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Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Review (2021): How Does It Compare To The Fire HD 8 Kids and Fire HD 8?

Amazon’s Fire HD tablets remain a popular alternative to more expensive options, including Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy tablets. While they may have limited apps, Amazon’s budget-friendly tablets offer solid performance given their price point. With the release of Fire HD 8 Kids Pro, the Fire lineup is now being marketed to older kids, too. It’s essentially a bridge in the gap between the Fire HD 8 Kids and the standard Fire HD 8.

So what’s new and different with the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro? To find out, we’ve compared Amazon’s newest tablet with the Fire HD 8 Kids and HD 8 based on design, features, and performance.

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro vs HD 8 Kids vs HD 8 Comparison Chart

ModelFire HD 8 Kids ProFire HD 8 KidsFire HD 8
 Amazon productAmazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
Dimensions6.3โ€ x 8.3โ€ x 0.7โ€9.2โ€ x 7.2โ€ x 1.0โ€8.0โ€ x 5.4โ€ x 0.4โ€
Weight19.2 oz19.4 oz12.5 oz
ScreenHD touch screenHD touch screenHD touch screen
CPUQuad-core 2.0 GHzQuad-core 2.0 GHzQuad-core 2.0 GHz
Ram2 GB2 GB2 GB
Storage32 GB32 GB32 GB or 64 GB
Protective CaseYesYesNo
1-Year Amazon Kids+ SubscriptionYesYesNo
Parent ControlsYesYesNo
Recommended Age Range6 to 12 years old3 to 7 years oldn/a
Camera2 MP front and rear-facing2 MP front and rear-facing2 MP front and 5 MP rear-facing
Battery Life12 hours12 hours12 hours
Warranty2 years2 years90 days

Design and Hardware

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro’s design and hardware remains unchanged from the Fire HD 8 Kids and Fire HD 8.

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro vs HD 8 Kids vs HD 8 Design and Hardware
The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids (left), Fire HD 8 Kids Pro (center), and Fire HD 8 (right).

A quick look at the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro and you know it’s designed with kids in mind. For hands that aren’t as steady as a grownup’s, Amazon has included a rubber case with the tablet, similar to the Fire HD 8 Kids. This protective enclosure is available in different finishes, including a quirky doodle pattern and a space-inspired design called Intergalactic.

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro’s case, however, is slimmer compared to the chunky, bumper style of the regular HD 8 Kids. It also comes with a cutout for the microphone, whereas the HD 8 Kids case covered this component.

The Fire HD 8, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a protective case. If you want one, you’ll have to purchase it separately. It’s a bit of a bummer considering how Amazon’s tablets are typically used in landscape mode. With a kid-friendly case, you get a convenient built-in stand that doubles as a handle, too.


If there are similarities between the standard Fire HD 8 and the newer Kids Pro version, it’s the front camera placement. On the Fire HD 8 Kids, the front-facing camera is at bottom of the screen when you’re in landscape mode. The HD 8 Kids Pro follows the HD 8 and moves the camera to a more intuitive location at the top.

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Hardware Features
A look at the design and hardware of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro.

Across all three Fire HD 8’s, however, the specs have largely stayed the same. These are lightweight tablets boasting vibrant 8-inch displays framed in rather thick bezels. You get the same 2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. With the Fire HD 8, however, you also have the option to go for 64GB of storage.

On the sides of the tablets, you’ll find similar setups, too. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack, external volume control, the power button, mic, and USB-C port for charging.


With the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro, users get additional features, including a filtered web browser and access to an app store.

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro vs HD 8 Kids vs HD 8 Features
The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro offers an interface similar to the Fire HD 8 but one that still requires parental approval.

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Kids Pro doesn’t stray too much from the mold of its predecessors. Its touchscreen still delivers the same 1280 x 800 resolution at 189 PPI, with support for HD video playback. There are a couple of accessibility features, too, including the VoiceView screen designed for users who are blind or visually impaired. Like the Fire HD 8 and HD 8 Kids, the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro can also connect with a refreshable braille display.

