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Dyson Airwrap vs Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush (2021): Which Gives A Better Blowout?

More and more women are in search of the high quality hair styling tools that they can conveniently use at home. Dyson is a favorite brand as its top-notch technology has also been carried over to their hair styling tools. However, not everyone can afford the hefty price tag.

We always aim to provide our readers alternatives. So, in this article, we will be comparing the Dyson Airwrap with the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush, another popular hair styling tool that’s relatively in the more affordable price range. The Dyson Airwrap comes with 6 attachments. But to level the playing field, we will focus on the brush attachments that come with the package. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether you’ll take splurge on the premium brand or settle getting the less expensive one.

Dyson Airwrap vs Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush Comparison Chart

ModelDyson AirwrapAmika Hair Blow Dryer Brush
PriceCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price at Amika
Special FeaturesCurl, wave, smooth, and dry hair without extreme heat.2-in-1 hair styling tool
Settings4 heat settings including constant cold shot
3 airflow speeds
3 adjustable heat/speed settings
Attachment & Inclusions1.2 inch Airwrap™ barrels
1.6 inch Airwrap™ barrels
Firm smoothing brush
Soft smoothing brush
Round volumizing brush
Pre-styling dryer
Dyson Airwrap™ Base
Storage case
Oval barrel blow dryer brush
Cord Length8.5′ (2.62 m)9′ (3m)
Cord SwivelNoYes
VoltageDepends on country of purchase120V
Package Dimensions15.94″ x 7.91″ x 7.13″4.7″ x 13.3″ x 3.5″
Package Weight8.73 lbs0.85 lbs
WarrantyUp to 5 years1 year

Design and Construction

Dyson appliances have always been stylish and the Airwrap is no exception. Meanwhile, it’s “what you see is what you get” for the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush.

The Dyson Airwrap (left) comes with several drying and curling attachments while the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush (right) has none as it is designed as a 2-in-1 hair styling tool.

Dyson has always kept their products looking sleek and modern. The Dyson Airwrap’s nickel base actually looks similar to the bodies of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and the Dyson Corrale straightener. With the smallest brush attached, the Airwrap weighs around 1.5 lbs. The handle is slim and easy to hold but the cord doesn’t swivel so this may be a problem for some.

On the other hand, Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush’s design is more simpler. Imagine having a big black brush that gives off hot air to dry your hair. That’s it. On its handle is the dial for adjusting the temperature and speed. Despite its size, this hair blow dryer brush only weighs less than a pound and the cord swivels so its easy to twirl the brush for achieving waves.

Attachments and Settings

The Airwrap has more attachments and temperature settings than the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush.

Dyson Airwrap intelligently controls heat up to 150 degrees Celsius while Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush has 3 adjustable heat settings.

The complete Dyson Airwrap styler package includes 8 attachments plus a leather storage bag. The barrels come in two sizes with each size having a barrel that twirls clockwise and another that twirls counter clockwise. Three brushes of different sizes and functions are also included in the set: a firm smoothing brush, a round volumizing brush, and a soft smoothing brush. Then, there’s the pre-styling dryer attachment that you can use to blow dry wet hair until it’s damp and ready for styling either with the brush or the barrel.

Meanwhile, the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush has has 3 heat settings that can be adjusted by turning the dial on its handle. The Dyson Airwrap, however, has 4 heat settings including a constant cold shot. There’s also another button that controls the airflow speeds according to your styling preference.

Styling Performance

Dyson Airwrap provides more styling options than the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush.

With its numerous attachments, you can also curl your hair with the Dyson Airwrap while the Amika Hair Dry Blower Brush can conveniently give you salon quality blowout at home.

When attached to the base handle, Dyson Airwrap brushes can straighten and add volume and waves to hair strands. This is also pretty much what the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush does. But since the Airwrap has 3 differently-sized brushes, there’s more room for customizing waves.

But then, current users of the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush applauds how quickly it dries and styles hair. This is probably because the tourmaline coated barrel also helps the styling process when heated.

Finally, on a side note, the Dyson Airwrap’s curling barrels employ the “Coanda effect” that attracts and wraps hair when curling. That way, hair is curled by hair and not by heat and thus lessens styling damage.


If you have more bucks to spare, give the Dyson Airwrap a go.

Dyson Airwrap

Best for professionals

Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush

Best for those on a budget

It’s now clear why women include the Dyson Airwrap in their must-have hair styling tools. It’s already a complete package and can be a worthy investment for professional hair stylists. But if you have money saved up for this, then, why not get it? Rest assure in the fact that Dyson technology and quality are trusted worldwide.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a way to quickly blow dry and style your hair daily, then buy the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush. It gets the job done and you get to save money. That’s not so bad at all.


📌 Can you use Dyson Airwrap on wet hair?

It is recommended to use Dyson Airwrap on damp hair. The included pre-styling dryer can be used on wet hair before styling it with the brush or barrel attachment.

📌 Which is better, Dyson hair dryer or Airwrap?

It depends on the result that you want. The Dyson hair dryer dries and straightens your hair while the Airwrap can dry and straighten or curl your hair.

📌 Is Amika a good brand?

Amika was founded in 2007 by a group of creatives, hairstylists, chemists, and product junkies. As such, the company guarantees that their products are a result of radical thinking and positivity.

📌 Where are Amika products made?

Amika hair products are made in the US, Canada, and Israel. Meanwhile, hair tools such as the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush are made in China, Switzerland, and Korea.

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