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FoodSaver 5800 vs 5460 (2022): Comparing Countertop Vacuum Sealers

One of the ways to preserve food or reduce its wastage is to seal the food items. But today’s zip-top bags are not enough as they still let air in. And as we all know, air and oxygen are the usual culprits behind food spoilage. If you’re looking to keep your food fresh or you simply want to organize your edible supplies better, then consider investing in a vacuum sealer.

The FoodSaver 5800 and 5460 are just two of the best offered by one of today’s leading manufacturers of vacuum sealers. Both FoodSaver models are heavy-duty and come packed with features. In this review, we compare the two machines to see which one you should buy.

FoodSaver 5800 vs 5460 Comparison Chart

ModelFoodSaver 5800FoodSaver 5460
PriceCheck Price at FoodSaverCheck Price at FoodSaver
VariantsFoodSaver 5860FoodSaver 5480
Built-in Roll StorageYesYes
Indicator LightsYesYes
Vacuum View WindowNoYes
Handheld SealerYesYes
Marinate ModeYesYes
Pulse VacNoYes
Adjustable Food SettingsNoYes
Cord Length30 inches30 inches
Dimensions (L x W x H)19″ x 6.25″ x 8″16.25″ x 7.4″ x 8″
Weight14.92 pounds9.93 pounds


Both the FoodSaver 5800 and 5460 are well-built vacuum sealers.

The FoodSaver 5800 sports an enclosed design compared to the open and fold-like form of the 5460.

The FoodSaver 5800 and 5460 are both hefty countertop vacuum sealers that operate automatically. The machines are clad in a durable stainless steel exterior but also feature black and green accents. On the 5800, the setup is vertical, that the lid and control panel face the user. Its overall appearance is also more proportional, with rounded edges that complement the machine’s functionality.

In contrast, the FoodSaver 5460 has a more open design. A side view of the machine reveals a see-through built-in roll holder. It’s almost as if the 5460 folds around this feature. Even the machine’s upper gasket is transparent. The vacuum sealer’s anterior is slightly angled, too, owing to the undulating form of the machine. The result is an ergonomic control panel that sits on an angle, facing up, where fingers would intuitively rest.

Compared to the 5800, however, the 5460’s buttons are round and are arranged in a seemingly random fashion. From afar, the machine resembles a typewriter. The 5800’s control panel is plainer but looks more seamlessly integrated into the machine. Even the placement of its removable handheld sealer on the side gives the 5800 a unibody look. On the 5460, this feature is located on the top, beside the control panel.

The FoodSaver 5800 also has narrower sides compared to the 5460. However, it’s five pounds heavier, too. Now, the 5460 may not be lightweight, coming in at just a little under 10 pounds. But it’s certainly easier to carry and move around. Lastly, both machines come with a 30-inch cord that can be tucked into a compartment on the back.


The FoodSaver 5460 has a few features that’s missing on the FoodSaver 5800.

Both the FoodSaver 5800 and 5460 operate automatically.

The physical design of the machines reveals the features you get from them. For instance, the 5460 comes with a transparent upper gasket. This creates a viewing window where users can see the vacuum channel, drip tray, and sealing strip. The open roll holder also makes it easier to monitor how many sealing rolls you have left. Meanwhile, the main components on the FoodSaver 5800 are hidden from view underneath the lid.

A look at the control panel of either vacuum sealers will also give you an idea of their respective capabilities. Both the FoodSaver 5800 and 5460 come with one-touch bag cutting and bag dispensing buttons. There’s also a Seal Now button, although, on the 5460, it’s been renamed as Seal. It’s a nifty feature that’s great for handling more delicate food items like chips or cookies.

However, there are a few features on the 5460 missing on the 5800. The 5460, for instance, supports adjustable food settings. This function allows users to control the level of moisture to be preserved in their food items, depending on if they’re dry or wet. The 5460 also comes with a Pulse Vac button that allows for manual control of the vacuum process. It’s a feature that’s already a standard in other FoodSavers, so it’s a bit disappointing not to have this on the 5800 series.

Fortunately, the FoodSaver 5800 does come with a marinate button. Just like the 5460, this feature works in tandem with the retractable handheld sealer. Take note, however, that the marinator mode will require the use of compatible marinating canisters and containers.


Although both vacuum sealers are functional workhorses, the FoodSaver 5460 is more versatile than the 5800.

Seal and preserve all kinds of produce for fresher flavors.

Despite missing a few features, the FoodSaver 5800 series is still a capable vacuum sealer. The marinate mode is easy to use, and the Seal Now functions almost similarly to the Dry Food feature of the 5460. The dispense and rewind option for the bag rolls also make it convenient to create custom-sized bags, too. Users have noted, however, that the 5800 can overheat if used continuously. FoodSaver recommends waiting 20 seconds between seals.

