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EKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 Pro (2023): Comparing Top-Rated Gaming Headsets

EKSA is an up-and-coming brand in the gaming industry that produces high-quality gaming headsets for various platforms. In this comparison, we’ll be looking at three of their popular headsets, namely the EKSA E900, EKSA E900 Pro and EKSA E1000

Each of these headsets has features, design and sound quality that set one apart from the others, catering to different gaming needs. On that note, we compare these headphones to hopefully provide you with the info you need to make a more informed decision.

EKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 Pro Comparison Chart

ModelEKSA E1000EKSA 900EKSA E900 Pro
 EKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 ProEKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 ProEKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 Pro
PriceCheck Price at EKSA.netCheck Price at EKSA.netCheck Price at EKSA.net
Driver Diameter50mm50mm50mm, dual chambers
Surround SoundYesNoYes, 7.1 virtual surround sound
MicrophoneFlip-up, noise cancelingDetachable, noise cancelingDetachable, noise canceling
Audio ControlIn-lineIn-lineOnboard
RGB LightingYesNoNo
ConnectionUSB3.5mmUSB, 3.5mm
ColorsGray, Green, Blue, RedRed, Purple, GreenBlack, Green

Sound Quality

For the best sound, the EKSA E900 Pro is your best bet.

EKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 Pro Sound Quality
A breakdown of the dual chamber drivers of the EKSA E900 Pro.

The EKSA E900 is a 3D stereo sound gaming headset, featuring audio drivers that provide a well-balanced sound with good bass response. Also, it’s equipped with a detachable noise-canceling microphone and connects via a fixed 3.5mm cable.

On the other hand, the EKSA E900 Pro is a surround sound gaming headset with dual chamber drivers, where one handles lows and another for mids and highs. It uses a USB cable to deliver high-quality audio, and it’s flexible in that it can be plugged using a 3.5mm cable too. Under the hood, it has a built-in sound card to deliver 7.1 virtual surround sound for a more immersive gaming experience. Moreover, it comes with a detachable microphone with noise-canceling for clearer voice communication.

Last but not least, the EKSA E1000 also features surround sound, and in the same vein, it uses a USB cable. Owing to its audio drivers, it delivers a well-balanced sound with clear treble and bass. Just like the rest, its microphone is noise canceling as well, capable of filtering out background noise effectively. However, it isn’t detachable, but it can be flipped up and out of the way when not in use.

All in all, the E900 Pro is the clear winner in sound quality, as it provides 7.1 virtual surround sound and uses dual chamber drivers. The E900 offers a well-balanced sound, and the E1000 supports surround sound too, but neither one has the same level of immersion as the E900 Pro.

Design and Build

If RGB lighting is your thing, then the EKSA E1000 has got you covered.

EKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 Pro Design and Build
The EKSA E1000 (in photo) features RGB lighting.

All three EKSA gaming headsets sport an ergonomic design, and they’re all comfortable to wear for long periods. Particularly, the EKSA E900 Pro comes with breathable ear pads, making them ideal for extended gaming sessions.

Appearance-wise, the EKSA E1000 may have the edge depending on your preferences, as it features RGB lighting that adds a distinct touch to it. For the record, the EKSA 900 and 900 Pro don’t have RGB, but the latter’s ear cups do have some form of lighting.

As for color options, the E900 is available in red, purple and green, whereas the E900 Pro only comes in black and green. The E1000 offers the most options: gray, green, blue and red.


The EKSA E900 provides a lot of bang for your buck.

EKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 Pro Price
An overview of the features of the EKSA E900 (in photo).

In terms of pricing, the EKSA E1000 is the most affordable of the three headsets, followed by the EKSA E900, and the EKSA E900 Pro is the most expensive. 

First off, the E1000 offers great value for its price, with its comfortable design, well-balanced sound, and unique RGB lighting. It is a good option for gamers who are on a tight budget but still want a good quality gaming headset.

Secondly, the E900 is slightly more expensive than the E1000, but it still offers an affordable 3D stereo sound experience. That makes it a good choice for gamers who prioritize comfort and a well-balanced sound. Considering its performance and features, it provides a ton of value for money.

Thirdly, the EKSA E900 Pro is the most expensive of the three headsets but offers the best sound quality and features, thanks to its 7.1 virtual surround sound and dual chamber design. This headset is likely the best bet for most gamers who are after sound quality and a more immersive gaming experience.

Overall, these EKSA gaming headsets offer good value for their respective prices, and choosing among them boils down to which features you need the most.


The EKSA E900, E900 Pro and E1000 have their own strong points, and deciding is really a matter of your preferences and budget.

EKSA E1000

Best for RGB enthusiasts

EKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 Pro

EKSA E900 Pro

Best for an immersive audio experience

EKSA E1000 vs E900 vs E900 Pro

The EKSA E900 gaming headset will likely fit the bill for most gamers. For those looking for something “flashier,” the EKSA E1000 is the better option because of its RGB lighting. Meanwhile, the EKSA E900 Pro can go a long way for those who want the best sound quality among the three. After all, it offers 7.1 virtual surround sound coupled with dual chamber drivers.


📌 What’s the difference between the EKSA E900 and E900 Pro?

The main difference is the EKSA E900 Pro features 7.1 virtual surround sound and dual chamber drivers, both of which the EKSA E900 lacks. Thanks to that, the former can deliver better sound quality and immersion.

📌 Is the EKSA E1000 worth it?

Yes, the EKSA E1000 has RGB lighting and a comfortable, ergonomic design. Also, it sounds decent, and its noise-canceling microphone works reliably well enough.

📌 Is the EKSA E900 Pro wireless?

No, the EKSA E900 Pro can only be used wired through either a USB or 3.5mm cable.

📌 Is the EKSA E900 Pro good for music?

With a dual chamber design, the EKSA E900 Pro is suited for music, where one driver is dedicated to mids and highs and another to lows. However, it has a consumer-friendly sound profile in that it has a slightly emphasized bass, which does work well for hip-hop and EDM.

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