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Echo Show 15 vs 10 vs 5 (2021): Which Smart Display Should You Get?

Amazon’s lineup of smart displays has been expanding over the years. With the new Echo Show 15, the functional smart home device gets an upgrade in size and features. It’s almost as good as a small TV. But is bigger always better? How does the latest model fare when compared to the best-selling Echo Show 10 and the compact, fan-favorite Echo Show 5? Below, we take a look at how these smart displays perform toe-to-toe.

Echo Show 15 vs 10 vs 5 Comparison Chart

ModelEcho Show 15Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen)
 Amazon productAmazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
Display 15.6โ€ touchscreen10.1โ€ touchscreen5.5โ€ touch screen
Display Resolution1920 x 10801280 x 800960 x 480
Landscape and Portrait OrientationYesNoNo
Rotating ScreenNoYesNo
Wall MountableYesNoNo
Camera5 MP + Shutter13MP + Shutter2 MP + Shutter
Speakers2 x 1.6โ€2 x 1.0โ€ tweeters + 3.0โ€ woofer1 x 1.7โ€
ConnectivityWifi, BluetoothWifi, BluetoothWifi, Bluetooth
Amazon AlexaBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-in
Alexa CompatibilityFire OS, iOS, Android devicesFire OS, iOS, Android devicesFire OS, iOS, Android devices
ProcessorAmlogic Pop1 octa-core SoC with Amazon AZ2MediaTek 8183MediaTek MT 8163
Smart Home Hubโ€”Zigbee + Sidewalkโ€”
Dimensions (W x H x D)15.8โ€ x 9.9โ€ x 1.4โ€9.9โ€ x 9โ€ x 6.7โ€5.8โ€ x 3.4โ€ x 2.9โ€
Weight78.1 oz90.3 oz14.5 oz

Design and Display

The Echo Show 15 sports a sleek design that frames a larger touchscreen compared to the Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 5.

Amazon Echo Show 15 vs 10 vs 5 Smart Displays Design and Screen
On the left, the Echo Show 15 with its picture-frame design; on the right, the Echo Show 10 (top) and Echo Show 5 (bottom).

The distinguishing feature among all three Echo Show devices is, of course, their sizes. Their model names are already indicative of their display size. With the Echo Show 15, you’re getting a 15.6-inch touchscreen. Meanwhile, the Echo Show 10 and 5 sport 10.1-inch and 5.5-inch screens respectively.

Given the difference in their dimensions, their aesthetic also varies. The compact Echo Show 5, for instance, brandishes a trapezoid-like shape with a thicker base. This allows it to keep upright once placed on any flat surface. At the same time, its display is slightly tilted for a more optimal viewing angle.

Amazon’s Echo Show 10, on the other hand, is mounted on a round base. From afar, it looks more like a desktop PC. This dual-component design easily makes the Echo Show 10 the heaviest of the three models. Nonetheless, the bulkier form lends the device a unique feature โ€” the ability of the screen to rotate 360-degrees around its motorized base.

If you can live without a rotating screen, then the Echo Show 15 offers a more immersive visual experience. Amazon’s newest smart display closely resembles Samsung’s popular The Frame TV. Like a picture frame, the Echo Show 15 is best mounted on a wall, serving as a smart notification board of sorts. But you can still set it on a table if combined with a stand that’s sold separately.


The Echo Show 15, 10, and 5 all come with built-in microphones, cameras, and privacy shutters.

Amazon Echo Show 15 vs 10 vs 5 Hardware
Built-in privacy covers on the Echo Show 15 (left); a 13MP camera for monitoring your home on the Echo Show 10 (right).

Amazon has equipped all three Echo Show models with a built-in camera and microphone. Because these smart home products work in private spaces, Amazon has also added dedicated on/off buttons for both features. The Echo Show 15, 10, and 5 all come with built-in camera shutters for greater privacy as well. Other buttons include volume up and down toggles.

Despite being the largest model, the Echo Show 15 only features a 5MP camera. Instead, it’s the newest generation of Echo Show 10 that carries the best lens โ€” a 13MP camera. Meanwhile, the Echo Show 5 comes with a modest 2MP camera.

Now, underneath the Echo Show 10 and 5, you’ll find the power port. With the 10, this is connected to a 30W power adaptor, while the 5 comes with a 15W unit. On the frame-like Echo Show 15, the power port and cable channels form a relief just like the surrounding wall-mount cavity. This allows for cleaner and more seamless installation on walls.

Video and Audio Quality

Among the three devices, the Echo Show 15 has the best screen resolution, while the Echo Show 10 has the edge when it comes to audio quality.