The FoodSaver 5460’s extra features make it the more versatile vacuum sealer, though. For instance, the Pulse Vac option gives users more control on just how much air is sucked out from bags. With adjustable food settings, you also get pre-programmed vacuum and sealing levels appropriate for your food item. The open design also means less opening of the lid to check on your sealing rolls supply.

Both machines come with 30-inch long power cords. It’s a thoughtful feature that allows owners to arrange their machines comfortably on their countertops. The actual body of the vacuum sealer is easy to care for, too. A warm, soapy cloth can be used to wipe clean most of the machine’s surfaces, including the gaskets. Meanwhile, the removable drip tray can be cleaned either by hand or placed on the dishwasher.

Variants and Bonus Items

The FoodSaver 5800 and 5460 are available also in online marketplaces under a different model name, and with different bonus items.

The included rolls and bags you get will differ depending on the variant.

Both the FoodSaver 5800 and 5460 are available for purchase directly from the FoodSaver website or from online marketplaces. In the case of the latter, the vacuum sealers get a different model name. The FoodSaver 5800, for instance, is the same machine as the FoodSaver 5860. Meanwhile, the 5460 can also be purchased under the model name 5480. As expected, the features between these variants are the same. The only difference will be the bonus items you get as part of a FoodSaver Starter Kit. The table below indicates the inclusions for each model:

FoodSaver 5800 bonus items (qty.)FoodSaver 5860 bonus items (qty.)
11โ€ x10โ€ Vacuum Seal Roll (1)
8โ€ x 10โ€ Vacuum Seal Roll (1)
Quart-Size Pre-Cut Bags (3)
Gallon-Size Pre-Cut Bags (2)
Quart-Size Vacuum Zipper Bags (3)
Gallon-Size Vacuum Zipper Bags (2)
2.25 Qt. Square Marinator (1)
11โ€x10โ€Vacuum Seal Roll (1)
8โ€x10โ€ Vacuum Seal Roll (1)
Quart-Size Pre-Cut Bags (3)
Gallon-Size Pre-Cut Bags (2)
Quart-Size Vacuum Zipper Bags (3)
Gallon-Size Vacuum Zipper Bags (2)
2.25 Qt. Square Marinator (1)
FoodSaver 5460 bonus items (qty.)FoodSaver 5480 bonus items (qty.)
11โ€ X 10โ€ Vacuum Seal Roll (1)
11โ€ X 8โ€ Expandable Vacuum Seal Roll (1)
Quart Vacuum Seal Bags (3)
Gallon Vacuum Seal Bags (2)
Quart Vacuum Zipper Bags (3)
Gallon Vacuum Zipper Bags (2)
Gallon Liquid Block Vacuum Seal Bags (4)
Regular Jar Sealer (1)
11″x10′ Vacuum seal roll (1)
Quart Vacuum Seal Bags (5)
Quart Vacuum Zipper Bags (6)
Gallon Vacuum Zipper Bags (5)
Wine Stopper (1)
L&L Container (1)


The FoodSaver 5460 has more features that give it an edge over the FoodSaver 5800.

FoodSaver 5800

Best for those who want a sturdy machine

FoodSaver 5460

Best for those on a budget

The FoodSaver 5800/5860 and 5460 are well-built and functional vacuum sealers that will help you preserve food items for much longer. Both machines are sturdy and come with a durable exterior. However, the FoodSaver 5460/5480 does offer more features that allow for better control over the vacuum sealing process. This is particularly important since not all food items can be preserved the same way. The inclusion of a Pulse Vac function, as well as adjustable food settings, give the 5460 an edge over the FoodSaver 5800. Best of all, it’s less expensive, too.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the key difference between the FoodSaver 5800 and 5460?

The FoodSaver 5460 sports an open design compared to the enclosed form of the FoodSaver 5800. Besides, the 5460 comes with a Pulse Vac feature as well as adjustable food settings. This allows users to control the vacuum sealing process for specific food items, whether they’re dry or wet.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty on the FoodSaver 5460?

The FoodSaver 5460 comes with a standard 5-year limited warranty.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the reservoir on the FoodSaver 5460’s handheld sealer dishwasher safe?

FoodSaver does not specify if the reservoir component on the handheld sealer is dishwasher safe. Instead, FoodSaver instructs users to wash it in warm soapy water.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the FoodSaver 5800 available in different colors?

No, the FoodSaver 5800 or 5860 does not come in different color variants.

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