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Garmin Index S2 vs Withings Body+ (2022): Weighing These Smart Scales

While traditional bathroom scales are fine for measuring weight, they leave too much to the imagination. After all, weight isn’t the only metric that matters when looking at your health. If you want a clearer view of your body, a smart scale does a better job.

Among the best smart scales to get is the Garmin Index S2. The futuristic-looking device tracks several body composition metrics while integrating seamlessly with Garmin Connect. However, it’s a little pricy, and if you’re on a budget, the Withings Body+ presents a compelling alternative.

How do these smart scales compare? Below, we weigh their design and features to see which one you should buy.

Garmin Index S2 vs Withings Body+ Comparison Chart

ModelGarmin Index S2 Smart ScaleWithings Body+ Smart Scale
Weighing RangeMax of 400 lb9 to 396 lb
Max No. of Users16 users8 users
Unitskg, lb, st lbkg, lb, st lb
Display1.2 inch 240×240-pixel resolution transflective color display2.4 in x 1.6 in high-contrast display
Body Fat PercentageYesYes
Body Water PercentageYesYes
Muscle MassYesYes
Bone MassYesYes
Pregnancy ModeNoYes
Heart RateNoNo
Battery LifeUp to 9 monthsUp to 18 months
Dimensions12.6 x 12.2 x 1.1 in.12.8 x 12.8 x 0.9 in


The Garmin Index S2 and Withings Body+ are slim and lightweight scales with an attractive design. However, Garmin’s scale has a better display.

Garmin Index S2 vs Withings Body+ Design
Garmin’s smart scale has more rounded corners than Withings’.

Aside from measuring more metrics, smart scales also offer a jump in design compared with traditional scales. The Garmin Index S2, for instance, is sleek and compact. Its platform is made from toughened glass that can handle a maximum weight of 400 lb. To help users position their feet correctly, a discreet pattern of lines weave across the surface.

The Withings Body+, on the other hand, is larger than the Garmin scale. However, it’s slightly narrower while weighing about the same as the Index S2. Withings has also crafted the Body+ from tempered glass encased in paint-free satin. This lends the scale an improved grip while keeping the platform scratch-resistant. There are guide marks on the Body+ but not as fancy-looking as those on the Garmin Index S2.

If you’re particular about the onboard display, you’ll find the Garmin Index S2 has the edge over the Withings Body+. The S2’s 1.2-inch color display is brighter and sharper, making it easier to read both text and icons. Meanwhile, the underside of the scales features the battery compartment and a physical button for changing the unit for measurement.

Key Features

Both Garmin and Withings smart scales track the same weight and body composition metrics.

Garmin Index S2 vs Withings Body+ Features
You can measure more than weight with these smart scales.

As mentioned in the Design section, Garmin’s Index S2 has a weight limit of 400 lb. On the other hand, the Withings Body+ has an operating range of 9 to 396 lb. Both smart scales are fast and can display your weight almost as soon as you step on them. They can also provide weight trends, with Garmin displaying it on the scale and the mobile app, while Withings limits the same data to its mobile app.

Apart from weight, users can measure body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, and body water percentage on both scales. Metrics like muscle mass and bone mass are also recorded. Like most smart scales, Garmin and Withings use bioelectrical impedance analysis to make estimates about body composition. The Index S2 and Body+ also measure in pounds, kilograms, and stone. Both scales display weather forecasts as well.

Up to 16 users can track their weight and progress on Garmin’s scale. Meanwhile, the Withings Body+ limits user profiles to just 8. You can’t measure heart rate on either device as well. If this metric is something you need, you can consider the Withings Body Cardio instead. Lastly, the Withings Body+ comes with a pregnancy and baby mode. Garmin, on the other hand, advises using advanced body metrics if you’re pregnant.

Mobile App and Compatibility

Garmin’s Index S2 enjoys a stronger ecosystem but Withings Body+ benefits from the more intuitive and informative Health Mate app.

Garmin Index S2 vs Withings Body+ App and Compatibility
Sync your Index S2 numbers to the Garmin Connect app (left); integrate your Withings Body+ metrics with major health platforms (right).