When it comes to the interface, however, the Kids Pro tablet feels more sophisticated. The icons are less quirky, and the wallpapers are finally customizable. The Kids Pro also comes with a Me Tab for parent-added content and a For You tab with recommended content. Of course, full parental controls are still available through the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro also introduces new features with the older age range of children in mind. The tablet, for instance, comes with a child-friendly app store that allows kids to request access to apps while still requiring parental approval. Instead of hand-picked websites like on the Fire HD 8 Kids, the HD 8 Kids Pro allows open but filtered browsing. This still blocks access to inappropriate sites and ensures search results are SafeSearch only. Parents can also add or block sites accordingly.

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro also supports voice and video calling to approved contacts. However, these contacts need to have the Alexa app or Alexa-enabled device for the feature to work.

Content and Subscriptions

Content for the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is tailored for children 6 to 12 years old.

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro vs HD 8 Kids vs HD 8 Content and Subscriptions
Each of the Fire HD 8 tablets offer content tailored for the age of the user.

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro comes with one year of Amazon Kids+, giving kids access to over 20,000 apps, books, and other media. You also get content that’s tailored for children 6 to 12 years old. If the Fire HD 8 Kids offers Disney and Nickelodeon, for instance, the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro delivers educational content from the likes of National Geographic, LEGO, and Rabbids Coding. Children can also access PG and PG 13 videos, along with more age-appropriate books.

In contrast, the standard Fire HD 8 is packed with content for grownups. Users can access streaming sites like Netflix, Showtime, and Hulu. Social media apps are also available, including Facebook and TikTok. Aside from entertainment content, users can also install productivity apps, including Outlook, Zoom, and Evernote. These can be downloaded from Amazon’s Appstore.

Battery, Charging, and Warranty

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro offers the same battery life and charging time as the other Fire HD 8 tablets.

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro vs HD 8 Kids vs HD 8 Battery and Charging
The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Doodle model (left), the Fire HD 8 Kids in purple (center), and the Fire HD 8 with a case (right).

Despite being a new iteration of the Fire HD 8 Kids, the Fire HD Kids Pro doesn’t offer an upgraded battery life. In fact, it’s the same as with the Fire HD 8. Still, 12 hours of battery life isn’t too bad, and it should last most users a day or even two. Charging time is unchanged as well. Depending on your power adapter, the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro will be fully charged anywhere between 3 to 5 hours.

When it comes to warranty, however, the kid-friendly Fire tablets get a two-year, worry-free guarantee. In contrast, the Fire HD 8 only offers a 90-day limited warranty. You can extend it to one, two, or even three years but for an additional fee.

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The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro bridges the gap between the Fire HD 8 Kids and the Fire HD 8’s audience.

Amazon product

With the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro, Amazon is delivering a tablet for older children. Not only are the new features more age-appropriate, but the content takes into consideration the expanding interests of growing kids as well. Even the HD 8 Kids Pro’s interface is more sophisticated than the standard Fire HD Kids tablet. It’s definitely a device designed for a purpose.

Don’t expect huge upgrades with this new Fire tablet, though. Although it’s branded as Pro, most of the design and hardware features are the same with the Fire HD 8 Kids and even Fire HD 8. Amazon’s Pro tablet even comes with the same battery life, charging time, and warranty policy. While it would have been nice to get some upgrades in camera, storage, or even processor, the HD 8 Kids Pro is a solid tablet as it is. Given its price point, it’s certainly a welcome addition to the Amazon Fire tablet catalog.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the difference with the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro and the Fire HD 8 Kids?

The Fire HD 8 Kids Pro moves its front-facing camera on top of the tablet (when in landscape mode). It also comes with filtered web browsing, access to an app store, as well as support for video calling. All these features, however, require parental approval.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Fire HD 8 tablet support Google Playstore?

The Fire HD tablet does not support Google Playstore. To download apps, users need to access the Amazon Appstore.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does Amazon Kids+ offer content in different languages?

The Amazon Kids+ also offers curated content in Spanish.

๐Ÿ“Œ How many profiles can parents manage with the Fire HD 8 Kids tablet?

With the Fire HD 8 Kids, parents can manage and add content for up to 4 child profiles.

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