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FoodSaver 5800 vs 5860 (2021): Is There A Difference?

Vacuum sealers have truly changed the way we prepare and preserve food. Gone are the days keeping food items fresh were hard, and leftovers were simply left to spoil. Now, FoodSaver is arguably the leading brand when it comes to these machines. Its catalog of vacuum sealers includes several handheld and countertop models that boast different features, sizes, and designs.

Among them, the FoodSaver 5800 is one of the more popular products. It’s a heavy-duty automatic sealer that offers plenty of sealing modes and options. How is it different, however, from the FoodSaver 5860? Both machines look the same and even carry similar features. Below, we find out what really is the difference between the two.

FoodSaver 5800 vs 5860 Comparison Chart

ModelFoodSaver 5800FoodSaver 5860
PriceCheck Price at FoodSaverCheck Price at Amazon
Type2-in-1 sealing system2-in-1 sealing system
Auto-Bag SensingYesYes
Built-In Roll StorageYesYes
Indicator LightsYesYes
Handheld SealerYes, retractableYes, retractable
Marinate ModeYesYes
Available BundlesSealer MachineSealer Machine, Sealer Machine + Heat-Seal Bags or Seal Rolls

Key Difference and Design

The FoodSaver 5800 and 5860 are the same model of vacuum sealers.

Here’s a look at the FoodSaver 5800/5860 vacuum sealer.

Let’s not prolong the suspense. Straight off, the FoodSaver 5800 and FoodSaver 5860 are the same models. FoodSaver typically brands their vacuum sealers as numbered series. For example, their catalog includes machines called the 5000 series, 4800 series, and 3600 series. However, a closer look at the item model numbers of these sealers will give you a more specific figure. In the case of the FoodSaver 5800, it’s 5860.

Another thing to remember is that the FoodSaver 5800 is also only available from the company’s website. Meanwhile, you can get the 5860 from online marketplaces.


Both vacuum sealers carry the design approach that is typical of FoodSaver. You get a heavy-duty machine with a durable stainless steel exterior. Unlike other FoodSavers, however, the 5800/5860 has a vertical setup. This means that the sealer’s front, as well as control features, face the user instead of up. While it gives the machine a more seamless form, it’s not the most ergonomic arrangement. On models like the FoodSaver 4980 and 4840, it’s much easier to read the controls when they are facing up.

The FoodSaver 5800/5860 is also a bulky vacuum sealer. At around 15 pounds, it’s not a machine that’s easy to move around. It’s also around 19-inches wide and almost 7-inches deep, so it will take some space on your countertop. However, the weight of the 5800/5860 gives it stability. Even when it is vacuuming and sealing bags, you will notice it operates quietly with minimal vibrations.


The FoodSaver 5800 and 5600 are feature-packed vacuum sealing machines.

The intuitive control panel on the FoodSaver 5800 series makes it easy to vacuum seal all sorts of food items.

Both the FoodSaver 5800 and 5860 operate automatically. A sensor inside the vacuum channel immediately detects any bag you insert for sealing. Meanwhile, below the vacuum channel, you’ll find a removable drip or grease tray as a catchall for liquids sucked out during the vacuum sealing process. There is also a built-in roll holder that makes up the bulk of the machine’s upper portion. To dispense rolls, users simply need to rely on the right-sight control panels. Some basic operations include dispensing, cutting, rewinding, sealing, and cutting bags.

Not all food items, however, can be vacuum-sealed the same way. Dry items like cookies and chips usually break apart when vacuumed. As a solution, FoodSaver has included a Seal Now Button on the 5800/5860. This button immediately stops the vacuum process and begins sealing the bag instead. The FoodSaver 5800/5600, however, does not come with a Pulse Vac button found on other models. This feature is useful if you want to manually stop and start the vacuum.

Like most FoodSaver machines, the 5800/5860 also comes with a retractable handheld sealer. This tool allows users to vacuum and seal rolls, zipper bags, containers, and canisters. The handheld sealer also features a Marinate Mode. On the FoodSaver 5800 and 5860, this function works in tandem with the FoodSaver Quick Marinating Canister. The container sports a specialized knob for the handheld sealer to connect with. With the marinate mode, you get a unique pulse-and-pump action that helps infuse flavors into your meat more efficiently.

Ease of Use and Performance

FoodSaver’s 5800 series features automatic operation and an intuitive control panel.

You can preserve food for much longer with airtight seals.

Despite its size, the FoodSaver 5800/5860 is surprisingly easy to use. The intuitive control panels clearly indicate the function of all the buttons. Since the vacuum sealer also works automatically, there is no need to manually clip the bags into the machine. Moreover, you get a progress display to monitor vacuum levels. Just like other models, the FoodSaver 5800/5860 also features LED indicator lights to notify users of any errors or call to action.

Another great thing about the FoodSaver 5800/5860 is that it comes with a long cord. Given the bulk of these machines, a lengthy wire allows users to find the right sport for the vacuum sealer. It also means you can angle the machine most comfortably. When it comes to cleaning, the FoodSaver 5800/5860 requires little effort, too. The removable components of the vacuum sealer are dishwasher safe. This includes the drip tray and the handheld sealer’s reservoir.

Based on reviews, however, caution must be taken against the continuous use of the vacuum sealer. FoodSaver recommends that users wait 20 seconds between seals as the machine can overheat when uses nonstop.


Although you’re dealing with the same model, the FoodSaver 5860 offers value-for-money bundled options the FoodSaver 5800 doesn’t have.

FoodSaver 5800

Best if you just want the vacuum sealer

FoodSaver 5860

Best if you are looking for bundles

The FoodSaver has really become a staple in many households. If you’re one of many consumers tired of wasted food, then this vacuum sealer is for you. Now, the FoodSaver 5800 and 5860 are technically the same model, so there’s no advantage when it comes to features. However, if you’re looking to save money, go for the FoodSaver 5860. This option is available in online marketplaces where you can get additional FoodSaver accessories like heat-seal bags and rolls. But if you’re fine with just the machine, then purchasing the FoodSaver 5800 from the FoodSaver website is the way to go. After all, every purchase of the 5800 is accompanied by a starting kit that includes seal bags, zipper rolls, and a square marinator.


๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty on the FoodSaver 5800 series?

The FoodSaver 5800 series comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

๐Ÿ“Œ How many seal rolls do you get with a FoodSaver 5800 series?

The FoodSaver 5800 series includes one (1) 11″ x 10″ vacuum seal roll and a smaller 8″ x 10″ vacuum seal roll.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I use the FoodSaver 5860 to seal jars?

Yes, the FoodSaver 5860 can also seal jars. However, you will need to use a FoodSaver Jar Sealing Kit separately.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the FoodSaver 5860 come with certifications?

The FoodSaver 5860 is ETL or UL certified across several nationally recognized test laboratories in the US. It also complies with applicable product safety test standards.

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