Because their displays can only show limited information, smart scales typically work with mobile apps. For the Garmin Index S2, the companion app is Garmin Connect. Garmin Connect is available from both the App Store and Google Play store. Withings, on the other hand, uses Health Mate. Like Garmin Connect, you can install it on your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone.

Both Garmin’s Index S2 and Withing’s Body+ automatically sync your weigh-in data to their respective apps. There’s no extra input needed. Each metric is explained in the Garmin Connect app but doesn’t provide context for your body composition score or whether your numbers are within healthy boundaries.

Withings has the edge here because of how intuitive and detailed the Health Mate app is. Aside from the metrics, you get info about where your numbers fit based on recommended ranges from the World Health Organization. In addition, the Health Mate app not only tracks your progress but also provides advice if you need to change your goals.

The Index S2’s advantage is if you already own a Garmin wearable. All of your fitness and health information is integrated into the Garmin ecosystem, so you see not only your weight but your training and workout stats, too. The Health Mate app integrates with other Withings devices, but their wearables are not as popular. Fortunately, the Health Mate App syncs data to other platforms like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

Setup and Battery Life

Both smart scales are easy to set up. However, the Withings Body+ offers a longer battery life than the Garmin Index S2.

Garmin Index S2 vs Withings Body+ Setup and Battery Life
The Index S2’s 9-month battery life can be attributed to its high-res color display (left); setting up the Withings Body+ is easy thanks to in-app instructions (right).

Setting up the Garmin Index S2 and Withings Body+ is pretty straightforward. You can activate the Garmin scale by simply pressing on the platform and connecting it to the Garmin Connect app. This is followed by some verification measures before the Index S2 is paired to your home’s Wi-Fi network. During setup, you can also add guest users.

The experience is largely the same with the Withings Body+. Users get in-app instructions from Health Mate to install the scale. The Body+ also has Wi-Fi connectivity, which should come in handy if there are any future firmware updates.

Now, both smart scales use 4 AAA batteries. Garmin’s Index S2 has a battery life of up to 9 months. Meanwhile, the Withings Body+ has an average battery lifetime of 18 months.


If you’re already in the Garmin ecosystem, the Garmin Index S2 is the best smart scale to get. However, the Withings Body+ is a more compelling purchase for a broader demographic.

Garmin Index S2

Ideal if you have a Garmin wearable

Withings Body+

A better smart scale for most people

If you’re in the market for a smart scale, the Garmin Index S2 and Withings Body+ are two of the most popular models. Garmin’s scale boasts an attractive design centered around a high-res color display. It also displays weight trends, although more detailed information will be found in the Garmin Connect app. If you own a Garmin wearable, this makes the Index S2 easy to integrate into your fitness lifestyle. The only downside is that the Garmin Connect app doesn’t provide enough context for your body composition scores and numbers.

For most people, the Withings Body+ will be a more practical purchase. The Body+ is budget-friendly and pairs with an intuitive Health Mate app. This companion mobile platform also supports other Withings devices, though its strong suit is syncing data to apps like Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit. The Health Mate app also provides a better understanding of your numbers, metrics, and progress, allowing users to make meaningful changes in their fitness goals.


📌 Are the Garmin Index S2 smart scales available in different colors?

Garmin’s Index S2 smart scale comes only in two color variants — black and white.

📌 How does the Garmin Index S2 body fat accuracy fare?

Like most smart scales that use BIA, the Garmin Index S2’s body fat measurements may be off at times in terms of accuracy. Nonetheless, the readings you get should more or less provide you with an idea of your current status.

📌 Can I use the Garmin Index S2 if I’m pregnant?

Garmin advises against pregnant women using the Index S2’s advanced body metrics to prevent inaccurate results. The company also recommends consulting a physician first before using the smart scale.

📌 How many readings can be stored on the Withings Body+ locally?

Withings shares that the Body+ scale can store up to 16 readings locally if it cannot sync the data wirelessly.

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