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ECOVACS T10 OMNI vs X1 OMNI (2023): Comparing Flagship Robot Vacuums and Mops

The era when robot vacuums were limited to only sucking dirt and debris has ended. Modern dust-busters have advanced features such as AI-powered navigation and cutting-edge mopping technology. As they stand, these intelligent robots make cleaning more hands-free.

Few brands have captured this essence of the modern robovac as successfully as ECOVACS. Just look at the ECOVACS T10 OMNI and the flagship ECOVACS X1 OMNI. As some of the latest releases under the brand’s Deebot lineup, both offer comprehensive software and an impressive feature set. They also combine vacuuming and mopping capabilities while enjoying the convenience of the auto-emptying OMNI station.

With solid specs and a sophisticated design, which robot should you get? Below, we unpack these advanced home cleaning appliances to help you decide.

ECOVACS T10 OMNI vs X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum & Mop Comparison Chart

Mapping and NavigationTrueMapping 2.0TrueMapping 2.0
Object AvoidanceAIVI 3.0AIVI 3D Combined with TrueDetect 3D 2.0
Suction Power5,000 Pa5,000 Pa
Vacuum System4-Stage Deep Cleaning System4-Stage Deep Cleaning System
Mopping SystemOZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping SystemOZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System
OMNI Station Dust Bag Capacity3L3L
Water Tank Capacity80ml80ml
3D MappingYesYes
Video ManagerYesYes
YIKO AI Voice AssistanceYesYes
Smart Home CompatibilityAlexa, Google AssistantAlexa, Google Assistant
Runtime150 minutes150 minutes

Design and Dock

The ECOVACS T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI share the same streamlined and sophisticated design albeit in different color finishes.

Ecovacs T10 OMNI vs X1 OMNI Design and Dock
A look at the ECOVACS T10 OMNI (left) and the X1 Omni (right).

ECOVACS’s T10 OMNI is a dead ringer for the X1 OMNI vacuum. Like its flagship counterpart, the T10 OMNI sports a round form and a flat top, only interrupted by a raised disc. This protrusion conceals the robots’ LiDAR sensors.

Both Deebots are over 14 inches in diameter. In terms of height, they’re taller than average, measuring about 4.1 inches. Other robots have a lower profile, but the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI can still navigate under furniture with high thresholds.

Underneath the robots, you’ll find identical components. Brushes, wheels, and carpet detection sensors occupy this side of the robovacs. If you’re looking for the camera, it’s right in front, with other navigation and mapping sensors. Meanwhile, ECOVACS clads the front half of the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI vacuums with protective bumpers.

These robots are attractive compared with the run-of-the-mill design of other vacuums. Their visible sensors are housed inside panels, and the detailing is kept to a minimum. Even the panels brandish a subtle sheen, lending the robots their premium appearance. However, color options are limited. The T10 OMNI is available only in white with black accents, while the X1 OMNI comes in a black-and-silver finish.

The large OMNI station hides internal compartments in a sleek frame.


The main draw of these vacuums is the dock or OMNI station. Unlike the charging bases of other all-in-one vacuums, the OMNI station offers a distinct aesthetic. Designed by the Danish firm Jacob Jensen Design, the T10 and X1’s streamlined OMNI stations house the compartments inside a large, almost cavernous unit.

Inside, the OMNI station automatically empties dirt and debris from the vacuums. It can also separate pure water from sewage, replenish the water reservoir of your T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI, and discharge its waste container. Moreover, the docking station auto-washes the vacuum mop pads and dries them through hot air.

Mapping and Navigation

Both the ECOVACS T10 OMNI and XI OMNI offer advanced mapping and intelligent navigation, with object recognition at the forefront.

Ecovacs T10 OMNI vs X1 OMNI Mapping and Navigation
The combination of an RGB camera and multiple sensors allows the T10 OMNI (left) and X1 OMNI (right) to safely maneuver around your home.

To know your home, the ECOVACS has equipped T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI with TrueMapping 2.0. It’s essentially LiDAR laser technology, which is the same used on self-driving cars and drones. With it, the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI can accurately map your home in minutes. The robots typically generate a 2D map of your home, but a 3D option is available if you want a more detailed view.

But where the two robovacs have the edge in the industry is its masterful object avoidance. Most robovacs will simply avoid any object in their way. In the case of the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI, the vacuums can recognize the obstructions.

The AIVI 3.0 (T10 OMNI) and AIVI 3D (X1 OMNI) employ the RGB camera in front of the robot vacuums. This allows the units to identify household objects, including trash bins, shoes, socks, and power cables on the floor. It can even detect people.

