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FoodSaver 2800 vs 4800 (2021): Which Vacuum Sealer Series Is Better?

If you’ve been eyeing a vacuum sealer for the longest time, chances are you’ve run across FoodSaver. The brand is arguably one of the biggest names in the market, having driven these heavy-duty appliances to popularity. FoodSaver currently carries both handheld and countertop vacuum sealers.

When it comes to the latter, however, the FoodSaver 2800 and 4800 are some of the more in-demand options. These series include several models under them, each with something unique to offer. To help you get a better idea of the specific FoodSaver 2800 or 4800 you should get, we’ve compared their features and performance below.

FoodSaver 2800 vs 4800 Comparison Chart

ModelFoodSaver 2800 SeriesFoodSaver 4800 Series
Best Model Amazon product
PriceCheck Price on WalmartCheck Price on Amazon
Series Models2800, 2830, 2840, 2860, 28664840, 4850, 4865
Pulse VacSelect modelsYes
Drip TraySelect modelsYes
Indictor LightsSelect modelsYes
Auto Bag SensingNoYes
Marinate ModeNoYes
Handheld SealerYesYes
Warranty5-year limited warranty5-year limited warranty

FoodSaver Models

The FoodSaver 2800 and 4800 refer to both vacuum sealer models and series.

Here’s a look at the FoodSaver 2800 models and the FoodSaver 4840.

It’s safe to say FoodSaver has really transformed how consumers preserve their food items at home. These machines are sturdy, easy to use, and reliable. But with such an extensive catalog, it can be hard to choose the right model. It doesn’t help FoodSaver’s way of naming their vacuum sealers can be confusing. How? Well, the company typically labels its machines as numbers. Think of the FoodSaver 2800 and 4800, for instance. Both the 2800 and 4800 refer to actual vacuum sealer models.

Where things can get confusing is that the same numbers also refer to a series of vacuum sealers. Fortunately, most of these variant models have the same features as the original FoodSaver they are nested under. Aside from a few variations in design and functionality, they are often the same machine, too, only branded differently depending on where they are sold. FoodSaver also adds the letter V before the model number for easier identification.

The FoodSaver 2800 lineup includes 2800, V2830, V2840, V2860, and V2866 machines. Meanwhile, the FoodSaver 4800 series carries the actual 4800 model along with the V4850 and V4865 vacuum sealers.

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You get a more compact machine with the FoodSaver 2800 series compared to the 4800.

The FoodSaver 2800 is all-black while the 4800 combines steel, black, and green finishes.

A key difference between the FoodSaver 2800 series and the 4800 series is their design. Although both are countertop vacuum sealers, the 2800 models tend to be more compact. The FoodSaver 2800, for instance, is leveled horizontally. It also comes in a rugged, all-black finish that gives it a sleek and modern appearance.

Meanwhile, the FoodSaver 4800 models are heavy-duty, upright machines. They all share the same flat, top lid to encase the built-in roll storage. Because of their size, they will occupy a good amount of space on your countertop. This is worth considering if your kitchen is already crowded with appliances.

The FoodSaver V2830, V2840, V2860, and V2866 all brandish the space-saving design of the 2800 model. Instead of a chiseled top, however, these variants sport a more streamlined lid. With the V2830 model, you’re getting an all-white machine that suits kitchens with a polished and clean look. The V2840, V2860, and V2866, on the other hand, all sport a brushed stainless steel exterior with black accents favored for their industrial look.

Unlike the 2800 series, the FoodSaver 4800 vacuum sealers all share the same design. These are stainless steel-clad machines that look as hefty as their weight. A noticeable feature of these sealers is the slot for its retractable handheld sealer. Also, the 4800 models have an angled top that makes it easier to reach their control panels.


The FoodSaver 4800 models have more advanced features compared to the 2800 vacuum sealers.

The FoodSaver 4800 (left) is easy to use; on the right, a look at the 2800’s roll storage.

The FoodSaver 2800 series are manual vacuum sealers. This means users have to manually prepare the roll sizes and lock the bags into the machine. Automatic models like the FoodSaver 4800, on the other hand, boast auto bag sensing. Here, the machine’s sensor detects a bag inserted into the vacuum channel, identifies it, and then grips it for vacuuming.

