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Garmin G80 vs Mevo (2021): Choosing A Portable Golf Launch Monitor

For many golfers, personal golf launch monitors are becoming a staple of their equipment. These tools are designed to record your performance, guide practices, and lead to smarter decisions on the golf course. The Garmin G80 and Flightscope Mevo are just some of the portable devices looking to improve your game. Although the two products share similar features, there are clear differences as well which could determine which one you’ll purchase. Take a look at how the G80 and Mevo stack up against one another.

Garmin G80 vs Flightscope Mevo Comparison Chart

ModelGarmin Approach G80Flightscope Mevo
Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Dimensions2.3” x 4.5” x 0.6”3.55″ x 2.76″ x 1.18″
Weight4.2 oz7 oz
DisplayYes (3.5″ TFT touchscreen)No
Battery LifeUp to 15 hours4 hours
SensorsRadar, GPS, Compass, Accelerometer3D Doppler Radar
MetricsClub head speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo and estimated distanceCarry distance, club head speed, ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, amash factor, apex height, flight time
Smartphone CompatibilityYes, thru Garmin Golf App (Android, iOS)Yes, thru FS Mevo App (Android, iOS)


The Garmin Approach G80 is a self-contained dual-function unit while the Flightscope Mevo is an ultra-portable radar-powered launch monitor.

Both the Garmin G80 (left) and Flightscope Mevo (right) are lightweight and portable golf launch monitors.

Put beside each other, the Garmin G80 looks like a completely different device compared to the Flightscope Mevo. Although both are largely advertised as launch monitors, the G80 is a self-contained unit that also boasts of being a GPS handheld. This explains why the G80 sports a 3.5 inch TFT touchscreen display and looks more like a phone than your typical launch monitor.

On the other hand, the Mevo looks more like a small tin can for candies than a 3D Doppler radar-powered device. With its distinct white-and-red color, this portable launch monitor is a discreet companion whether at an indoor or outdoor golf facility. And no, there are no screens here, when the device size is the same as G80’s screen itself. 

Regardless, both are compact and lightweight units that you can easily slip in your pockets or golf bags.


While the Mevo tracks and records more data parameters, the G80 provides excellent GPS functionality on top of monitoring.

Garmin G80 vs Mevo
On the left is a sample of the Garmin G80’s GPS functions. On the right, FlightScope Mevo boasts an interactive mobile app.

As launch monitors, both devices track a number of data parameters including club head speed, ball speed, swing tempo and distance, smash factor and distance. With the Mevo, you also get to monitor spin rate, flight time, apex height, vertical launch angle, and carry distance.

Looking at the overall features of the two however, the Garmin G80 packs more as a GPS handheld unit. This includes full vector maps, yardage, a digital scoreboard, stat tracking and course previews of over 41,000 golf courses worldwide with a full hole by hole layout. It also comes with a target mode which allows one or two players to hit different targets and compare scores based on accuracy.

The G80 and the Mevo also come with their respective apps. Through the Garmin Gold App, users can connect and compete with other golfers worldwide. On the other hand, the Mevo app allows users to customize interface, record and store videos alongside data, and track progress over time.


Although not as dead-on accurate as more premium monitoring devices, both the G80 and the Mevo deliver reasonably accurate measurements, with the former providing results comparable to higher-end products.

Garmin G8 Vs Mevo
Given its $500 price tag, the Garmin G80 offers value-for-money by combining GPS functions with a fairly accurate launch monitor.

The great thing about the Garmin Approach G80 and the Flightscope Mevo is that you don’t have to spend upwards of $5,000 for a decent launch monitor. But that also means you shouldn’t expect too much.

As a radar-based monitor, the Mevo is certainly more conducive for outdoor use, when there’s a lot more room for it to see the ball. Outside, it reports data that’s well within the reasonable range of more expensive launch monitors. Indoors, data parameters are still decent, but the device becomes a little more sensitive based on its placement and app configuration which could lead to incorrect measurements.

Given its ‘budget’ category, the G80 provides fairly accurate results, comparable to more expensive launch monitors. And while it doesn’t measure spin, it’s good at tracking speed and estimated distance. The GPS functionality is also excellent on the G80, delivering fast and accurate maps and updates without lag, no matter if you’re speeding through a course.

Ease of Use

The Garmin 80 is easier to set-up but the Mevo app’s customizable interface makes it easier to review data.

Garmin G8 vs Mevo
Here’s a look at just how portable the radar-powered Mevo is.

Setting up both the Garmin G80 and the Flightscope Mevo is simple. With its accurate and responsive touchscreen, however, the G80 is more user friendly. Power it up, start a new round or go into practice mode, and you are all good to go. Starting the launch monitor is as easy as setting the mode too.

While it doesn’t have a standalone screen, the Mevo makes up for it with a highly engaging mobile app. Its customizable interface means you can combine and view data parameters the way you want to see it: tables, blocks, or 2D trajectory. You can even overlay the data into your video recording for easy review.


The Garmin G80 offers more value-for-money by combining GPS functionality with a launch monitor.

Amazon product

Choosing between the Garmin G80 and the Flightscope Mevo will largely depend on your golfing needs. If you’re simply looking to get more data from your performance, the Mevo’s 3D Doppler radar-based tech will give expanded information on other parameters that the G80 can’t. If you’re concerned about course information, then the G80 should be right up your alley. Both golf launch monitors are portable devices that you can easily take with you to practice.

The Garmin G80, however, offers the value of combining GPS functionality with a basic launch monitor that delivers accurate measurements comparable to more expensive devices. It’s definitely a bundle deal that offers a solid set of features that even most premium products don’t have.

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