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Dyson Pure Cool TP01 vs TP04 (2022): Comparing Air Purifiers and Tower Fans

Although Dyson is known for its vacuum cleaners, the brand offers more than just innovative dustbusters. Since 2015, the company has been cleaning the air you breathe at home as well. Today, Dyson air purifiers are popular thanks to their aesthetics and functionality. The Dyson Pure Cool TP01, for instance, is a sleek cleaner that purifies the air and cools large spaces.

Over the years, this lineup of 2-in-1 purifier and fan appliances has incorporated tech upgrades and new features. Just look at the Dyson Pure Cool TP04. Like its predecessors, the TP04 is bladeless but adds intelligent features that make it a compelling purchase. Below, we unpack the two models to see which one you should buy.

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 vs TP04 Comparison Chart

ModelDyson Pure Cool TP01Dyson Pure Cool TP04
StyleTower, BladelessTower, Bladeless
HEPA Filter360 Glass HEPA with Activated CarbonGlass HEPA Media and Activated Carbon
Airspeed Settings1010
Oscillation70 degrees350 degrees
Multiple ModesNoYes
Child SafeNoYes
Remote ControlYesYes
Wi-Fi ConnectivityNoYes
Dimensions40.1 x 4.3 x 7.9 in.41.5 x x 8.8 x 8.8 in.
Weight8.4 lb10.97 lb


While the Dyson Pure Cool TP01 and TP04 are futuristic-looking tower fans and purifiers, the latter is slightly taller and heavier.

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 vs TP04 Design
Compared to the Pure Cool TP01 (left), the Pure Cool TP04 (right) is wider and comes with a taller base

If you’re keen on sporting a minimalist aesthetic at home, it’s hard to argue against the Dyson Pure Cool TP01 and TP04. The futuristic-looking bladeless units brandish clean lines and curves. About two-thirds of the TP01 and TP04 are occupied by this fan that’s built on a metallic base. The base houses the filtration component of the units.

The Pure Cool TP01 and TP04 are over 40 inches tall and sport narrow, oblong-shaped amps. The latter, however, is slightly taller and heavier.

In place of the spinning blades, the fans use Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology. Since there are no grills, you can easily wipe the units clean, including the inside of the amp.

As for operation, both Pure Cool models come with LED displays on the base. With the Pure Cool TP04, the component is a round color screen where the fan and base meet. In contrast, the almost hidden display of the TP01 is located much lower, near the power button.

Users can get the Pure Cool TP01 in three colors โ€” Black/Nickel, Iron/Silver, and White/Silver. Meanwhile, the Pure Cool TP04 is available in White/Silver and Iron/Blue.

Filtration and Performance

Despite being marketed with different filtration systems, there’s no comparable difference in the purifying performance of the Dyson Pure Cool TP01 and TP04.

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 vs TP04 Filtration and Performance
Dyson’s Pure Cool TP01 sucks in air and blasts out a purified, clean air flow (left); a look at the 360-degree HEPA filtration system used by the Pure Cool TP04 (right)

With over 400 L/sec of airflow, Dyson’s PureCool TP01 and TP04 are designed to cover large areas faster. This makes them ideal for purifying shared spaces like living or dining rooms. As for filtration, the specs indicate the models use different components. In reality, the TP04 has the same filter as the TP01, although Dyson shares that TP04 uses an improved version.

Both fans rely on a 360-degree sealed HEPA filter with activated carbon. The ‘360’ refers to the round shape of the filter that fits snugly inside the Pure Cool TP01 and TP04’s base. This allows the units to clean the air around them instead of focusing on one direction or area.

According to Dyson, these glass HEPA filters capture 99.97% of particulates up to 0.3 microns in size. This should be enough to clean a room from allergens, smoke particles, pollen, and aerosol. Meanwhile, the carbon filter removes odors and gaseous pollutants.

Dyson recommends replacing the air purifier filters every 12 months. If you missed counting the days, the LED on the units offers filter-life notifications. The only downside is that replacement filters are expensive.

Oscillation and Modes

Dyson’s Pure Cool TP04 has a more comprehensive oscillation range and supports more modes than the Pure Cool TP01.

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 vs TP04 Oscillation and Modes
The Pure Cool TP01 has a limited airflow angle due to its lack of modes (left); a look at the broader coverage offered by the Pure Cool TP04 (right)

If you want to cool or purify a large space, you need a fan with a wide oscillation range. This is where the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 wins. It offers four levels of oscillation up to 350 degrees, ensuring sufficient coverage for any room.

In contrast, the Pure Cool TP01 is limited to just 70 degrees of oscillation. So while it has ten speed settings like the TP04, you may have to crowd yourself in a narrow area to feel its effects.

The Pure Cool TP01 doesn’t support modes outside of cooling and purifying. With the TP04, you get several. These include an auto-mode and a diffused mode. The latter expands the amount of air distributed across angles. Dyson’s Pure Cool TP04 also has a night setting that dims the LED screen to minimize light disturbances as you sleep.

Smart Features and Controls

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 enjoys smart features that the Pure Cool TP01 lacks.

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 vs TP04 Smart Features and Controls
A look at the remote control for the Pure Cool TP01 (left); controlling the Pure Cool TP04 via the Dyson Link app (right)

Gone are the days when fans needed physical buttons. Dyson’s Pure Cool TP04 boasts intelligent features that make the Pure Cool TP01 seem outdated. Although both units come with remote controls, the TP04 also connects with a mobile app. Since it has Wi-Fi connectivity, you can pair the fan with the Dyson Link app.

Available on both Android and iOS, the Dyson Link app provides homeowners with information about the TP04 and its environment. These include pollution levels and air quality. Through the app, users can also set schedules for purification. Moreover, Dyson Link tells you about the filter life while allowing you to purchase replacements within the app.

If real-time air quality reports and device insights are not enough, the TP04 adds one more smart feature. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, the unit also supports voice commands through Alexa. It’s a functionality that should appeal to those with smart home systems.


While the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 costs more, it offers better features and performance than the Dyson Pure Cool TP01.

If you need a fan that cools as it purifies, Dyson’s Pure Cool series of tower fans is worth checking out. But like with other brands, there are several models to choose from. The Dyson Pure Cool TP01 is the entry-level option for those on a budget. Despite its price, it offers a reasonable foray into bladeless fans. However, you’re also getting fewer features since you’re saving money here.

This makes the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 the more compelling purchase. Although you’ll have to spend extra dollars for this 2-in-1, the presence of modes and the wider oscillation range give it a clear upper hand. This translates to a more convincing performance, especially if you’re looking for a fan that can cool a large room.


๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty of the Dyson TP01 Pure Cool Tower?

Dyson’s TP01 Pure Cool Tower comes with a two-year warranty.

๐Ÿ“Œ What are the different modes available on the Dyson Pure Cool TP04?

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 has five modes. These are Auto, Night, Jet Focus, Diffused, and Backward Airflow.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 safe for those with asthma?

Dyson shares that the Pure Cool TP04 is certified safe for those with asthma and allergies by Allergy Standards Limited.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does the Dyson Pure Cool TP01 provide filter-life notifications?

Yes. The Dyson Pure Cool TP01 provides filter-life notifications via its LED screen.

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