The FoodSaver 2800 model has rather basic functionalities. You only get two features: a Seal-only button and a Vacuum-and-Seal option. The series variants, however, have more advanced controls. These include three-speed settings, adjustable food settings, and the Pulse Vac. The speed settings are essentially manual inputs for the sealer to recognize the type of bag you’re inserting.

Now the adjustable food settings and Pulse Vac are features shared with the FoodSaver 4800 machines. Both are designed to give users more control over the vacuum process. The Pulse Vac button, for instance, is used if you want to manually control the vacuum levels. It’s a practical tool, especially if you’re sealing delicate food items. Meanwhile, the adjustable food settings allow users to select the food type โ€” dry or wet โ€” for a more optimized seal.

Where the FoodSaver 4800 models have a clear advantage is in the inclusion of a retractable handheld sealer. On the FoodSaver 2800 machines, you only get an accessory port where you have to manually attach the hose. On the 4800 vacuum sealers, the handheld sealers work in tandem with the marinate mode as well. This feature automatically increases the suction power when vacuum sealing marinade bags.

Ease of Use

Because of their automatic operation, the FoodSaver 4800 is more convenient to use.

The FoodSaver 4800 is a functional and easy-to-use vacuum sealer.

Because of the sensors and automatic operation, the FoodSaver 4800 series offers more ease of use and functionality. Users will definitely appreciate that, despite their size, these vacuum sealers require little tinkering to run. Since the handheld sealer is also built-in, setting it up when vacuuming compatible accessories require less effort, too.

That isn’t to say that the more compact 2800 series vacuum sealers are clunky because they’re manual. Just like its bigger siblings, the FoodSaver 2800 machines have their share of convenient features. For instance, you get a removable drip tray to catch all the grease and moisture as you vacuum and seal bags. A roll bag storage is also built into these compact vacuum sealers. Similar to the FoodSaver 4800, the variant models of the 2800 series feature indicator lights as well. This takes away the need to guess if the vacuum and sealing process is done.


While the FoodSaver 2800 vacuum sealers are sleek and compact, you get more features and convenience from the larger FoodSaver 4800 machines.

FoodSaver 2800

Best for those who want a compact vacuum sealer

FoodSaver 4800

Best for those who want a heavy-duty and automatic vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealers are no longer just gimmicks. They have become practical tools for extending the shelf life of your food items. This translates to less food being spoiled and money being wasted. The FoodSaver 2800 series is a nice, budget alternative to the larger FoodSaver 4800 models. Here, you get a compact machine that does what it’s supposed to do โ€” seal consistently and securely. If this is right up your alley, then opt for the V2866 model.

Nonetheless, it’s noticeable that the FoodSaver 4800 does the whole process better. Yes, these are bulky appliances. However, FoodSaver can be forgiven considering the features and conveniences you get from the FoodSaver 4800. Being an automatic vacuum sealer, you spend less time guessing on how to do things and more time actually getting things done. For beginners and seasoned kitchen dwellers alike, this makes FoodSaver 4800 a better investment.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the main difference between the FoodSaver 2800 and 4800?

The FoodSaver 2800 is a sleek and compact manual vacuum sealer, whereas the FoodSaver 4800 is a bulkier machine that runs automatically.

๐Ÿ“Œ What are the accessories and bags included with the FoodSaver 4800?

Every purchase of a FoodSaver 4800 would typically include an 11″x10″ vacuum seal roll, three 1-quart vacuum seal bags, and two 1-gallon vacuum seal bags. Buyers also get three 1-quart vacuum zipper bags and two 1-gallon zipper bags.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the FoodSaver 2800 come with a storage compartment for the accessory hose?

Yes, the FoodSaver 2800 has a built-in storage compartment for the accessory hose.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the FoodSaver 4800 available in an all-black variant?

No, the FoodSaver 4800 does not come in an all-black variant. Instead, the vacuum sealer sports a stainless steel exterior with black and green accents.

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