Amazon Echo Show 15 vs 10 vs 5 Video and Audio Quality
Stream content on the Echo Show 15 (left) or display photos on the Echo Show 5 (right).

Thanks to its 15-inch LCD, the Echo Show 15 offers the most immersive visual experience. Users can set up the device in either portrait or landscape mode, too, depending on how they want to enjoy the 1920 x 1080p resolution. Still, the Echo Show 10 isn’t too far off. With the latest generation of this best-seller, you’re still getting a 1280 x 800p screen resolution that delivers a pretty close performance to the 15.

Since it’s only sporting a 5.5-inch screen, the Echo Show 5 is a considerable step down from the 15 and 10 models. Here, you’re only getting a 960 x 480p screen resolution. For its size, however, it gets the job done even though it lags a little. The Echo Show 5 also comes with a full-range 1.65-inch 4-watt speaker that works well on a bedside table or desk.

The Echo Show 15, on the other hand, is equipped with dual 1.6-inch full-range drivers. For a display that’s best mounted on the wall, it should be enough. But if you’re looking to use a smart display for video calls, you’re probably better off with the Echo Show 10. Aside from the rotating screen that follows you as you move around, it comes with a pair of 1-inch tweeters and a 3-inch woofer. With this directional speaker system, you’re getting a more dynamic sound quality.

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Smart Features

The Echo Show 15 shows more personalized content than the Echo Show 10 or Echo Show 5.

Amazon Echo Show 15 vs 10 vs 5 Smart Features
Echo Show devices can display recipes or food suggestions. Or, they can simply work as a bedside photo display.

Of course, the heart of these Echo Show devices is Amazon Alexa. All three feature the smart assistant and its plethora of functionalities. The Echo Show 15’s unique display, however, allows a more interactive and personalized service. With its widgets, it’s easier to track and organize notes, to-do lists, and other reminders. Users can also set up visual ID, allowing the Echo Show 15 to show personalized content by simply recognizing who is looking at the screen.

The Echo Show 15, 10, and 5 also work with a range of services. Homeowners can stream Netflix shows, play music and podcasts from Spotify, or display recipes. They’re also compatible with other devices, including Amazon’s lineup of Ring video doorbells. With the Echo Show 10, however, Amazon includes Zigbee support, allowing it to work with more smart devices from other brands. Unfortunately, this is something missing on both the Echo Show 15 and 5.


Get the Echo Show 15 if you need a modern notification board. If you put a priority on video calls or simply want a bedside display, opt for the Echo Show 10 and 5 respectively.

Amazon product

In terms of functionality, the Echo Show 15, Echo Show 10, and Echo Show 5 offer more or less the same features. Aside from displaying your photos, they work with a range of services largely powered by Amazon Alexa. From streaming content to managing home security cameras, these are powerful smart displays.

How these services are offered, however, is different because of their format. The rotating screen, advanced speakers, and 5MP camera of the Echo Show 10, for instance, means it’s particularly great for video calls. With the Echo Show 5, you’re looking at a budget-friendly device ideal as a bedside or desk display.

The release of the Echo Show 15, on the other hand, introduces an Amazon smart hub and display that works best when mounted on a wall. It’s obvious in its picture-frame design. The larger screen also makes it ideal for households who enjoy visual content โ€” whether they’re viewing reminders or streaming TV shows and movies โ€” but prefer to keep their tables and surfaces clear of devices.


๐Ÿ“Œ Can you set the Echo Show 15 on a stand instead of mounting it on the wall?

The Echo Show 15 is primarily designed to be mounted on a wall. Behind the display, users will find a wall mount cavity as well as a sculpted power port that allows for the power adaptor cables to be secured. However, the Echo Show 15 can also be displayed on a stand. Stands, however, are sold separately.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Echo Show 15 come with mounting hardware?

Yes, it does. Every purchase of the Echo Show 15 includes anchors, screws, wall mounts, and a mounting template. Installing it on the wall, however, will require an electric drill.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty of the Echo Show 10?

The Echo Show 10 comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Optional 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year extended warranties are also available for an additional fee.

๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the difference between the Echo Show 15 and Echo Show 5?

When it comes to the Echo Show 15 and Echo Show 5, size is the most obvious difference. The picture-frame design of the Echo Show 15 carries a 15.6-inch touchscreen LCD. Meanwhile, the Echo Show 5 is a more compact model ideally placed on a desk or bedside table. It also comes with a much smaller 5.5-inch touchscreen LCD.

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