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FIZZpod vs SodaStream (2021): Which Soda Maker Is Better?

Living a healthier lifestyle entails making good food choices and one of the best ways to shy away from sugary foods and beverages is to avoid soda. Still, nothing beats a glass of cold soda on a hot summer day. If you agree with this statement, then getting your own soda maker can be your healthiest option. Let this FIZZpod vs SodaStream article help you decide whether the FIZZpod soda maker or the SodaStream Fizzi deserves a spot in your kitchen counter.

FIZZpod vs SodaStream Comparison Chart

ModelFIZZpodSodaStream Fizzi
Carbonation MethodManualManual
Beverages CarbonatedAny beverageWater only
Carbonator60L CO2 Cylinder60L CO2 Cylinder
Bottle MaterialBPA-free PlasticBPA-free PET
Bottle Capacity1 Liter1 Liter
CO2 ExchangeConsumers can subscribe to other brands’ existing CO2 exchange programsDiscounted shipping depending on quantity
Warranty1-year Limited Warranty3-year Limited Warranty
Dishwasher SafeNoNo
Colors AvailableBlack, White, Silver, Cognac, and Polished SilverBlack, Icy Blue, Rose Gold, and White
Dimensions16.5″ x 6″ x 3″17″ x 5.1″ x 8″
Weight3.39 lb6.1 lb


FIZZpod and SodaStream Fizzi operate similarly so there is little difference in design between the two.

FIZZpod vs SodaStream dimensions
Drinkpod’s FIZZpod (left) is as tall as the SodaStream Fizzi (right) but it’s slimmer and lighter.

SodaStream has been in the soda making industry for years and it’s no surprise that later brands followed its carbonation technique and machine design. Like other SodaStream models, SodaStream Fizzi has an open front slot to accommodate one soda PET bottle and a back panel where the CO2 cylinder is placed. FIZZpod also has front and back panels and can use any brand of 60L gas cylinder and this is why the two soda makers almost have the same height.

Probably the most obvious difference between these two soda makers in terms of design is the width of the machine. FIZZpod has a slimmer build compared to the SodaStream Fizzi. Then again, the 2.1-inch difference isn’t that much and SodaStream Fizzi still won’t take too much space in your kitchen counter. And while each brand’s BPA-free PET bottles have the same 1L capacity, SodaStream’s bottle appears bigger because of its rounder shape.

Portability is not a problem with either of the two soda maker machines. Both are manually operated and are light enough to bring along to picnics and outdoor trips. You may find it easier to pack and carry the FIZZpod though since it’s slimmer and only weighs around 3 lbs which is almost half the total weight of the SodaStream Fizzi.

Ease of Use

FIZZpod and SodaStream Fizzi are both easy to use.

How to use FIZZpod and SodaStream
The steps in carbonating beverages are pretty much the same for the FIZZpod (left) and the SodaStream Fizzi (right).

As it appears, SodaStream has made it a mission to make soda making at home very easy. After inserting the CO2 cylinder at the back of the machine, all you’ll need to do is to insert, fizz, and enjoy. There’s not too much effort needed in inserting the bottle into the machine, thanks to its snap-lock design.

Now, while the SodaStream bottle sort of hangs from its carbonator part, the FIZZpod’s bottle rests on a cradle with its upper part acting as a lever to trigger carbonation. This design solves the sealing and overflow issues usually experienced by SodaStream users especially when over-carbonating beverages. By the way, like SodaStream, you can make your drinks extra fizzy by just pressing the lever repeatedly.

Cleanups are also a breeze with both the FIZZpod and the SodaStream Fizzi. SodaStream only carbonates water to protect its carbonating tube from contamination. FIZZpod, on the other hand, ingeniously placed a tube on its bottle cap so it can be easily washed after every use. Take note that both brands recommend only manual dishwashing of their bottles and caps as these are not made of more durable material such as the Tritan plastic used with Sparkel soda bottles.

