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Frigidaire vs LG Refrigerator (2021): Which Counter-Depth Refrigerator Should You Get?

Perhaps out of all the kitchen appliances, refrigerators are the most challenging to purchase. After all, there are plenty of brands, models, and features you have to consider. Because of their size, refrigerators tend to be pricier, too, even though there are some “affordable” options. Fortunately, some household names are always worth considering.

Frigidaire and LG, for instance, are two of the brands offering an extensive catalog of refrigerators. Frigidaire is best known for being efficient and affordable, while LG has a reputation for its smart appliances. Among their offerings, however, their counter-depth refrigerators are among the top-rated. Below, we compared Frigidaire’s and LG’s best counter-depth refrigerator to see which one is a better purchase.

Frigidaire vs LG Refrigerator Comparison Chart

ModelFrigidaire LG
Top Rate Model Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Model NumberFrigidaire FG4H2272UFLG LFXC22526D
TypeCounter-depth refrigeratorCounter-depth refrigerator
Total Capacity21.4 cu. ft.22 cu. ft.
Freezer Capacity5.8 cu. ft.7.3 cu. ft.
Fresh Food Capacity13 cu. ft.14.8 cu ft.
DoorsFrench 4-doorFrench 3-door
Dimensions (H x W x D)70 1/8″ x 36″ x 29 5/8″68 1/2″ x 35 3/4″ x 24 3/4″
FreezerBottom, pull drawerBottom, pull drawer
Ice Maker and DispenserYesYes
Water DispenserYesYes
Air FilterYesYes
Digital DisplayYesYes
WiFi EnabledNoYes
Voice Assistant SupportNoYes
Interior LightingLEDLED
FinishStainless steelStainless steel


Both Frigidaire and LG counter-depth refrigerators sport a high-end look and feel.

Frigidaire vs LG Refrigerator Design
Frigidaire’s left refrigerator door is narrower than the right, unlike the identical doors on the LG model.

If you prefer a streamlined aesthetic, then the Frigidaire FG4H2272UF and LG LFXC22526D are great options. These counter-depth refrigerators have a sleek, built-in design that gives kitchens a uniform look. Both Frigidaire and LG models are under 30 inches deep, allowing for better traffic flow when prepping and cooking meals. Since they’re designed not to stick out, note that these counter-depth models are typically wider than your traditional refrigerators.

In terms of appearance, it’s easy to tell the difference between the Frigidaire and LG. Although both sport a stainless steel finish, the storage configurations are distinguishable. On the 21.4 cu. ft. Frigidaire, you’re getting a 4-door French refrigerator. The 22 cu. ft. LG, on the other hand, is a 3-door model. Frigidaire’s refrigerator doors, however, are not identical to LG’s. The left side is noticeably narrower than the one on the right. According to Frigidaire, this OpenAccess design allows users to reach 75% of the fresh food stored with just one door open.

Now, both Frigidaire and LG models are bottom-freezer refrigerators with seamlessly crafted handles and fingerprint-proof exteriors. On their right doors, you’ll also find a water and ice dispenser, along with a modern digital display.

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Cooling and Lighting

Frigidaire prides itself in maintaining consistent temperatures, while LG boasts a unique cooling system that reaches all areas of the refrigerator.

Frigidaire vs LG Refrigerator Cooling and Lighting
A closer look at Frigidaire’s customizable middle drawer (left) and LG’s top-level fresh food compartment (right).

The high-end feel of these Frigidaire and LG refrigerators is not limited to appearances. Many users vouch for the impressive cooling technology of both models. The Frigidaire FG4H2272UF, for instance, features what it calls TwinTech Cooling System. It’s a technology that ensures consistent temperatures for both fresh food and freezer compartments. For versatility, the middle drawer’s temperature can even be customized depending on the storage space you need.

In addition, the FG4H2272UF comes with CrispSeal crispers. While the term sounds fancy, the technology is simple. On the Frigidaire, these crispers automatically draw out moisture to keep the produce stored fresh for longer. It’s similar to what the LG offers. On the LFXC22526D, users get two moisture-sealed crispers with dedicated humidity controls. Whether it’s leafy or thin-skinned vegetables, this is the perfect compartment to keep greens from wilting.

LG’s counter-depth refrigerator also has plenty of other cooling features. According to LG, the LFXC22526D employs a Smart Cooling System powered by its inverter linear compressor. The technology is also accompanied by temperature sensors so that the compressor properly cycles on and off. The LFXC22526D also comes with Door Cooling+, a feature that delivers blasts of cooling air to reach all areas of the refrigerator.

