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DuroMax vs Predator Generator (2021): Which Portable Generator Should You Get?

Homes prone to hurricanes or power-outages will benefit from powerful and reliable DuroMax or Harbor Freight’s Predator generators. They also work well for use in job sites or trailers. We review their consumer-favorite models that can power your home during emergencies: the DuroMax XP10000EH and the Predator 9000 portable generators. As both brands carry a wide array of generators, we further included a guide to choosing which model best suits your power consumption needs.

DuroMax vs Predator Generator Comparison Chart

ModelDuroMax XP10000EHPredator 9000 (63968/63969)
Amazon product  Predator Generator 9000  
PriceAmazon product  Check Price on Amazon  
Engine18 HP 440cc 4-cycle Air-Cooled Spark Ignition13 HP 420cc Air-cooled OHV Gas Engine
FuelGasoline, Propane87+ Octane Unleaded
Fuel Tank CapacityGasoline: 8.3 gallons
Propane: 40 gallons (suggested)
8 gallons
Starter SystemElectric, RecoilElectric start with recoil back up (battery sold separately)
Peak/Running WattsGasoline: 10,000/8,000 W
Propane: 9,500/7600 W
Peak/Running Amps at 120VGasoline: 83.33/66.67AMP
Propane: 79.17/63.33AMP

75/60.4 AMP
Peak/Running Amps at 240VGasoline: 41.67/33.33AMP
Propane: 39.58/31.67AMP
Run TimeGasoline: 10.4 hrs @ 50% load
Propane: 8.6 hrs @ 50% load
Gasoline: 13 hrs @ 50% load
CertificationsEPA, CARBEPA III/CARB (Depending on the model number)
Covered OutletsNoYes
Low Oil SensorYesYes
40″ x 29″ x 27.5″27″ x 22″ x 22.75″
Weight232 lbs196 lbs
Included AccessoriesOil Funnel
Spark Plug Wrench
Tool Kit
Wheel and Handle Kit
Spark Plug Wrench
Tool Kit
Warranty3-Year Limited Warranty2-Year Limited Warranty

Quick Guide to DuroMax and Predator Portable Generators

The numbers on their models correspond to their starting wattage

DuroMax XP10000EH vs Predator 9000

Different appliances and tools have different power consumption requirements, thus requiring different peak and running watts from your portable generator. The peak watts refers to the power needed to start your appliances while the running watts, typically lower than the peak watts, is the power it needs once it has stabilized. For reference, water heaters or air conditioners (10000 BTU) require 3,000 starting and running watts while fridges and freezers typically require 1,200 starting watts and 700 running watts.

DuroMax and Predator carry different models and their numbers will tell you their maximum starting watts. Here are some of their popular portable generator models:

DuroMax Portable GeneratorsPredator Portable Generators
XP4000S4000 Watt Max Starting…CARB/EPA
XP4400E, XP4400EH4375 Watt Max Starting…CARB/EPA
XP4850EH6500 Watt Max Starting…CARB/EPA
XP5500E, XP5500EH8750 Watt Max Starting…CARB
XP10000E, XP10000EH9000 Watt Max Starting…CARB/EPA
XP12000E, XP12000EH

As mentioned above, the numbers in DuroMax generator models correspond to their starting/peak watts. For instance, XP5500EH has 5,500 peak watts. The letters at the end will tell you specific features of certain models:

  • S: Gas-powered (typically has a recoil starting system)
  • E: Gas-powered with electric start
  • EH: Dual-Fuel technology which means they can either use propane or gas

Meanwhile, the Predator model names are more straightforward, although they are a lot longer than the model names of DuroMax portable generators. As an example, the Predator portable generator reviewed in this article is called Predator 9000 Watt Max Starting Extra Long Life Gas Powered Generator – CARB. Just as the case with DuroMax models, the ‘9000’ corresponds to the generator’s peak or starting watts.

In addition, something important to note when choosing your Predator generator is whether it is CARB or EPA compliant. This can be found at the end of the model name. California residents will want to get a model that ends in CARB.

Engine and Power

The DuroMax XP1000EH boasts dual-fuel technology and offers more power than the Predator 9000

These portable generators can easily power most homes

With 18HP 440cc engine and 8,000 running watts, the DuroMax XP10000EH has better running power than the Predator 9,000 that has 7,250 running watts and runs on a 13Hp 420cc OHV gas engine. Both are powerful portable generators that can run most homes efficiently, but the DuroMax can handle a heavier load than the Predator generator.

Another difference between the two is the DuroMax can be used with either gasoline or propane while the Predator can be run with unleaded gas with 87 octanes or higher. This can be a major deciding factor for some as owners who own a propane grill want the option to use their propane with their portable generator as well. As for their runtime, the DuroMax XP10000EH can run for 10 hours at 50 percent load when used with gasoline while the Predator 9000 runs a bit longer with up to 13 hours at 50 percent load.

Their fuel capacity is almost the same, with the 8.3-gallon fuel tank of the DuroMax and the 8-gallon tank of the Predator generator. Meanwhile, if you want to use propane with the DuroMAx portable generator, the 40-gallon tank is recommended.

Starting System and Panel Features

Both portable generators offer electric and recoil start and house numerous outlets on their panels

The power panel of the DuroMax XP10000EH (left) and the Predator 9000 (right)

Both these DuroMax and Predator portable generators give you the option to use electric or pull-start. However, if you want to use the electric start of the Predator, you’ll have to buy a separate to enjoy this feature. Otherwise, its recoil system works easily.

The power panel of the DuroMax XP10000EH houses the following outputs:

  • (2)120V 20A GFCI Outlet
  • 120V 30A Twist Lock
  • 240V 30A 
  • 240V 50A
  • 12V DC

Meanwhile, the Predator 9000’s power panel houses the following outlets:

  • (4) 120V GFCI
  • 120V Twist Lock
  • 120V/240V Twist Lock
  • 12V DC

Portability and Additional Features

The DuroMax XP10000EH comes with a wheel and handle kit while the Predator 9000 requires a separate purchase

While both are portable generators, they are still heavy and require wheels for mobility

Another area where the DuroMax XP10000EH trumps the Predator 9000 is its included “never-flat” wheel and handle kit. While this may seem minor, having the wheel and handle offers better mobility. Even though the 196-lbs Predator 9000 is slightly lighter than the 232-lbs DuroMax XP10000EH, it is still a heavy piece of machinery. The Predator can be installed with wheels, but having the wheel and handle kit with your portable generator purchase definitely lessens the hassle.

Both portable generators come with a spark plug wrench and a tool set, but DuroMax also includes an oil funnel. Don’t forget to buy a bottle of oil before using either the DuroMax or the Predator generator.


The DuroMax XP10000EH offers better value for your money

Amazon product

At the time of writing, the DuroMax XP10000EH costs slightly lower than the Predator 9000 portable generator, making it so much easier to recommend the DuroMax. However, even at regular price, the small price difference between the two becomes insignificant as the DuroMax features better running power and engine, dual-fuel technology, and a wheel and handle kit. As for the Predator generator, you’ll have to buy a separate battery to enjoy the electric start and a wheel and handle kit, adding more to the cost.

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