monitor the Generac 7042 and 7043’s operating status, historical information, and maintenance schedule through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Since they have the same specs and features, the Generac 7043’s only advantage is that it comes with a transfer switch, compared to the generator-only Generac 7043.

Amazon product

If you’re looking for a backup home generator, then the Generac Guardian series is worth considering. The Generac 7042 and 7043, which are the same 22-kilowatt models, are sturdy and reliable options capable of powering an entire house. Both come with impressive power output, have Wi-Fi compatibility, and deliver a fairly quiet performance.

However, the Generac 7043 does come with a fully-automatic transfer switch. Does it make it a better deal. Well, yes. The Generac 7042 retails for $4,609 while the transfer switch from the company starts at $915. Combined, you’ll spend $5,524 if you opt for this route. On the other hand, if you go for the Generac 7043, the all-in-one package retails for only $5,149. That’s almost $400 in savings.


📌 Is the Generac 7043 generator different from the Generac 7042?

The Generac 7042 and 7043 are the same 22-kilowatt standby generator models offered under the Generac Guardian Series. While both share the same specs and features, the Generac 7043 includes a fully-automatic transfer switch.

📌 Where are Generac generators made?

Generac’s generators and engines are made in the US.

📌 Does Generac offer customer support?

Yes, Generac offers 24/7 all-year round customer support from their headquarters in Wisconsin.

📌 Is the Generac 7043 quiet?

For its size and capacity, the Generac 7043 is quiet. When the generator is operating at a normal load, you’ll get about 67 decibels of sound output. However, if you use the Quiet-Test mode, the Generac 7043’s sound output is just around 57 decibels.

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