In terms of lighting, you’ll find these Frigidaire and LG refrigerators quite comparable. Both use LED lighting for the freezer and fresh food compartments.

Capacity and Storage

While LG offers roomy freezer and fresh food compartments, Frigidaire’s counter-depth refrigerator has the edge in versatile storage.

Frigidaire vs LG Refrigerator Capacity
Here’s a look at Frigidaire’s bottom freezer (left) and LG’s Glide N’ Serve drawer.

Based on the specs, the Frigidaire has a slightly lower storage capacity compared to the LG. Nonetheless, Frigidaire makes up for it with versatility. As mentioned in the Cooling and Lighting section, the Frigidaire FG4H2272UF’s middle drawer has customizable temperature settings. If you need extra freezing space, you can simply adjust the temperature of the compartment.

On the fresh food level, you get adjustable drawer dividers, too. There’s also a flip-up shelf to fit taller items like wine or juice bottles, along with an expandable door bin. All in all, you get 3 adjustable door bins on the Frigidaire, 1 fixed shelf, and 2 crisper bins. Its only downside is that the actual freezer compartment is a little limited. Here, the LG LFXC22526D has a bit of an edge.

LG’s counter-depth refrigerator comes with 7.3 cu. ft. of freezer space compared to Frigidaire’s 5.8 cu. ft. On the latter, the rather thick plastic dividers and bins eat up storage space. With LG, you get two levels for the freezer compartment. LG’s fresh food compartment, on the other hand, has 4 split shelves, and 6 refrigerator door bins, two of which are adjustable. There’s also a dedicated Glide N’ Serve drawer ideal for cold cuts and cheese.

Other Features

While both models have air filters and water and ice dispensers, LG edges out Frigidaire with its smart features.

Frigidaire vs LG Refrigerator Comparison of Features
Here’s a closer look at the Frigidaire (left) and LG (right) digital displays and water and ice dispensers.

Many of today’s refrigerators come with a plethora of additional features. Frigidaire and LG’s counter-depth offerings are no different. Both boast air filters that help remove odors inside the compartments. They also come with their respective water and ice dispensers. Frigidaire uses what it calls PureSource Ultra II Ice & Water Filtration to remove lead and cysts from your water. On the other hand, LG’s refrigerator employs filter cartridges that are NSF-certified to remove contaminants.

LG, however, has the edge over the Frigidaire refrigerator thanks to its smart features. Like many of LG’s appliances, the LFXC22526D is compatible with the ThinQ app. Through the platform, homeowners can get usage reports about their refrigerators. Users also receive maintenance tips as well as alerts on potential problems. The best part is that you can remotely adjust refrigerator settings like temperature. It’s a thoughtful feature that certainly makes the LG option more future-proof compared to Frigidaire’s.


If you want customizable and versatile storage, opt for the Frigidaire refrigerator. If you want a smart appliance that’s less expensive, then go for LG.

Amazon product

Counter-depth refrigerators are one of the best options for building a streamlined kitchen space. Here, both Frigidaire and LG have solid options that are packed with features. The Frigidaire FG4H2272UF, for instance, is a sleek-looking model that offers versatile storage. While its freezer compartment isn’t as roomy as LG, you do get a flexible middle drawer with adjustable temperature settings. This means if you need either extra fresh food or freezer storage, it’s as easy as adjusting a few controls.

Interestingly, the LG LFXC22526D comes at a lower price point than Frigidaire. The latter has always been known for its budget-friendly refrigerators, but in this case, LG is your value-for-money option. Less expensive, however, doesn’t mean fewer features. While shelves and bins are not as versatile as Frigdaire’s, LG makes up for it with larger compartments. Moreover, it works with LG’s ThinQ app, so you enjoy smart management and control features. If you want a smart appliance for a smart home, consider LG’s counter-depth refrigerator.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is the temperature range of Frigidaire’s middle drawer?

Frigidaire’s middle drawer is branded as a Custom-Flex Temp Drawer. This convertible compartment has an adjustable temperature range of -6ยฐ to 45ยฐF.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the LG LFXC22526D refrigerator come in different colors?

Yes, LG’s 22 cu. ft. counter-depth refrigerator, the LFXC22526D, comes in stainless steel and black stainless steel.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is Frigidaire a good brand?

Frigidaire is a good brand for refrigerators. The company is a household name and offers reliable and energy-efficient models. In terms of design, Frigidaire refrigerators aren’t as flashy as its competitors. However, it makes up for it with versatile configurations and consistent cooling.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty on LG’s compressor?

The compressor on the LG LFXC22526D carries a 10-year warranty.

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