Soda Flavor Options

You can fizz any beverage with the FIZZpod but SodaStream has a wide variety of soda concentrates.

FIZZpod vs SodaStream flavors
FIZZpod (left) can carbonate any beverage including fruit infusions while SodaStream (right) only fizzes water.

Since its introduction in the market, SodaStream soda makers can only carbonate water. While it may look like a disadvantage for some, it actually serves a purpose. If you look at the SodaStream Fizzi’s design, you will see that the carbonator part (the one with the straw/tube) is unremovable. Carbonating flavored beverages may contaminate this tube and cause clogging in the future. Cleanup will be a hassle, too.

Drinkpod, the maker of FIZZpod, is one of the companies that took advantage of SodaStream’s “disadvantage.” FIZZpod’s carbonator is designed to never be in contact with the beverage inside the soda bottle. Again, look closely at the carbonating lever part of the FIZZpod and you will see that it only has a very short protruding part and no tube such as the one with SodaStream. This is inserted into the bottle cap’s rubber-sealed opening every time the lever is pushed down. The CO2 then enters the cap, is pushed out of the tube that is attached to it, and fizzes the beverage inside the bottle.

This AirCharge innnovation of FIZZpod allows the machine to carbonate any liquid including juices, mixes, infusions, oils, liquor, and more. There are many available recipes on the FIZZpod product website to try, as well. Meanwhile, there is a wide variety of SodaStream flavored soda drops that even FIZZpod owners can use.

Carbonation & Lifetime Costs

FIZZpod uses any brand of CO2 cylinders including those from SodaStream.

FIZZpod also uses SodaStream cylinders
FIZZpod (left) also offers bundles with one or two CO2 tanks but owners can also buy from SodaStream (right).

Universally available 60L CO2 cylinders, such as the ones sold by SodaStream, can be used with FIZZpod. But while the company does not have a proprietary CO2 cylinder brand, they do, however, offer bundles that include one or two Soda Sense CO2 tanks. Soda Sense CO2 cylinders are also available on the Drinkpod product website.

Buying a new CO2 tank can be costly so companies that sell gas or refill tanks usually offer a gas exchange subscription service. SodaStream’s Mail Gas Exchange Service is one example and customers get to save as much as 45% in shipping fees every time they return their old tanks in exchange for refilled ones.

If you’re thinking of getting a FIZZpod, we recommend using CO2 cylinders from companies like SodaStream or Drinkmate that have gas exchange programs. Drinkmate’s CO2 Exchange program promises as much as $25 in rebates for returning two 60L gas cylinders. The rebates go up as more cylinders are returned.


There is little difference between the price tags of the FIZZpod and the SodaStream Fizzi.

With only a few dollars difference in terms of price, FIZZpod‘s promise of freedom to carbonate any liquid played a huge factor in our recommendation. We also like FIZZpod’s AirCharge technique and how the soda bottle is more stable in a cradle rather than suspended and locked into the carbonator. Leakages from over carbonation commonly happen with the SodaStream Fizzi because of this design. On the other hand, while FIZZpod won us over in this review, we do recommend using a SodaStream CO2 cylinder with it to take advantage of SodaStream’s Mail Gas Exchange Service.


๐Ÿ“Œ Can I fizz any type of water with these soda makers?

Yes, you can, but it is not recommended. Carbonation tends to magnify the taste of minerals and water so you may be able to taste it if you’re using tap water.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is FIZZpod made in the USA?

FIZZpod is made by Drinkpod, an American company. However, the factory is not located in the US.

๐Ÿ“Œ What is the difference between Silver and Polished Silver FIZZpod units?

Both units are made of the same material. However, Polished Silver is a shade lighter than the Silver-colored FIZZpod.

๐Ÿ“Œ How many liters of soda can one SodaStream 60L C02 cylinder make?

You can make up to 60 liters of soda with one SodaStream 60L gas tank.

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