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Drinkmate vs SodaStream (2021): Which Is The Better Soda Maker?

Whether you’re thinking of making custom carbonated beverages at home or saving money spent on soda, having your own soda maker is the way to go. The two brands we are featuring in this article are two of the best soda machines in the market. But for the purpose of a fair Drinkmate vs SodaStream review, we’re only comparing the Drinkmate Countertop and SodaStream Fizzi models.

Both of these carbonators from Drinkmate and SodaStream have winning features that you’ll surely love, not to mention that they are sold in the same price range. So which of the two are you going to buy? Let this article help you choose.

Drinkmate vs SodaStream Comparison Chart

ModelDrinkmate CountertopSodaStream Fizzi
Carbonation MethodManualManual
Beverages CarbonatedAny beverageWater only
CO2 Volume60 liters60 liters
Bottle MaterialBPA-free PETBPA-free PET
Bottle Capacity1 liter1 liter
CO2 ExchangePrepaid return shipping with purchase of more than 1 cylinderDiscounted shipping depending on quantity
Warranty2-year Limited Warranty3-year Limited Warranty
Country of OriginTaiwanUSA
Colors AvailableMatte Black, Classic White, Royal Red, and Arctic BlueBlack, Icy Blue, Rose Gold, and White
Dimensions16″ x 5″ x 8″17″ x 5.1″ x 8″
Weight6.8 lb6.1 lb

Design & Build

Drinkmate Countertop and SodaStream Fizzi look very much alike with just a few differences here and there.

Drinkmate vs SodaStream Fizzi dimensions
SodaStream (right) is only taller than Drinkmate (left) by an inch.

These two sodamakers from Drinkmate and SodaStream appear very much alike. Both carbonators comprise of the main body that will hold the water bottle in front and the CO2 cylinder at the back. Both are operated manually with a press of a button that’s located on top of the machine.

The size of the countertop machines are almost the same, too, with the SodaStream Fizzi only taller by an inch compared to Drinkmate. This extra inch is essential to provide enough space for the bottle to be inserted into the SodaStream machine. With Drinkmate, you’ll only need to lift the bottle holder at an angle and slide the bottle into it.

The included 1L bottles in each package are both made of food-grade plastic material. The basic SodaStream Fizzi and Drinkmate packages already include two of these reusable BPA-free PET bottles. Should you need a replacement or additional bottles, they are readily available for purchase on Amazon or on their respective product websites. Hand washing is recommended for these plastic bottles but SodaStream also has glass carafes that are dishwasher-safe.

Ease of Use

Even the steps in using DrinkMate and SodaStream soda makers are similar.

How to operate DrinkMate vs SodaStream
Overall, both DrinkMate (left) and SodaStream (right) soda makers are easy to use.

Drinkmate and SodaStream soda makers were built to make it easy for consumers to have carbonated drinks at home. Thus, ease of use is a given for both machines. All you’ll have to do is to load the CO2 cylinder in the back slot of the machine, fill the bottle with water (or any beverage in the case of Drinkmate), press the button to carbonate, and enjoy your drink. Easy peasy!

Now here’s the difference that we observed between Drinkmate and SodaStream – Drinkmate has a removable extra part called the Fizz Infuser that has to be screwed onto the bottle before carbonation. Once screwed on, you’ll just have to slide it into the unit on a 45 degree angle. When it’s in a locked position, carbonation can begin. On the other hand, SodaStream’s equivalent part is already attached to the machine.

This removable Fizz Infuser gives Drinkmate an edge in terms of clean-ups. Since it’s removable and washable, you can be sure that the tube will be clean all the time. This pretty much explains why you can carbonate any drink with Drinkmate while you can only fizz water with SodaStream soda makers.

Soda Flavor Options

Drinkmate can carbonate any beverage while SodaStream offers syrups for carbonated water.

DrinkMate vs SodaStream flavor options
While Drinkmate (left) already has available Premium Italian Syrups, SodaStream (right) still has a wider selection of soda flavors.

Drinkmate has always been advertised as “The Carbonate Anything Drink Maker.” Anything includes water, fruit juices, tea, and even apple cider vinegar! Cocktail, mocktail, and flavor-infused recipes are readily available on the product website and you’ll be amazed at the variety of carbonated drinks you can come up with Drinkmate.

