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Dyson Corrale vs ghd Platinum+ Styler (2021): Which Flat Iron is Better?

Following the success of the Dyson Airwrap Styler, the British tech company launched its entry into the hair-straightening market: the Dyson Corrale flat iron. It boasts patent heating technology, flexing plates, and cordless functionality, but not without a steep price tag. How does the cordless Dyson Corrale straightener fare against the more affordable ghd platinum+ styler, which has become a hairstyling staple? Read on to find out.

Dyson Corrale vs ghd platinum+ styler Flat Iron Comparison Chart

ModelDyson Corraleghd platinum+ styler
 Dyson Corrale hair straightenerghd platinum+ styler
PriceCheck Price

at Walmart.com

Check Price

at Walmart.com

Weight560 g / 1.25 lbs400 g / .88 lbs
Cord length2.92m / 10.9 ft2.7m / 9 ft
Heat Settings165°C/330°F
Heating TechnologyFlexing Plate TechnologyUltra-Zone Technology with Floating Plates
PlateManganese Copper AlloyAluminum with Ceramic Coating
Charging DockYesNo
Auto Shut-Off /
Sleep Mode
Heat-Resistant PouchYesNo
ColorsBlack Nickel/Fuchsia
Ink on Pink
Cobalt Blue
Glacial Blue


The Dyson Corrale flat iron offers cordless functionality and a charging dock; the ghd platinum+ styler comes in more colors

Both the Dyson Corrale (left) and the ghd platinum+ flat irons are on the bulkier side

Right off the bat, you will notice that the Dyson Corrale straightener and the ghd platinum+ styler have different build and design. The platinum+ styler’s aesthetics are consistent to ghd’s lineup of flat irons. It has a rounder profile whereas the Dyson Corrale sports a smarter look. Their color options are also different, with the ghd offering more choices than the Corrale straightener.

The most significant difference in their design is the cordless functionality offered by the latest Dyson Corrale (more on this later), a rare feature found in most flat irons in the market today. It also comes with a charging dock that matches the color of the straightener. This makes it more convenient to straighten your hair without having to worry about staying close to a power source.

The downside to the cordless capability is it’s slightly heavier than the ghd platinum+. With its batteries, the Dyson Corrale straightener weighs 560g whereas the ghd platinum+ flat iron only weighs 400g. Should you wish to stick to using cords, the Dyson comes with a 10.9-feet long cable. While the ghd’s isn’t as long, its 9-feet cable is still long enough for most users.

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Dyson's industry-leading cordless hair straightener

Straighten and smoothen your hair without the extreme heat damage and fussing with cords with the Dyson Corrale cordless hair straightener.

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We are reader supported. When you buy through our links we may earn an affiliate commission.

Heating Settings

The Dyson Corrale straightener has three heat settings while the ghd platinum+ styler’s settings cannot be adjusted

With the Dyson Corrale‘s OLED screen, you can easily see its heat settings and the remaining battery life

The Dyson Corrale straightener has three temperature settings: 330°F, 365°F, and 410°F. You can check the heat settings on its OLED screen. Users with thinner hair strands can opt for the lower temperature setting while those with coarser hair might appreciate the highest setting. However, try to stick to lower heat settings or use heat protection spray if you will opt to set the flat iron to 410°F.

In contrast, the ghd platinum+ styler only has one heat setting: 365°F. This flat iron only has a power off/on button and it will automatically adjust the heat to suit your hair type. ghd claims 365°F is the best temperature for most hair types to avoid damage without compromising the results. For some, having one heat setting is better so they won’t be tempted to set the flat iron to a hotter temperature.

Heating Technology

The Dyson Corrale straightener boasts patent flexing plates; the ghd platinum+ delivers slightly shinier results

Dyson’s flexing plates shape around your hair for better control and less damage

Both Dyson and ghd boast superb engineering in their flat irons that constantly adjust the plates’ temperature to keep even heating throughout the plates. What’s unique about the Dyson Corrale is its flexing manganese copper alloy plates. Dyson claims the flat iron’s flexing plates will cause less damage as it flexes around your hair as it “corrals”, or gathers, your hair. This results in lesser breakage compared to using traditional solid plates.

In contrast, the ghd platinum+ styler comes with its traditional solid plates coated with ceramic. Despite this and the fact that the ghd flat iron only has one temperature setting, its straightening results are nowhere near inferior to the newer Dyson Corrale‘s. ghd ups its game with the platinum+ styler with its Ultra-Zone technology and advanced floating plates that work together for shinier, frizz-free straightened hair. The ghd platinum+ narrowly edges out the Dyson Corrale straightener, as the ghd-straightened hair has less frizz and static.

Additional Features

The Dyson Corrale straightener can be used cordless for 30 minutes and comes with a charging dock and heat-resistant pouch

dyson corrale vs ghd straightener
You can charge the Dyson Corrale through its dock for 70 mins (top photo) or remove the lithium-ion battery for storing in checked luggage (bottom). Left photo shows a sample customized ghd platinum+ styler.

As the more expensive flat iron, the Dyson Corrale straightener comes with more bells and whistles. As mentioned earlier, Dyson highlights the Corrale’s cordless functionality when it was launched. After a 70-minute charge on its dock, you can use the Dyson Corrale without its cord for 30 minutes, probably more if you use lower temperature settings. While this is great for most hair types, 30 minutes is barely enough to straighten thick, curly hair. This is something to consider when deciding to get the Dyson Corrale.

Dyson’s new flat iron also lets you remove its batteries in case you want to store your Corrale straightener in your checked luggage. It also comes with a free heat-resistant pouch which can also be used as a protective mat when using the Corrale. To ensure safety, both the Dyson Corrale and the ghd platinum+ styler automatically shut off when not in use for 10 minutes and 30 minutes, respectively.


While the Dyson Corrale packs more features, the ghd platinum+ styler still offers better value for your money

As the ghd platinum+ styler delivers the same, if not slightly better, straightened results for half the price of the Dyson Corrale, it’s hard not to recommend the flat iron from the award-winning brand. While the ghd is not the cheapest, it’s a worthy purchase as ghd straighteners can last for years. If the cost is no object, the Dyson Corrale straightener is an excellent purchase for its cordless functionality. However, for its price, its 30-minute cord-free straightening could have been longer.


📌 What is so special about ghd straighteners?

ghd straighteners use a technology that automatically adjusts the ceramic plates’ temperature for consistently even heating. Unlike most straighteners, ghd flat irons only have one heat setting so your hair won’t get damaged from excessive heat.

📌 Is the ghd platinum+ styler better than the original?

The ghd platinum+ styler can get hotter quicker than the original version.

📌 Does a ghd straightener ruin your hair?

ghd designed its straighteners to maintain a temperature that’s optimal for your hair’s health. Of course, excessive use of straighteners can eventually damage your hair, so we recommend using a heat protectant before straightening your hair.

📌 Can I use Dyson Corrale and ghd platinum+ on wet hair?

No, both the Dyson Corrale and ghd platinum+ styler are not recommended for use on wet hair. If you want a hairstyling tool that you can use with wet hair, the Dyson Airwrap styler is what you need.

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