ECOVACS shares that the technology uses a dedicated AI processor for faster object recognition. Meanwhile, a TrueDetect 3D sensor scans the path ahead. Combined, these features help T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI navigate around obstacles without getting stuck. From experience, however, the X1 OMNI has a slight edge in navigation.

Vacuum and Mop Features

Homeowners will benefit from the multi-stage vacuuming system and above-average mopping capabilities of the ECOVACS T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI.

ECOVACS T10 OMNI vs X1 OMNI Vaccum and Mop Features
A look at the mop pads of the T10 OMNI (top left) and X1 OMNI (bottom left); dirty water sucked by the OMNI station after the X1 OMNI’s mopping (right)

When a product is feature-packed, it can take away attention from its central function. Sometimes, the bells and whistles cover up for underwhelming core capabilities. Not so with the ECOVACS T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI. These robot vacuums excel in what they’re supposed to do: clean floors.

Both robovacs employ a multi-stage cleaning system anchored on a floating main brush with a washable filter that tackles deeper cleaning while filtering micro-dust. Unlike other robot vacuums, the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI boast two side brushes. As such, the units have an edge in agitating dirt and debris across hard-to-reach corners.

You get 5,000Pa of suction power from these vacuums. It’s almost double that of the ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro+. Some robovac brands offer more suction power, but the difference is negligible, given the dual side brushes of the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI. And with surface detection, the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI increase power when working on carpets and rugs while lowering suction on hard flooring to conserve energy.

Most robot vacuums have a similar mopping mechanism where a mopping pad is attached and dragged along the floor as it cleans. However, this method only provides gentle cleaning. In the case of the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI, you get dual spinning mops that spin 180 times a minute. It’s not as good as manually mopping the floor, but it does deliver more pressure than the standard.

Smart Features and Runtime

While the ECOVACS T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI share similar intelligent features, the latter has the edge in runtime.

Ecovacs T10 OMNI vs X1 OMNI Smart Features and Runtime
The T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI have a built-in voice assistant called YIKO that supports voice commands, including requests for cleaning specific areas.

The ECOVACS T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI are smart home appliances as much as they are powerful vacuums. As expected, they work with a companion mobile app where homeowners can view and save maps, set cleaning schedules, and adjust settings.

Both vacuums also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands. However, you also get a built-in voice assistant called YIKO on these vacuums. YIKO is handy if you don’t have Alexa or Google Assitant-enabled devices at home. With YIKO, the robots can instantly recognize your voice and respond to multiple commands.

Aside from the RGB camera, the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI also have an onboard microphone and speaker. You can access these features remotely through the mobile app and save photos and videos. As such, the vacuum can double as a roving security monitor at home. Since there’s support for two-way audio, you can also communicate with people and pets at home.

Lastly, the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI are equipped with 5,200 mAH batteries, giving the robovacs up to 150 minutes of runtime.


Get the ECOVACS T10 OMNI if you want to save on upfront costs. Opt for the ECOVACS X1 Omni if you want more advanced object avoidance and a sleeker black model.

The ECOVACS T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI are some of the most advanced floor-cleaning robots on the market today. They’re also among the sleekest when it comes to design. Both are versatile and efficient, with standout features, including reliable obstacle avoidance and a hands-free OMNI docking station. Moreover, these are powerful vacuums with ample cleaning customizations and above-average mopping capabilities. And with app and voice control, you also get an extra layer of convenience.

With almost similar specs, which one do you choose? The X1 OMNI’s advantage is its advanced obstacle avoidance technology. The flagship robovac also offers a sleeker black-and-silver design. If these details appeal to you, then the X1 OMNI is better. Of course, this gives the T10 OMNI an advantage β€” it sells for less than its flagship counterpart.


πŸ“Œ What are the dimensions of the OMNI docking station?

The OMNI docking station measures 16.9 x 17.6 x 22.8 inches.

πŸ“Œ How many days of dirt and debris does the 3L dustbag of the ECOVACS T10 OMNI and X1 Omni hold?

The ECOVACS T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI’s 3L dustbag can hold up to 60 days of dirt and debris.

πŸ“Œ What type of filter do these vacuums use?

ECOVACS shares that the T10 OMNI and X1 OMNI use an F9 washable filter cartridge.

πŸ“Œ What are the advantages of ECOVACS vacuums?

ECOVACS vacuums use advanced cleaning technologies like multi-surface brushes, powerful suction, and mapping and navigation systems to provide thorough and efficient cleaning.

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