Meanwhile, SodaStream has flavored soda syrups that you can add after fizzing up your water. The flavored syrups are highly concentrated and only 3/4 teaspoon is enough for a 1 liter bottle. Thus, a 40ml syrup bottle can make about 12 liters of soda when prepared according to instructions.

Convenience-wise, we believe that SodaStream has the clear advantage. SodaStream makes it easier to have a fruit soda compared to carbonating a freshly squeezed fruit juice with Drinkmate. Plus, SodaStream has unique syrup blends and cola syrups both in Original and Diet varieties. Drinkmate does have interesting drink recipes, but we doubt that people will enjoy taking time to prepare the ingredients just to have a glass of soda.

Maintenance & Lifetime Costs

Both Drinkmate and SodaStream Fizzi belong to the same price range.

drinkmate vs sodastream maintenance
Drinkmate (left) and SodaStream (right) offer rebates and affordable shipping options for buying spare or exchanging used CO2 cylinders.

Drinkmate and SodaStream are both operated manually, thus, there will be no additional costs for electricity nor for batteries. You should, however, expect to purchase CO2 cylinders once the included carbonator is emptied. CO2 cylinders for both Drinkmate and SodaStream are good for up to 60 liters of carbonated drinks. One Drinkmate CO2 cylinder costs more than one SodaStream carbonating cylinder but a 2-pack refill costs the same as buying two SodaStream carbonating cylinders.

Drinkmate promises consumers attractive rebates to encourage them to return empty CO2 cylinders through their CO2 Exchange program. All CO2 cylinder orders automatically come with a prepaid return label so returns will be at no cost to customers. Returning two 60 liter CO2 cylinders is equal to a $25 rebate and the rebates are higher as more cylinders are exchanged.

Meanwhile, SodaStream has a similar program called Mail Gas Exchange Service. In this exchange program, customers can save up to 45% in shipping fees when they purchase and exchange CO2 cylinders. Free shipping is given when purchasing four or more CO2 exchanges. We recommend having three or more CO2 cylinders so you can still have a spare while exchanging the empty cylinders.


Both Drinkmate and SodaStream Fizz are good and affordable soda makers.

It’s a pretty close fight between the two soda makers we featured in this Drinkmate vs SodaStream review. Both models have a similar design and even have the same color options. Their carbonating cylinders also have the same volume and almost the same cost. Most of all, both companies have attractive CO2 exchange programs that make it easy for consumers to replenish their gas supply.

However, for the purpose of recommending what we think is the better soda maker, we’ll choose theSodaStream Fizzi. SodaStream has been in the soda maker business longer than Drinkmate and the company does have more satisfied customers. The variety of flavored syrups also add to the fun of making your own soda at home. (SodaStream Fizzi is only one of the many manual and electric SodaStream soda maker models. Check out our SodaStream Fizzi vs Jet and SodaStream Fizzi vs One Touch reviews.)

Meanwhile, Drinkmate, “The Carbonate Anything Drink Maker,” still has a lot of promise. It sure is fun making soda with any beverage as the possibilities are endless. Then again, it may be inconvenient for those who don’t have the liberty of time to buy and prepare the needed ingredients. The Fizz Infuser is a game changer, though, and will be welcomed by soda lovers who are conscious about cleanliness and food safety.


๐Ÿ“Œ How many bottles will a 60L CO2 Carbonator carbonate?

The 60L tanks carbonate more or less 60 liters of water (or any other liquid in the case of Drinkmate).

๐Ÿ“Œ Do SodaStream and Drinkmate soda makers come with a warranty?

Both SodaStream and Drinkmate soda makers come with a limited 2-year warranty.

๐Ÿ“Œ Do I need a battery to use the SodaStream Fizzi or Drinkmate sodamaker?

Both the SodaStream Fizzi and Drinkmate do not need electricity or batteries to operate.

๐Ÿ“Œ Do SodaStream and Drinkmate have CO2 cylinder exchange programs?

Yes, both have CO2 cylinder exchange programs. Returning 4 or more SodaStream cylinders gets you free shipping. Meanwhile, Drinkmate includes a prepaid return label for orders of more than one CO2 cylinder.

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